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Chapter 284 - Chapter 284: Deduction, Horrifying Future Images (2)

Chapter 284: Deduction, Horrifying Future Images (2)

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However, if we are cornered, 1 will try my best to request for immediate reinforcements.”

This promise didn’t reassure anyone.

After the meeting ended, Jiang Chengxuan and Shen Ruyan returned to their cave abode.

Jiang Chengxuan immediately said to Shen Ruyan, “Ruyan, 1 don’t think this matter is simple. Something unexpected might happen.

To be safe, during this period of time, 1 plan to enter seclusion to deduce future events.

While I’m in seclusion, no matter who comes to look for me or what, don’t let anyone disturb me.”

Hearing Jiang Chengxuan’s words, concern appeared on Shen Ruyan’s face.

“Husband, will it be dangerous to deduce?”

Jiang Chengxuan shook his head.

“With my past cultivation and deduction ability, there might really be some risks.

But now, the risk should not be too great.

In short, I will promise you that 1’11 prioritize my safety. You don’t have to worry too much about me.”

Hearing that, Shen Ruyan didn’t say anything else and nodded.

“Don’t worry, husband. Before you come out of seclusion, 1 won’t let anyone disturb you.”

“Good, I’ll leave it to you.”

Jiang Chengxuan nodded slightly.

Then, he did not waste any more time and quickly walked into his seclusion cave abode.

As soon as he entered the seclusion cave abode, Jiang Chengxuan took out the Deduction Bead.

Without hesitation, he used the Deduction Bead on the subsequent content of the Heavenly Calculation Technique.

Soon, the subsequent content appeared in Jiang Chengxuan’s mind, and his comprehension of the Heavenly Calculation Technique was constantly increasing.

About a day later.

Jiang Chengxuan slowly opened his eyes.

At this moment, images appeared in his vision.

It was about what might happen in Ancient Origin City.

In these images,

He saw Jiang Rendao die, Bai Mingshan die, Li Fei and Bai Zixuan turn into blood mist, and Hua Mengyou and Bai Yuanchen eaten alive by demon beasts.

At the same time, he saw him and Shen Ruyan running away, injured and panicking.

He also saw the entire Ancient Origin City being razed to the ground.


Suddenly, Jiang Chengxuan spat out a mouthful of blood.

His face instantly turned extremely pale.

His heart tightened.

He had never expected that after using the Deduction Bead to deduce the content of the Heavenly Calculation Technique to the middle of the third page and use it to comprehend the second page, the scenes he saw in the end would actually be so tragic.

Why was the future he saw such a future?

Jiang Chengxuan didn’t understand.

With the current strength of Ancient Origin City and the trump card they had, even if a Level 4 demon beast came, they would end up like that.

There must be something that he had overlooked because the future he saw didn’t make any sense.

Suddenly, Jiang Chengxuan felt dizzy.

This was a side effect of overusing the calculation technique.

It would leave him in a relatively weak state for a certain period of time.

At this moment, his strength was probably less than 20% of his full strength.

Jiang Chengxuan took out a soul-nourishing pill and swallowed it. As he silently absorbed the medicinal power, he began to recall the future he had seen.

Suddenly, he noticed that the deaths of Jiang Rendao, Li Fei, and Bai Zixuan seemed to have happened concurrently.

As far as he could recall, Jiang Chengxuan vaguely noticed that the three of them did not die outside the city.

In other words, it was very likely that they did not die at the hands of demon beasts.

Could it be that the source of their deaths came from within Ancient Origin City?

However, other than him and Shen Ruyan, in the future images, the other six Violet Palace cultivators had all died.

This way, it couldn’t possibly be their doing.

Why then?

Could it be that there was something wrong with the people who came to help them?

However, under the noses of eight Violet Palace cultivators, even if there was really a problem with those people, how could they have the chance to make a move?

Unless the people who came were above Violet Palace.

At the thought of this, Jiang Chengxuan was shocked.

If those who came were Golden Core cultivators…


At this moment, the system notification suddenly sounded in his mind.

[System mission issued. Host, please complete the protection of Ancient Origin City and ensure the survival of all your companions.]

Eh? System mission?

Jiang Chengxuan’s pupils suddenly constricted.

He did not expect the system to give him such a mission.

Wasn’t this indirectly proving that everything he had seen was very likely true?

Jiang Chengxuan tried his best to calm down.

At this moment, the first thing he had to do was to recover as soon as possible before the next wave of demon beasts attacked.

Only then would he have enough ability to deal with what might happen.

At that moment, Jiang Chengxuan took out a pill from his body and consumed it. Then, he began to adjust his state and recuperate.

Two months later.

Jiang Chengxuan had completely recovered.

Meanwhile, he was attempting to break through to a high-grade Level 3 alchemist.

It was unknown if it was the result of the stimulation from seeing the future events, he felt inspiration erupt like a tidal wave.

He had an unprecedentedly clear understanding of the changes in the herbs in the pill furnace and the degree of control over the fire.

In this state, Jiang Chengxuan’s pill refinement was surprisingly smooth.

In less than a month, he had purified, separated, and fused the herbs in one go.

At this moment, it was already the most crucial step, pill condensation.

As long as this step was successful, he would truly enter the ranks of a Level 3 high-grade alchemist.

Buzz, buzz, buzz!

As Jiang Chengxuan’s hand seals were formed, the temperature in the pill furnace kept rising.

One could clearly see that in the pill furnace, three medicinal pills that were emitting an emerald green luster were gradually taking shape.

A few days later.

As Jiang Chengxuan cast the last pill condensation spell, the three medicinal pills were formed.

They were full and round, perfect and flawless.

At the same time, an extremely strong pill fragrance wafted out from the pill furnace.

A smile finally appeared on Jiang Chengxuan’s face when he smelled the pill fragrance.

He stretched out his hands and slapped.

There was a clang.

The lid of the furnace opened.

Immediately after, three high-grade Level 3 healing pills flew out of the pill furnace and were put in the jade bottle that Jiang Chengxuan had prepared beforehand.

It was finally done!

At the same time, a familiar voice sounded in Jiang Chengxuan’s mind..

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