Five Years Later, She Bombarded the Palace with a Miniature Version of the Regent

Chapter 477 - Chapter 477: The Xiao Family Stirs Up Trouble; Rising Troops and Rebellion

Chapter 477: The Xiao Family Stirs Up Trouble; Rising Troops and Rebellion

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The Eldest Princess’ Residence.

Seeing that Feng Yili had returned, Yu Yunxi held the little bun’s hand and walked toward Feng Yili.

“What were you busy with?”

Feng Yili had been so busy over the past month that he had no time to rest at all. It had been a while since the state banquet of Xichu ended. Most of the people from the other countries had left, except for Xiao Shici and Feng Weizhou.

Yu Yunxi’s secret guards had reported all the happenings in Tianxia to her. At this time, Feng Weizhou’s mother was already under house arrest, so he could not return. He spent a lot of time with the princes of Xichu. It was likely that he was plotting something.


Feng Yili also often left early and returned late as though he was plotting something.

Feng Yili quickly walked over and held his wife and son’s hands as he said, “Empress Qin, the Qin family, and Chu Yuefu have dealings with the Xiao family.”

Winter was coming, and the weather was getting cold.

Feng Yili asked gently, “Why didn’t you wait inside? It’s so cold outside.”

“It’s alright. Junjin and I are dressed warmly. What’s going on with the Xiao family?” Yu Yunxi asked solemnly.

“The Emperor Emeritus and I have found out that his poisoning back then is undeniably related to the Xiao family. Empress Qin is very flustered after discovering your identity as my Princess Consort, and she has contacted the Xiao family again. The Xiao family has many people in Xichu…” Feng Yili explained seriously.

Yu Yunxi’s expression turned cold when Feng Yili mentioned the past. She said through gritted teeth, “So back then, someone colluded with the Xiao family to harm my maternal grandfather and mother? If that person is Empress Qin, then the Emperor is definitely involved as well.”

“Back then, your grandfather intended to pass the throne to your mother. As the eldest prince, Chu Zai was naturally unhappy. Hence, it’s not surprising that he colluded with the Xiao family. Apart from being the Eldest Princess, you’re also the daughter of the King of Zhenbei and the Princess Regent of Tianxia. That’s why Empress Qin and Chu Yuefu are panicking. They’re worried that the Emperor Emeritus is going to pass the throne to you.”

Feng Yili calmly analyzed the situation. It was not difficult to understand why the Qin family and Empress Qin had been secretly playing so many tricks recently.

“It’s impossible that the Emperor is unaware of this. He’s probably looking forward to Empress Qin killing me,” Yu Yunxi said before asking, “By the way, what’s going on with Feng Weizhou?”

“What do you think? Imperial Brother is dissatisfied with Feng Weizhou, so he wants to use Xichu to get rid of him. He also wants to take this opportunity to uproot my forces. Tianxia is already in chaos,” Feng Yili said as his eyes glinted coldly.

Tianxia failed to develop over the years because of Feng Yijin’s narrow-mindedness. Not only did he fail to resolve external problems, but he stirred up internal problems.


“Don’t worry. It’s not easy to uproot my forces and destroy my foundation. Since he insists on seeking death, let him be,” Feng Yili said with a sneer.

“You mean…”

Yu Yunxi’s eyes lit up.

“All these years, I’ve been secretly nurturing a prince. I believe that he can be independent now…” Feng Yili said hoarsely as he wrapped his arm around Yu Yunxi’s waist.

‘So if the Emperor is not capable and virtuous, just change to another one?’ Since the Emperor and Feng Weizhou were fighting openly and secretly, when the time came, the winner would only be them.

“Yunxi, trust me. I’ll give you and Junjin a safe home as soon as possible,” Feng Yili promised solemnly. Then, he warned grimly, “Empress Qin and Chu Yuefu are like mad dogs now. The Xiao family is sinister and cunning. You and Junjin must be careful during this period of time.”

“I understand.”

Yu Yunxi knew that the Xiao family would not be able to hold back any longer. Back then, they had forced her grandmother and mother to a dead end. Now that they knew she married Feng Yili, they definitely would not let the matter go. She had expected them to make a move, but she just did not expect it to be so soon.

That night.

The secret guards came to report that Empress Qin had made a move, and Feng Yili quickly left the residence.

After Feng Yili left, a large number of men in black rushed into the Eldest Princess’ Residence. However, they were prepared, so the residence could be considered very safe.

The men in black’s movements were very strange; they did not seem like ordinary martial arts practitioners. Most importantly, they were very powerful. Even Jiang Ying was no match for them.

Just as the battle reached the peak, Yu Yunxi appeared. She looked at the men coldly and said, “The Xiao family sent you, right? Do you want to take me away? Very well, I’ll go with you.”

“Eldest princess! ”

Jiang Ying, Qian Qing, and the others protested immediately, worried.

Yu Yunxi only looked at them reassuringly.

Meanwhile, the men in black exchanged a look. Finally, one of them stepped forward and said politely, “Eldest Miss, the matriarch wants to see you. Don’t blame us for using such a forceful method.”

An hour later.

Yu Yunxi met the matriarch of the Xiao family at Bright Sun Pavilion, which was also the tallest building in the capital.

The other party’s hair was white, and her eyes were piercing. She also held an ornate cane.

Yu Yunxi looked at the other party and said casually, “I didn’t expect the Bright Sun Pavilion to belong to the Xiao family. Although the Xiao family is a hidden family, it has many spies in various countries…’

Xiao Tan, the matriarch of the Xiao family, looked at Yu Yunxi before she said expressionlessly, “I’m your grandmother’s mother. You have to call me Old Ancestor.”

Yu Yunxi lowered her gaze to hide the coldness in her eyes as she said in an equally cold tone, “Matriarch Xiao’s status is noble. I dare not call you ‘Old Ancestor’. Moreover, Grandmother and Mother had left and severed ties with the Xiao family long ago. There’s no need for me to call you ‘Old Ancestor’.”

There were several blood debts between Yu Yunxi and the Xiao family. She had restrained herself a lot, and it was already very good that she could still speak calmly to Xiao Tan at this moment.

Xiao Tan narrowed her eyes and said threateningly, “I know you have a grudge against the Xiao family, but don’t forget that the blood of the Xiao family runs in your veins. Isn’t the position of the successor of the number one hidden family better than your position as a powerless Eldest Princess?”

A few people stood behind Xiao Tan. They were also from the Xiao family. At this time, they were all sizing Yu Yunxi up.

Yu Yunxi tilted her head and asked darkly, “The successor? Matriarch Xiao, are you talking about me?”

“That’s right. I’m talking about you. Your grandmother was the successor I chose back then. Whether it was her martial arts or her temperament, she was superior to her sisters. Unfortunately, she was rebellious and ran away from the Xiao family. She’d rather die than return to the Xiao family,” Xiao Tan said, “Later on, I took a liking to your mother. Although your mother’s martial arts wasn’t good, and she’s a little indecisive, she was very smart. If I brought her back to the Xiao family and trained her, she could’ve been an elder in the family. It’s a pity that she was so stubborn. She actually wanted to oppose the

Xiao family. In the end, she died in a foreign land. That’s also her punishment.”

Xiao Tan continued to say, “We’ve been observing you for six years. You have your mother’s intelligence and your grandmother’s martial arts. Your medical skills are also extraordinary. However, this is also all thanks to the Xiao family. Women of the Xiao family have always been outstanding. Most importantly, you married Feng Yili and gave birth to his son, but you still managed to regain your memories after losing them. You’re the first person in the family to break the curse in hundreds of years. Perhaps we’ll be able to find a way to break the curse for good from you. Hence, no matter how you look at it, you’re the most suitable successor.”

Then, Xiao Tan said in a commanding tone, “Alright, don’t be insensible like your grandmother and your mother. Come back to the Xiao family with me now.”

Yu Yunxi asked in a cold and unyielding tone, “What if I say that I’m unwilling?”

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