Forced to Date a Big Shot

Chapter 557 - Traitor!

Chapter 557: Traitor!

Xue Xi suddenly said, “Who told you about the club’s name list?”

Xue Xi had always been straightforward and asked directly what she was thinking. This made Jing Fei choke and reply with a bitter smile, “Sister Xi, we have the right to protect the snitch’s identity. However, since it’s you who asked and I also hate that snitch, I’ll give you a hint. This person’s surname is Gu. Do you understand my hint?”

Xue Xi: “I…”

Before she could finish her sentence, Jing Fei, who seemed to be afraid that she did not understand, “hinted” some more, “Her name is spelled with Yun and Qing.”

Xue Xi: “…”

This was quite a hint.

But how did Gu Yunqing find Jing Fei?

Just as she was thinking this, Fang Fang suddenly covered her face and cried. “It’s my fault! Everything is my fault!”

Fang Fang looked up. The usually calm person had already broken down. Her lips trembled as she said, “Actually, the order that Yu Da gave back then was to scare Liu Zhao. All of our actions were mainly to scare her. At that time, the plan was for me to hide and bring her to the rooftop. I told her that I was Liu Jia and frightened her. Then, I pretended to push her down. However, I could not stand that she did not want to save her friend and took the initiative to let go and kill her…!”

The moment she said this, Wu Tu came to a realization. “So that’s how it is. I knew it. Our club has never done anything beyond the scope of the law. Most of it is within the scope of our control. Even if we were caught, we won’t be judged too ruthlessly. But why did we suddenly kill someone this time? Fang Fang, you, you’re muddle-headed!”

Wu Tu stomped his feet.

He was the one who’d established the club, but he and the big guy were not from Huaxia University. Back then, after they’d found a fake identity and joined the club, they did not manage the club’s matters.

The club’s Yu Da accepted the requests and carried them out.

He and Bighead had been silently taking money and waiting for the president to grow up and join them.

Hence, when he agreed to punish Liu Zhao, it was because he wanted to stand up for the president. After telling Yu Da about it, he did not care about what happened next.

He was usually not at school, so he and the big guy were not arrested this time.

Wu Tu frowned and sighed. “There’s a reason why Fang Fang is so hostile to someone who doesn’t want to save others!”

He explained, “Fang Fang’s parents were driving with her on the expressway when she was young and they lost control of the car. Her dad and mom risked their lives to save Fang Fang, but after Fang Fang exited the car, she waved at the cars passing by her, but no one extended a helping hand. Her parents could have been saved, but help was delayed and they could not be saved. Hence, she is biased against people who do not want to help!”

Xue Xi looked at Fang Fang in shock.

She did not expect her to have such a past. However, given this, the flaw in her personality could be explained.

After Wu Tu explained, the entire corridor fell silent.

The lights were not on, and it was dark. The moonlight from outside the window shone in, but it could not reach the darkness they were standing in.

After a long while, Fang Fang, who had cried enough, looked up. Her eyes turned even redder, but she became more rational. She slowly said, “The rest of the members in the club are innocent. I’m the culprit.”

She looked at the phone and said to Jing Fei, “I’ll turn myself in. Let them go!”

Jing Fei was heartless. “If you made a mistake, you have to pay the price. It’s fine if you want to come to confess, but it’s impossible to let them go. They are accomplices. Even if they didn’t know anything, they have to pay the price.”

Wu Tu was also anxious. “The four of them were just implicated, so why are you turning yourself in?! If you, the main culprit, were to escape, you wouldn’t be sentenced to death or life imprisonment. They are all only accomplices!”

Jing Fei reminded him coldly, “This is Mr. Rabbit, right? Let me remind you that all the evidence right now points to Yu Da being the main culprit and that he has admitted to his crimes. If Fang Fang doesn’t surrender, Yu Da will be the main culprit! He will be punished as the main culprit!”

Just as Fang Fang was about to say something, Wu Tu suddenly reached out and hung up the call!

Fang Fang turned to look at Wu Tu.

Wu Tu said, “You can’t trust this policeman’s words completely. We don’t even know if Yu Da had admitted to it or not! What if he’s lying to get you?”

Fang Fang turned her head. “The video cannot be faked. Although Liu Zhao was bad, it was not a crime worthy of death. It was my mistake to have killed her. I will turn myself in.”

“No!” Wu Tu shouted angrily. “The Heavens’ Behalf Society can’t have fewer people! We must discuss this matter in detail!”

Fang Fang stubbornly shut her mouth. Her expression was very obvious. If Wu Tu could not come up with a good solution, she would still turn herself in.

Wu Tu looked at Xue Xi pleadingly.

Xue Xi lowered her eyes and slowly reached out to take her phone. She slowly said, “I’ll go see Yu Da tomorrow. Let me confirm this matter first.”

Because Gu Yunqing had told the police their secrets, this 19th floor was definitely not safe. The reason it was not discovered was that Jing Fei and the rest had not found this staircase.

According to Wu Tu, this staircase would change positions every once in a while. The entrance to the staircase that Gu Yunqing had revealed was probably sealed.

Hence, Xue Xi first comforted Fang Fang, then asked Wu Tu to bring Fang Fang out of the club and find her a place to stay outside the school before returning to her dormitory.

The next morning, she applied for leave from the teacher and asked Jing Fei for the address before heading to the police station.

This was Xue Xi’s first time here. From the outside, it looked like an ordinary police station, but the security was tight. When Xue Xi reached the door, she was blocked.

Ordinary people could not enter as they pleased. Xue Xi sent Jing Fei a message and he got someone to fetch her. When she turned around, she saw a girl with curly hair walking out.

Gu Yunqing was wearing a uniform and was tying her hair. One of her hands was still bandaged and her fingers did not look very nimble.

When Xue Xi saw her, she also saw Xue Xi. She instantly raised her eyebrows and walked over. “Xue Xi, since you were able to find this place, it seems that your boyfriend is really formidable. However, let me tell you, not just anyone can enter this place. Scram!”

Her father had never told her who Xue Xi’s boyfriend was.

Gu Yunqing’s fingers treated in the small clinic were still not very nimble. She was afraid that they would not be able to return to their original state. It was obvious that the family had given up on her.

Gu Yunqing hated her.

She hated that she had been reduced to a stray dog because of Xue Xi, so she quickly thought of Officer Jing Fei from Huaxia University.

That night, when Jing Fei arrested the drug dealer, she recognized him. Ever since Liu Zhao’s incident, this person had been wandering around Huaxia University. He must have come for Liu Zhao’s case.

Although Gu Yunqing had never participated in what the club did because the people there clearly did not trust her, she often went to the club and could see that some time ago, the club had investigated Liu Zhao.

Hence, Liu Zhao and the club must be related!

Gu Yunqing knew how formidable the club was, but it was now Xue Xi’s!

How could she tolerate this?

Even if she had to destroy this club, she would not give it to Xue Xi!

Hence, she sought out Jing Fei.

With just a few words, Jing Fei mistakenly thought that she knew a lot of things. Then, with the request of joining Jing Fei’s special department, she provided the club name list!

She had successfully entered Jing Fei’s special department and realized that this place was actually more useful than the club. The authority of this department was actually so strong. Even Xue Xi’s boyfriend could not do anything to her!

It was a blessing in disguise!

Gu Yunqing was very smug right now. Because that mysterious and shrewd man did not want her to offend Xue Xi, she did not dare to mention Xue Xi’s name when the list was provided.

However, Xue Xi wanted to go in and look for Yu Da?

Ha, no way!

Do you think this is still a club of Huaxia University? I can come and go as I please!

This special department’s door would not open for her!

At this thought, Gu Yunqing revealed a sense of superiority. “If you still don’t want to leave, I’ll have you captured as Yu Da’s accomplice!”

Just as she said this, Jing Fei, who had received the news, hurriedly walked out.

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