Forensic Doctor, Moe Wife

Chapter 51

Chapter 51: Simply Unbelievable

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Once they reached the gates of Eaton, Su Zipei and Mu Qiqi both got off Old Lin’s car from different sides and went inside.

The stylist had trained Su Zipei how to walk gracefully too. Though brief, Su Zipei grasped the key points, which were basically to hold her head high and keep her chest out. A person’s posture was important here, since it presented a woman as prim and proper.

When Mu Qiqi looked around, she would notice that the other students would occasionally let their eyes linger on Su Zipei—not in mockery but in breathlessness.

Even the principal, who happened to pass by, watched as both herself and Su Zipei walked pass him, taking notice of Su Zipei’s every step.

“Do I pass?” Su Zipei quickly asked her when no one else was around.

Mu Qiqi smiled and gave her a huge thumbs-up.

With Su Zipei holding her shoulder, they soon arrived near Mu Qiqi’s classroom. Most students and their parents had arrived as well, including Mu Tangxue and Mama Mu.

They had come early to laugh at Mu Qiqi, but in the instant when Su Zipei stepped inside the classroom in her black coat, holding a handbag adorned with diamonds, they were left doubting their own eyes.

After all, Su Zipei was younger than every other parent present, being several years younger than Mama Mu as well. Her exquisite makeover naturally made her stand out, and she was much more eye-catching than Mama Mu.

“Dear…is that your aunt?”

Mu Tangxue nodded and turned to her mother. “Yes, Mommy.”

“I don’t believe it…” Mama Mu’s chest was hot

Mu Qiqi even looked over to observe their reaction, and therefore smiled coldly. Sometimes she actually suspected that Su Zipei was her actual biological mother, and she had no relations with the mother-daughter pair over there.

Qian Qian quickly went to Mu Qiqi as she went to her seat. “Your aunt is so beautiful! What were you afraid of?”

“That’s because you haven’t seen how shameless some people can be. I’m just afraid my aunt would be bullied!” Mu Qiqi quietly replied.

“You don’t have to be afraid. My mom and I are on your side.”

And just as Mu Qiqi predicted, while the rest of the class were still waiting for more parents to come, Mama Mu had suddenly appeared before Su Zipei. “Look, my dear little sister looks simply extraordinary after her makeover.”

However, Su Zipei completely ignored her, merely keeping her hand on Mu Qiqi’s shoulder and having a lively conversation.

Left embarrassed, Mama Mu could only return to Mu Tangxue, just as the other parents giggled.

Su Zipei did not even looked at her!

On the other hand, Qian Qian’s mother suddenly asked Su Zipei. “Your handbag…”

Mama Mu smiled coldly then. After all, Su Zipei was putting on airs to impress the other parents—that handbag could only either be borrowed or a rip-off, and there was no way she could have gotten it on her own.

No even a rich wife like herself recognized the brand of that bag.

However, all her expectations were subverted. Su Zipei gave Qian Qian’s mother a smile and explained, “That’s right. The Queen of England once used something similar. There are only two in the world: one in Buckingham Palace, and you’re looking at the other one.”

“My goodness. It’s so beautiful…”

Su Zipei then lifted the handbag and gestured it to the other woman. “Want to take a look?”

“Can I?” Qian Qian’s mother was stunned.

“Of course.” With that, Su Zipei passed her the bag, which she received carefully and looked through thoroughly.

However, that was when Mama Mu exclaimed, “Of course you can, because it’s a fake!”

“A fake?”

“Truth be told, my sister doesn’t have what it takes to afford that handbag. How could a woman who lives in the slums and befriends bottom-feeders afford such an expensive thing?”

“Don’t forget where you were born before you talk about me,” Su Zipei retorted softly. “Would you tell the others that you come from the slums too?”

Mama Mu’s face went red at once.

“If you could marry rich, why can’t I?” Su Zipei pressed. “Or are you uncomfortable with the fact that I’m younger and better-looking?”

Mama Mu flushed immediately.

“Well, who could you have married, Aunt Zipei? We’ll come visit someday,” Mu Tangxue said, arriving quickly to her mother’s rescue.

“You don’t have to come. After all, we aren’t that familiar with each other.”

“But wasn’t it just months ago that our uncle was still that drunk gambler who owes gangsters money?”

“And? Do I need your permission to remarry?” Su Zipei asked confidently in return. “I’ve always thought that the Mu family has been arrogant, but to think of it, the saying that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree must be true…does the family not teach any manners?”

The other parents were watching the exchange interestedly as if it was a movie.

Naturally, they could also see that Mama Mu was the one trying to provoke Su Zipei from the very start. She was doing nothing other than mocking another’s birth.

Meanwhile, Qian Qian’s mother, whose attitude was just like her own daughter’s, could not simply watch as someone she liked was being bullied. “If you say it is fake, Missus Mu,” she asked, “could you tell me if you actually recognize it?”

Mama Mu was lost for words. Despite having married rich for years, Papa Mu’s strictness limited her to staying at home and handling its affairs. Where would she have had the time to care about such things?

All she knew were the branded goods she had usually used herself…

“It seems that you don’t. Then how could you tell that it’s a fake?”

“Zipei knows very well that I’m always busy caring for my children and cannot pay attention to such things…”

“Then why would you mock her saying that it’s a fake?” Qian Qian’s mother pressed, humiliating Mama Mu.

Having seen that Mama Mu was stuttering and unable to say a word, Su Zipei simply smiled and ignored her again.

Mama Mu wanted a hole she could bury herself in right then… t was so embarrassing!

Mu Tangxue was staring blankly, while Mu Qiqi looked around for any signs of Papa Mu.

Mu Tangxue did mention before that both their parents were coming. But where was he?

In truth, Mu Qiqi knew the answer: it would only be too unusual that Papa Mu would show up in such a place for Mu Tangxue.

Now, Mu Tangxue might possibly understand what an emphatic defeat was.

After all, what just happened was exactly that.

Mu Qiqi loved her aunt so much. Su Zipei had been so composed that her poise wouldn’t lose to anyone else despite the setting.

Face didn’t actually matter, but she certainly enjoyed watching her aunt shining so dazzlingly!

Xiaoxiao’s stylist was simply impressive…to actually make a wonder out of the mundane.

In the end, they would show White Lotus Mu that it wasn’t just Mu Qiqi who had left the Mu family—even her aunt’s life was improving considerably!

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