Five Years Later, She Bombarded the Palace with a Miniature Version of the Regent

Chapter 478 - Chapter 478: Grand Finale (1)

Chapter 478: Grand Finale (1)

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“Unwilling? Do you want the entire Xichu to be buried with you?” Xiao Tan said contemptuously with a sneer. She hit her cane on the ground and berated, “All these years, the Xiao family has stirred up trouble. Haven’t you suffered enough? If you were willing to marry Xiao Shici, he could be considered half a member of the Xiao family. I would have turned a blind to him. However, you insist on being with Feng Yili and staying in Xichu. You’re simply rebellious!”

Yu Yunxi said flatly, “You said it yourself, Matriarch Xiao. You’ve made things difficult for everyone all these years. Grandmother and Mother’s deaths, Grandfather’s poisoning, Father’s departure, and all the grievances I suffered in Tianxia are related to you. What makes you think I’ll forgive you and still be willing to return to the Xiao family?”

Xiao Tan’s expression darkened as she asked, “So you really don’t plan to return to the Xiao family at all?”

Following that, the women behind Xiao Tan began to chime in one after another in a high and mighty tone.

“Yu Yunxi, do you still not understand? Whether it’s the position of Princess Regent or Eldest Princess, they can’t compare to the position of successor of the Xiao family. As long as the Xiao family makes a move, it’ll be easy for us to change the emperor of a country.”


“That’s right. Don’t tell me you’re waiting for Feng Yili and the others to save you at this time? Tianxia’s troops have already reached Xichu. Moreover, the Crown Prince of Xichu has also mobilized troops to rebel.”

“In my opinion, your maternal grandfather has already been killed in the palace, and Feng Yili is completely occupied at this moment. If you know what’s good for you, we can still save your life.”

Yu Yunxi raised an eyebrow. “The Crown Prince rebelled?”

“That’s right. Empress Qin took the initiative to cooperate with us. We helped her pull Chu Zai and Chu Ruishi down. From now on, Xichu will become our Xiao family’s puppet.”

“There’s also that stupid Emperor of Tianxia. He’s also working with us. Sooner or later, Tianxia will also be our puppet.”

The people from the Xiao family spoke very arrogantly.

Yu Yunxi looked out of the window and happened to see thick smoke rising from the imperial palace. Even the sounds of battle could be faintly heard from afar.

At this moment, someone said, “Matriarch, just take her away. There’s no need to talk nonsense with her.”

Unexpectedly, Yu Yunxi smiled and asked, “Who said that Xichu is going to be your puppet?”

“Yu Yunxi, what do you mean by that?”

The people from the Xiao family looked at Yu Yunxi suspiciously.

Yu Yunxi raised an eyebrow and said nonchalantly, “If I wasn’t prepared, do you think I’d come here with you?”

As soon as Yu Yunxi’s voice fell, a large group of armored guards rushed in. There were all the elite soldiers that she had prepared in advance.

Suddenly, Yu Yunxi’s eyes landed on the tall man standing in the lead. He was dressed in black armor and had an imposing aura. He looked to be in his forties, and he was very handsome. The man met Yu Yunxi’s eyes.

‘He… He is…

After a while, the man’s eyes turned red as he said, “Child, Father is back.”

‘Father? It’s really Father? No wonder I felt a connection with him as soon as I saw him.’

Yu Yunxi’s heart skipped a beat.

Xiao Tan also recognized the King of Zhenbei. Her expression was extremely gloomy as she said, “You’ve returned to the capital?”

“Matriarch Xiao, I left the capital for many years and have been guarding the border city for many years. I also didn’t look for my daughter. Did you think I’ve given up? No, I’ve been lying low and biding my time. For more than 20 years, I’ve been working hard to deal with your Xiao family. You have abilities to plant spies in various countries. Don’t tell you think we have no way to plant spies in the hidden families?”

Xiao Tan’s expression changed upon hearing this. She glared at the King of

Zhenbei and asked, “What do you mean by that?”

The King of Zhenbei sneered before he said expressionlessly, “Your Xiao family’s hundred-year foundation is about to be destroyed. If you don’t believe me, send a signal now and see if anyone comes to save you.”

Xiao Tan did not believe it. She asked someone to go to the window and send a signal.

However, none of the Xiao family’s secret guards appeared.

The King of Zhenbei said, “I returned to the capital two months ago and had been hiding in the dark. I didn’t dare to meet my daughter because I didn’t want to alert the enemy. We’ve already destroyed your stronghold in the capital..”

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