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Chapter 283 - Chapter 283: Deduction, Horrifying Future Images

Chapter 283: Deduction, Horrifying Future Images

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Although the four of them did not know exactly what happened at the north gate, they sensed the power Jiang Chengxuan burst out.

The retreat of the eight Level 3 demon beasts was most likely also because of Jiang Chengxuan’s outburst just now.

The four of them were very awe-struck.

Even Jiang Rendao, who was also from the Jiang family, did not expect his Granduncle to be so strong.

He was probably not inferior to those False Core cultivators.

They could not help but express their admiration for Jiang Chengxuan’s performance.

Jiang Chengxuan naturally denied it humbly.

Just like that, as they spoke, they returned to Ancient Origin City.

After a while.

Jiang Chengxuan, Shen Ruyan, Jiang Rendao, Hua Mengyou, Li Fei, Bai Mingshan, Bai Yuanchen, and Bai Zixuan gathered in the meeting hall.

Their expressions were rather serious.

At this moment, they realized that it was no longer feasible to use the same method as before to stall for time.

Especially after Jiang Chengxuan’s outburst, the demon beasts would definitely make a new assessment of the overall strength of Ancient Origin City.

The scale of the next attack would probably be nothing like the previous ones.

Of course, this did not mean that Jiang Chengxuan had done anything wrong in showing his true strength.

In fact.

In that situation, if Jiang Chengxuan did not reveal his strength, Hua Mengyou and the others would be in great danger.

Especially Hua Mengyou, she might die.

This was also something that no one wanted to see happening.

At this moment, Hua Mengyou said,

“I think everyone should already know what happened just now.

It seems like they no longer have the patience to waste time with us.

Therefore, they wanted to end the battle quickly.

The only thing they did not expect was Fellow Daoist Jiang’s strength.

Now, our plan has basically fallen flat.

I believe that when the next wave of attacks comes, it’s very likely that we will need to go all out.”

Hua Mengyou’s analysis was reasonable.

However, it was precisely because of this that the expressions of everyone present became rather solemn.

It was not hard to imagine that it was definitely going to be a tough fight.

“Did you find out anything about the demon beasts?”

At this moment, Bai Mingshan said,

“For example, the exact number, level, treasures, and so on of Level 3 demon beasts.”

Hearing that, the rest turned their gaze to Hua Mengyou.

Hua Mengyou shook her head.

“Not at the moment.”

After a pause, she continued,

“With the current situation, it’s almost impossible to investigate the demon beasts.

We can only make rough guesses, and it might not be accurate.”

“What about reinforcements?

With the importance of Ancient Origin City, your sect and the Heavenly Yue

Sect should have other backup plans, right?”

Jiang Rendao spoke at the right time.

Jiang Chengxuan, Shen Ruyan, and the three members of the Bai family were also curious.


Given the strategic importance of Ancient Origin City, it did not seem right for the Jade Water Sword Pavilion and the Heavenly Yue Sect to not have any backup plans.

They couldn’t possibly have placed all their hopes on a group of Violet Palace cultivators, right?

Hua Mengyou hesitated for a moment before nodding.

“That’s right. Before we came, Junior Brother Li Fei and 1 did receive a trump card.

However, we don’t want to use that thing unless we absolutely have to.

Because once it was used, the entire Ancient Origin City, including the spiritual vein deep underground, would be instantly destroyed.

I believe you know the consequences without me saying it.”

These words immediately made the expressions of everyone change.

They really did not expect the Jade Water Sword Pavilion and the Heavenly Yue Sect to have such a backup plan.

If Hua Mengyou and Li Fei really blew up Ancient Origin City and the spiritual vein…

Not to mention how much karma the two of them would have to bear in the future, even the Jade Water Sword Pavilion and the Heavenly Yue Sect behind them would suffer a certain degree of karmic backlash.

Most importantly, it was hard to say if a portion of the karma would be transferred to the rest of them.

“As for reinforcements…”

At this moment, Hua Mengyou continued, “I’m afraid it’s unlikely in a short period of time..

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