Five Years Later, She Bombarded the Palace with a Miniature Version of the Regent

Chapter 49 - Chapter 49: Junjin Is in Danger

Chapter 49: Junjin Is in Danger

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Yu Wenxin and Concubine Gao continued to scream as they hugged each other tightly.

Meanwhile, Concubine Deng and Yu Qianyu, the Seventh Miss of the Yu family, quickly retreated to the side, not daring to say anything.

Unable to endure the pain, Yu Wenxin finally put away her arrogance and lowered her head. She cried out, begging for mercy, “No, Elder Sister! I, I know my mistakes now! I know my mistakes now!”

“Didn’t you just say that I’m petty and held a grudge for so long?” Yu Yunxi asked in a leisurely manner as she took a sip of tea.

Yu Wenxin sobbed. “Elder Sister, the whip really hurts! You must have suffered back then! I apologize to you!”

At this time, Concubine Gao yelled, “You can’t keep whipping us. Otherwise, we’ll die!”

However, Yu Yunxi’s expression did not change at all. She ordered icily, “Qian Jiao, continue to whip them!”

“Yes, County Princess!”

“Yu Yunxi, don’t go too far! I’ve already apologized! What else do you want?!” Yu Wenxin shrieked, flying into a fit of rage out of humiliation.

“Apologize? The hurt can’t be erased with just an apology. Moreover, is your apology sincere?” Yu Yunxi asked. After that, she poured the cup of hot tea on the mother and daughter’s wounds.

Initially, Yu Yunxi did not have any plans to deal with them. However, they did not know what was good for them and insisted on sending themselves to her doorstep to die. Since that was the case, she would fulfill their wish.

When Concubine Gao and Yu Wenxin finally fainted, Yu Yunxi turned to Concubine Deng before she smiled and said gently, “Concubine Deng, I’ll have to trouble you to carry them back.”

Concubine Deng was so frightened that her soul almost left her body. In her eyes, Yu Yunxi was like a vicious and malicious ghost. At this time, she regretted coming to provoke Yu Yunxi. She really wanted to run away, but she could not move at all, nailed to the spot by Yu Yunxi’s gaze. In the end, she and her daughter had to work together to drag Concubine Gao and Yu Wenxin away.

Qian Jiao looked at the bloodstain on the ground, and her expression twisted in disgust as she said, “County Princess, our house has been dirtied by their blood.”

“Aunt Qing, come in and clean up,” Yu Yunxi said to the person outside the door.

Aunt Qing gulped and quickly walked in. She said stiffly, “C-county Princess, I, I will clean up the mess now.”

Aunt Qing had clearly seen how Yu Yunxi dealt with Concubine Gao and Yu Wenxin earlier; Yu Yunxi was truly ruthless to her enemies. She finally understood deeply that Yu Yunxi was no longer the Eldest Miss of the past that Madam Chen and the others could easily bully.

“Qian Jiao, let’s go,” Yu Yunxi said as she rose to her feet and walked out. “What? County Princess, where are we going?” Qian Jiao asked, stunned.

Yu Yunxi turned around and gave Qian Jiao a look. Realization dawned on Qian Jiao immediately.

“County Princess, wait for me!”

On the street.

Yu Yunxi turned around and asked Qian Jiao seriously, “Did you buy the buns?” “Yes, County Princess,” Qian Jiao replied.

“What about the candied hawthorns? Junjin likes candied hawthorns the most,” Yu Yunxi continued to say.

“County Princess, I’ve bought everything that the little master likes to eat,” Qian Jiao said patiently, gesturing to her full hands.

Yu Yunxi felt more at ease after checking.

‘Junjin is just like a gluttonous kitten… He’s probably feeling restless staying in that inn. After all, he’s used to accompanying Godbrother in the military camp when he was in Xinan…’

For this reason, Yu Yunxi prepared more delicious food to appease Yu Junjin.

At this moment, Yu Yunxi remembered something and asked, “By the way, did

Godbrother or Godfather send a letter?”

“Due to the flood in Minzhou, the letters from the north and south have been delayed. The letters from Xinan haven’t arrived, and our letters haven’t been sent out as well,” Qian Jiao said with a frown.

Since their letters contained many important secrets, it was not safe to use carrier pigeons. They could only rely on messengers to deliver letters. For this reason, exchanging messages was not very convenient and efficient.

Yu Yunxi massaged her temples briefly before she said helplessly, “Godfather and Godbrother love Junjin the most. They must be worried now that Junjin is missing in Xinan.”

“Don’t worry, County Princess. Qian Mei said that the little master had specially left a letter for King Xinan, the Consort, and Young Master,” Qian Jiao quickly said to reassure Yu Yunxi.

Yu Yunxi took a deep breath and murmured to herself, “I hope the flood in

Minzhou will pass as soon as possible.”

With that, not only will the people in Minzhou stop suffering, but Yu Junjin would also be able to return to Xinan. The longer Yu Junjin stayed here, the more uneasy Yu Yunxi felt. It was as though something was going to happen.

As they were nearing the inn, Qian Jiao suddenly saw a familiar figure and said,

“County Princess, isn’t that Little Master?”

Yu Yunxi looked over and saw her little bun holding a gourd candy with both hands, and his mouth was stuffed.

At this moment, Yu Junjin was wearing a human-skin mask.

Yu Yunxi looked at Yu Junjin helplessly as she walked over. She knew that he would sneak out to eat.

At this moment, a horse suddenly charged over.

“Move aside, move aside!”

A guard sat on the horse’s back, and a seven or eight-year-old child sat in his arms.

The child was dressed in expensive clothes. It was obvious that he was not a child from an ordinary family.

At this moment, it was clear that they had lost control of the horse.

Yu Yunxi’s heart shook as she cried out, “Junjin!”

The distance between them was too wide. It was too late for her to rush over to save him so she quickly removed her hairpin from her head and mobilized her internal energy to rush over.

Meanwhile, Yu Junjin turned around and saw a horse charging at him. He stared at the horse with watery eyes, briefly stunned. Thanks to his strict training, he still reacted quickly. He rolled to the side as he removed the candied hawthorns on the skewer. Then, he quickly stabbed the horse that had just raised its front legs and was about to step on him.

The horse neighed in pain and fell to the ground along with the two people on its back.

“It hurts! It hurts so much!” the child screamed.

The guard’s face paled, and he asked nervously, “Twelfth Prince, are you okay?”

‘Twelfth Prince?’ Yu Yunxi frowned. To think the other party was the Emperor’s twelfth son and the biological brother of the Fifth Prince.

The Fifth Prince had been officially conferred the title of ‘Prince’ long ago so he had moved out of the imperial palace. However, he spent his time running back and forth between the imperial palace and his residence.

“Of course, I’m not okay! This is the precious Ferghana horse that Imperial Father gave me! Trash! Aren’t you my personal guard? Why aren’t you teaching that unruly person a lesson?!” Feng Weigeng, the Twelfth Prince, ordered loudly as he glared at Yu Junjin murderously.

The people in the surroundings shook their heads as they looked at the exquisite and cute Yu Junjin with pity. Many of them lamented inwardly, ‘What a pity that his life is so short… This child is really unlucky today…’

Who did not know that the moment the Fifth Prince received the support of the

Prince Regent, the Emperor put the Fifth Prince in an important position and also doted on the Twelfth Prince? Moreover, the Twelfth Prince was not only arrogant, but his identity was special as well. He usually liked riding his horse on the streets, but no one dared to complain. Even if they were injured, they could only blame it on their luck.

At this moment, the guard turned to look at Yu Junjin and discovered that the other party was a child. His expression did not ease. Instead, it turned fierce..

He strode over and said harshly, intending to teach Yu Junjin a lesson, “Brat, do you know to whom this horse belongs to? Most importantly, you caused the Twelfth Prince to be injured! Causing harm to a prince is a capital offense!”

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