Five Years Later, She Bombarded the Palace with a Miniature Version of the Regent

Chapter 48 - Chapter 48: The Yu Family Is Going to Fall

Chapter 48: The Yu Family Is Going to Fall

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“The so-called charge of poor handling of the disaster relief funds is already considered light for Father. The truth is that he embezzled money from the disaster relief funds, which angered the Emperor. He deserves it. Why are you blaming me?” Yu Yunxi said slowly as she straightened her back.

“Why would Father embezzle money from the disaster relief funds? Why?” Yu Wanrong kept muttering to herself in a trance. Based on her appearance, it was clear that she was unaware of this matter.

“Why? I feel that Madam should know something about it, ” Yu Yunxi said meaningfully, pursing her red lips as she looked at Madam Chen. Her words had a hidden meaning.

“Shut up! How could I know about the Prime Minister’s business?” Madam Chen said loudly, agitated by Yu Yunxi’s words.

‘Hmm, why does she look guilty?’ Yu Yunxi narrowed her eyes slightly, speculating that Madam Chen must know some secrets.

Madam Chen also seemed to realize that her reaction was a little extreme. She took a deep breath and said to Yu Yunxi, “Yu Yunxi, if it wasn’t for you sending people to the palace to see the Emperor, colluding with the Ministry of War, and finding Imperial Censor Yang, nothing would’ve happened to the Prime Minister! You just want to kill the Yu family!”

“Yes, you’re right, Madam. My goal is to destroy the Yu family and make the family pay with their blood,” Yu Yunxi said nonchalantly with a wide smile on her face.

“Y-you, you, you… B*tch, you won’t die a good death!” Old Madam Zhou was so angry that she could not even speak properly.

“Grandmother, don’t be angry. It’ll be bad if you die of anger, right?” Yu Yunxi said coldly as she glanced sideways at Old Madam Zhou.

“Also, all of you heard the edict earlier. You have to return my dowry to me within two days. Otherwise, you can all accompany Father in prison. He must be feeling very lonely,” Yu Yunxi said before she crossed the high threshold and strode into the residence.

“B*tch! You b*tch!”

Old Madam Zhou was so angry that her vision began to swim. She felt as though she was going to vomit blood.

Madam Chen and Yu Wanrong were not faring any better.

Madam Chen gnashed her teeth and grabbed Yu Wanrong’s arm before she said, “Wanrong, quickly go to the Chen family and tell your grandfather about this. Tell him to think of a way to save your father.”

“Yes, Mother,” Yu Wanrong said, gradually calming down. She brought her maidservant with her and hurried to the Chen family.

Then, Madam Chen turned to Concubine Tang and said with a frown, “Concubine Tang, your sister is a noble concubine in the imperial palace. Tell her to sound out the Emperor.”

Concubine Tang was briefly stunned by this. When she reacted, she covered her mouth and laughed. She said contemptuously, “Madam, are you ordering me around?”

“Madam Tang, you’re a concubine of the Prime Minister’s Residence. Now that the Prime Minister is in trouble, you have to help him!” Madam Chen said. Her tone was still very arrogant and domineering.

Concubine Tang’s expression turned cold as she said, “Madam, when you bullied me all those years, did you ever think about my sister who’s a noble concubine? The Prime Minister dotes on you and the Second Miss so much, both of you should save him. As for me, I don’t have the ability to do so.” After saying that, Concubine Tang turned around and left.

“Concubine Tang!” Madam Chen was so angry that she almost spat out a mouthful of blood.

At this moment, Concubine Su hesitated for a moment. When she made up her mind, she said, “Madam, my eldest brother works in the palace. I can ask him to inquire about the situation.”

Old Madam Zhou glared at Concubine Su and said in disgust, “Your brother is just an imperial guard. What can he do?”

“Old Madam, I…” Concubine Su looked really timid and did not dare to speak anymore.

“Old Madam, we need all the help we can get now. It doesn’t matter if he’s an imperial guard. What if he finds something?” Madam Chen said. Although she also despised Concubine Su’s lowly background, she knew she needed all the help she could get in this situation.

Concubine Su lowered her head slightly and said softly, “Then, I’ll send someone to look for my brother.”

When Qian Jiao saw Yu Yunxi, she ran over and asked worriedly, “County Princess, you’re finally back! Did everything go well?”

“Yes. Keep a close eye on them over the next two days. We must make sure

Madam Chen and the others return the dowry to me,” Yu Yunxi said seriously.

“Yes, County Princess!”

There was no need to ask any more questions. Based on Yu Yunxi’s words, Qian Jiao knew that they had won the round this time.

At this time, Qian Mei snorted and said coldly, “I didn’t expect that useless

Emperor to still have a little humanity left in him. After imprisoning Yu

Zhongcheng, he didn’t forget about the dowry.”

Upon hearing this, Yu Yunxi smiled. She asked lightly, “Qian Mei, do you really think the Emperor is helping us?”

Qian Mei frowned, puzzled. “Isn’t… isn’t that the case? After all, he ordered

Madam Chen and the others to return the dowry within two days.”

Yu Yunxi said mockingly, “The Emperor isn’t so kind. He only did this because he felt that his dignity as the son of heaven had been challenged. Hence, he wanted Yu Zhongcheng and the Crown Prince to suffer a little more. Moreover, I made such a big fuss about this matter. If he didn’t do anything, other countries would laugh at Tianxia for having a Prime Minister who coveted his concubine’s dowry.”

‘So it’s like this…’

Realization finally dawned on Qian Mei and Qian Jiao.

After returning to her courtyard, Yu Yunxi told Qian Mei to return to look after the little bun. After that, she wrote a letter back to Xinan. She wanted her godfather to send people to investigate the relationship between the Empress, Yu Zhongcheng, and the Chen family. Perhaps, there would be some unexpected discovery.

She was only halfway through writing the letter when someone came over and disturbed her peace.

“Yu Yunxi, come out!”

This voice belonged to Concubine Gao.

“County Princess, I’ll drive her away,” Qian Jiao said, making a move to go outside.

“No need. Bring her in,” Yu Yunxi said as she calmly put down the pen in her hand.


Qian Jiao went out before she returned with a few people. She was not polite as she dragged them in and threw them on the ground.

Apart from Concubine Gao, there were Concubine Deng, the Sixth Miss, and the Seventh Miss of the Yu family as well.

Concubine Gao exclaimed in pain when she fell. She looked up and glared at Yu Yunxi venomously as she spat out, “You’re from the Yu family, but you’re trying to kill us! Aren’t you afraid of retribution?”

“Retribution? Concubine Gao, when I was seven years old, Sixth Sister broke Grandmother’s hairpin, but you pushed the blame on me. Then, you personally watched as Grandma got someone to whip me twenty times. At that time, I was so young, and my mother wasn’t by my side. My life was almost taken away. At that time, did you think about retribution?” Yu Yunxi said with a sneer as she poured a cup of hot tea.

Concubine Gao’s expression was extremely ugly. She opened and closed her mouth a few times, but no words came out.

At this time, Yu Wenxin, the Sixth Miss of the Yu family, complained, “That’s all in the past. My mother didn’t intentionally do that. Aren’t you too petty to remember that until now?”

“Petty?” Yu Yunxi laughed upon hearing this. Her eyes were bright, and her smile was vivid. She rested her chin on her hand as she looked at her sixth sister, who had already grown into a beautiful young lady. She sighed softly and said, “This is the first time someone has called me petty.”

Yu Wenxin continued to complain, “That’s right. It’s been so long that Mother and I have already forgotten about this matter. Who would keep such a small matter in their heart?”

Yu Yunxi asked with a smile, “Sixth Sister, in Xinan, no one has ever called me petty. Do you know how they described me?”

Yu Wenxi’s curiosity was piqued by Yu Yunxi’s words. She quickly asked, “How did they describe you?”

“They said that I’m calculative, vengeful, and ruthless. Qian Jiao, bring the whip. Let Sixth Sister have a taste of twenty whips!” Yu Yunxi said, her voice turned cold nearing the end of her words.

“Yu Yunxi, you dare?!” Yu Yunxi shouted, growing anxious.

Yu Yunxi raised an eyebrow and said, “It seems like twenty whips are t00 little. Qian Jiao, forty whips. If she dies, I’ll personally burn incense for her.

“Yes, County Princess!”

Qian Jiao could not be more eager. She pulled out the whip and advanced toward Yu Wenxin.

“Mother, save me!” Yu Wenxin panicked and quickly hid behind Concubine Gao.

“Yu Yunxi, if you dare to hurt today, Ⅰ will…” Concubine Gao said threateningly.

However, before Concubine finished speaking, the whip landed on her face. A bloody cut appeared immediately on her face.

Concubine Gao and Yu Wenxin screamed at the same time..

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