Forced to Date a Big Shot

Chapter 556 - Truth

Chapter 556: Truth


When Fang Fang heard the word “death,” she could no longer control herself. She snatched Xue Xi’s phone and shouted, “You guys can’t kill him!”

When she said this, Jing Fei sensitively caught on something. “You’re not Sister Xi. Are you… that mute Fang Fang?”

Fang Fang gripped the phone and did not speak.

Jing Fei continued, “Why are you with Sister Xi? Could it be… Tsk, you kidnapped Sister Xi? Let me tell you, Sister Xi came across the trap by mistake when I tried to arrest you last time! She has nothing to do with this. You must not hurt her!”

The more Jing Fei spoke, the more nervous he became. “Let me tell you, Sister Xi is just an ordinary student and is weak.”

Fang Fang: “?”

She silently shot a glance at the “weak and delicate” Xue Xi. When she recalled the few moves this person had used to resist her, as well as the kick she had received that made her stomach hurt even now, the corners of her lips twitched.

Jing Fei continued, “Speak, Fang Fang. Sister Xi has never done anything bad. She’s not very familiar with me. It’s useless for you to kidnap her… Forget it, I’m scared of you! What exactly do you want to do? Don’t lift a hand to hurt Sister Xi. She’s just an ordinary person and is from a completely different world from us. If you hurt a single hair on her, I, I’ll cut off Yu Da’s finger! I…”

Seeing that Jing Fei was about to continue speaking, Fang Fang could no longer hold it in and said, “Shut up.”

The other party instantly fell silent.

Fang Fang then took a deep breath. “I didn’t kidnap her.”

Jing Fei could not help but be confused. “Then why are you with Sister Xi? Oh, I know. Could it be that you stole Sister Xi’s phone?”

Fang Fang could not take it anymore. “We don’t steal anything in this club! We don’t do bad things!”

Jing Fei: “…Then what’s going on?”

Seeing that Fang Fang had been led astray by Jing Fei, Xue Xi could not help but hold her forehead and point out the main point. “Little Pigeon, I’m fine. I want to ask you, even if Yu Da is really the mastermind, his aim was to punish evil and do good. Can I hire the best lawyer to defend him?”

Jing Fei paused before asking, “Sister Xi, are you very close to him? Are you really going to interfere in this matter?”

Xue Xi fell silent.

Fang Fang, who was holding her phone, looked at her nervously. At this moment, Fang Fang could hear Jing Fei’s respect for Xue Xi.

If Xue Xi were to interfere in this matter, Yu Da might still have a chance to be saved.

However, when she recalled how she had wanted to kill her on impulse and how the president had said that they would part ways in the future, the light in Fang Fang’s eyes gradually dimmed.

Would the president care about them?

Just as she thought this, she heard Xue Xi say firmly, “Mhm, I want to manage it.”

She said slowly, word by word, “I want to see the evidence. If the evidence is conclusive and he really killed her, I will hire the best defense lawyer to help him reduce his sentence. He doesn’t deserve death.”

Fang Fang suddenly looked up. Her eyes flickered as though she had seen hope in a hopeless situation.

Although Jing Fei did not understand the relationship between Xue Xi, Yu Da, and Fang Fang, Sister-in-law was the most important. Hence, he straightened his attitude and replied righteously, “Sister Xi, my police department is a special department and is not in charge of ordinary cases. In our department, it’s considered the greatest crime to involve people’s lives. Now that Yu Da has confessed, even if he can escape the death penalty, he won’t be able to get acquitted.”

Fang Fang could not accept this. “Why?”

Perhaps she thought the other party was the fairest police officer in the world, so she became agitated. “We’ve never done anything bad. Shouldn’t we kill someone like Liu Zhao? Why should we pay with our lives?!”

Jing Fei spoke to Xue Xi in a respectful tone, but now he became serious. “Firstly, whether Liu Zhao should be killed or not is not up to you to judge. Secondly, should Liu Zhao really have been killed?”

Fang Fang was stunned. “What do you mean?”

Jing Fei’s tone was very serious. “After Liu Zhao was killed, I found out that it was you guys who did it, so I investigated Liu Zhao’s past. You only saw Liu Zhao’s external statements and others’ opinions, but have you seen the police’s files?”

Fang Fang frowned. “I know that it’s not illegal for a person to leave someone else in the lurch! However, even though she didn’t break the law, she still went against her morals! Humans are humans because they have moral constraints!”

Jing Fei: “I’m only asking you. Have you seen the police’s files?”

Fang Fang: “…No.”

Jing Fei: “Alright, I’ll show you now.”

After saying this, Jing Fei turned on the camera. He seemed to be in the office. After turning on the camera, he aimed it at the computer.

On the computer was the recording of Liu Jia’s case after she was raped. It had been a long time, so the quality of the painting was not very good. In the video, Liu Zhao was slightly younger and looked very young. She was about 13 or 14 years old.

Her eyes were red from crying. She sobbed and said, “Yes, it was those people who threatened me. If I dared to expose them, they would destroy me too. Uncle Policeman, I’m afraid. I’m really afraid…”

The girl had a timid look on her face. She was different from when she was at Huaxia University. At this moment, she was clearly frightened. One could tell that she was indeed very afraid when she said this.

After she said that, a woman rushed in and started hitting her. “Liu Zhao, I’m going to kill you. Return my Jiajia to me! Why didn’t you come to me to save her? Let me tell you, Jiajia is in this state because of you!”

The younger Liu Zhao squatted on the ground and hugged her knees as she cried, “Auntie, I’m sorry. I was frightened. I’m really scared…”

This video was very despairing.

The following video made people feel even more hopeless.

A few years later, when Liu Zhao was in high school and Liu Jia had committed suicide by jumping off a building, the police brought Liu Zhao over for questioning.

At this moment, Liu Zhao’s appearance was similar to that when she was at Huaxia University.

She was no longer as timid as she was when she was 13 or 14 years old. She sat there and looked calm.

The police officer asked, “Why did you ignore Liu Jia when she went to look for you?”

Liu Zhao sneered. “All these years, her mother had spread rumors that I purposely led her there and delayed the rescue time, making everyone believe that I’m a bad girl. How can a bad girl care about Liu Jia? She can just die! What does it have to do with me?”

The police officer frowned.

Liu Zhao pouted. “Liu Jia had a mental problem. Her mother also felt that it was embarrassing, so she didn’t let her go to school. Moreover, it was clearly her mother who’d kept playing mahjong and didn’t keep an eye on her, making her run to the school to look for me.”

She retorted, “I’m a bad girl, so I could foresee that she would jump off the roof and commit suicide, so I ignored her. Look, I’m so bad, but did I break the law?”

How could she have known that Liu Jia would commit suicide?

Liu Zhao, who had been scolded by Liu Jia’s mother for so many years, hated her. Hence, when Liu Jia came to look for her, she asked Liu Jia to scram.

The police officer sighed. “Can’t you speak normally?”

Liu Zhao sneered. “No one has ever spoken to me normally. Why should I speak normally? Uncle Policeman, let me tell you, I’m about to take the college entrance examination and I’m going to leave this place. After so many years, I’ve learned a principle: I’d rather betray the world than let the world betray me!”


After the video was played, Fang Fang and Xue Xi were stunned.

Jing Fei said, “Sister Xi, Fang Fang, I’m not showing this to you guys to wash Liu Zhao’s name. She did watch her die, but that was when she was 13 years old. At that time, she was also frightened. The things that happened afterward were out of her control. She was indeed selfish and her personality became weird. She loved to take advantage of others and she bullied others. She never allowed herself to be at a disadvantage and would do anything to achieve her goals. Such a person should be taught a lesson and taught how to be a person. However, after watching these two videos, do you still think that she should have died?”

Xue Xi did not speak.

When she first found out what Liu Zhao had done before, she did not announce it at first. She also felt that since she had never seen it with her own eyes, everything was just hearsay.

She did not expect the truth to be like this.

Fang Fang was even more stunned. Tears slowly flowed out of her huge eyes.

Jing Fei continued, “Perhaps there really is some darkness in this world that even the law can’t illuminate. However, most things are still in the light. It’s actually everyone’s fortune to be able to do things according to the law. So, why should your club judge people’s lives in private? Your so-called justice is too narrow-minded!”

Fang Fang suddenly covered her face and cried. “It’s my fault! All of this is my fault! Actually, the order that Yu Da gave back then was to scare Liu Zhao. I couldn’t stand her leaving that girl in the lurch and killed her on my own… The rest of the members of the club are all innocent. The culprit is actually me!”

Fang Fang looked at the phone. “I’ll turn myself in. Can you let them go?”

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