Five Years Later, She Bombarded the Palace with a Miniature Version of the Regent

Chapter 32

Your Father Is a Hero

Drunken Harmony Parlor.

Feng Yili was sitting in a room, and a doctor was tremblingly bandaging his shoulder. The wound was so deep that his bones could be seen. However, he did not even frown when the doctor applied medicine to the wound. His imposing aura made it difficult for people to breathe.

Luo Xiuran, who was sitting at the side, could not help but wink at Jiang Ying.

‘Your master’s mood doesn’t seem right after meeting his wife.’

The corners of Jiang Ying’s lips twitched. The last time he had seen Feng Yili lost his composure was when Feng Yili regained consciousness and discovered that Yu Yunxi had disappeared.

At this moment, Feng Weichen walked in. He looked at the wound on Feng Yili’s shoulder and asked in a low voice, “Ninth Imperial Uncle, who do you think sent the assassins?”

However, Feng Yili seemed lost in his thoughts and did not reply.

Feng Wei Chen cleared his throat and asked again, “Ninth Imperial Uncle, I heard that a child was in the room when the assassins came. Who is he? Is he the person you were supposed to meet today?”

Feng Weichen wanted to speak again, but Feng Yili looked at him coldly and said, “Prince Chen, I’ll help you with the matters of the court. However, don’t pry into my business.”

Upon hearing this warning, Feng Weichen stiffened slightly, and a hint of annoyance flashed across his face. However, a smile quickly appeared on his face as he said, “I was rash, Imperial Uncle. I hope you’ll get well soon.”

Then, Feng Weichen continued to say, “Oh, right. Based on the time, the poison in your body is about to act up again. Do you need me to order the Wei family to send over the medicine?”

As soon as these words were spoken, the atmosphere in the room turned cold, making it difficult for people to breathe.

After a long time, Feng Yili said stonily, “Do as you see fit.

“Alright,” Feng Weichen replied with a nod and turned to leave. The moment he turned around, the smile on his face vanished immediately, replaced by an icy expression that made him look a little gloomy.

Following that, the doctor left as soon as he was done treating Feng Yili. He did not dare to stay a moment longer.

When the door closed, Luo Xiuran said through gritted teeth, “Feng Weichen is really despicable! He knows the Springwood Separation in your body hasn’t been completely detoxified, and he deliberately brings it up all the time.”

Jiang Ying said in a low voice, “However, His Royal Highness truly needs the medicine to relieve the pain when the poison acts up.”

Luo Xiuran sighed. He had traveled to many places to search for a cure for many years, but he did not even manage to find medicine to suppress the poison, let alone cure it. Unfortunately, they could only depend on Feng Weichen now.

“Your Royal Highness, who do you think sent the assassins? Is it the Crown Prince?” Jiang Ying asked.

“The Crown Prince isn’t that stupid,” Feng Yili said.

It was foolish to openly assassinate Feng Yili and arouse the suspicion of others. Feng Weizhou would not do such a thing.

“Then, is it the First Prince or the Third Prince?” Jiang Ying continued to ask.

“Go and investigate the matter. Also, investigate a child for me,” Feng Yili said. His eyes flashed when he mentioned the child.

‘That child is quite interesting…’

‘Child? What child?’

Jiang Ying and Luo Xiuran were dumbfounded.

After returning to his senses, Jiang Ying quickly asked, “What child?”

Only then did Feng Yili remember that Jiang Ying and Luo Xiuran were not in the room earlier so they were unaware of the little bun.

“Forget it. We’ll meet again if fate permits it,” Feng Yili said indifferently.

In an inn.

Yu Yunxi came here after receiving Qian Mei’s message.

Yu Junjin and Qian Mei fell to their knees with a loud thud.

“Master, I deserve to die. I shouldn’t have hidden this matter from you. Please punish me alone. This is all my fault,” Qian Mei said.

Yu Yunjin, the little bun, hurriedly shook his head and said with reddened eyes, “Mother, I was wrong. I threatened Aunt Qian Mei and told her to hide this from you. If you’re angry, then punish me!”

As Yu Junjin apologized, he fidgeted his small hands restlessly. It was obvious that he was worried that Yu Yunxi would be angry at and disappointed in him.

Yu Yunxi was angry and had a lot of words to say, but seeing her son like this, she could not bring herself to scold him at this moment. Finally, she walked over and pulled Yu Junjin and Qian Mei to their feet. Then, she carried him to a chair and sat him down. She stroked his head and asked patiently, “Mother wants to know why you came to the capital…”

Yu Junjin lowered his head and muttered, “That… That’s because I want to seek revenge from that evil father and help you vent your anger…”

Yu Yunxi was slightly stunned upon hearing these words, but she was completely surprised. She had expected this. Her expression was complicated as she looked at Yu Junjin. She had never hidden the identity of his biological father, but she did not know he resented his father to this extent.

Finally, Yu Yunxi explained gently, “Junjin, listen to me. Your father isn’t bad. He’s a hero. In the past, when the enemy attacked Xibei, the northwest of our country, your father led 30,000 troops there and repelled the enemy’s 100,000 troops. Apart from that, when Jiangnan was flooded, your father also led troops there to save the people. He started leading troops in his teens and protected many people. Mother has never met a more heroic person than him…”

Qian Mei was stunned by Yu Yunxi. After all, when they were in Xinan, Yu Yunxi had personally led troops to deal with the enemies as well. Yu Yunxi was not inferior to men and was very aloof. She rarely saw Yu Yunxi’s gentle side.

Meanwhile, Yu Junjin, the little bun, looked at Yu Yunxi in a daze with his mouth slightly parted, engrossed in listening. After a long time, he carefully hid the admiration in his eyes before he rubbed his nose and said, “But, but he doesn’t want Mother. He’s a bad person!”

For some reason, tears welled up slightly in Yu Yunxi’s eyes upon hearing this. She felt like crying at this moment. Even when she almost lost her life giving birth to Yu Junjin, she did not cry. She did not even cry when she trained in Xinan’s military camp and was wounded. However, at this time, she inexplicably felt like crying.

After a moment, Yu Yunxi stroked Yu Junjin’s head and said gently, “Listen to me, Junjin. Your father and I are not together for some special reasons. However, that doesn’t mean he’s a bad person. If he knew about your existence, he would definitely love you.”

Yu Junjin sniffled. The little bit of grievance in his heart seemed to vanish at this moment. Then, he looked at Yu Yunxi expectantly and asked, “Mother, is what you said true? Will Father really love me?”

In fact, it was obvious that Yu Junjin yearned for fatherly love.

Yu Yunxi felt guilty, but some things were out of her control after all. She took a deep breath and forced a smile on her face before she said, “Well, didn’t you see it earlier? He saved you even though you’re a stranger. If he knew that you’re his child, he’d definitely love you.”

In fact, Yu Yunxi did not have much confidence in her words. Yu Junjin was born without Feng Yili’s knowledge. Moreover, he hated her so much. What if he did not like Yu Junjin as well?

Nonetheless, Yu Yunxi knew she had to say these words to Yu Junjin. She did not want to hurt or disappoint Yu Junjin.

Finally, Yu Yunxi said softly, “Junjin, I still have many things to deal with here. It’s not safe for you to stay with me. Can you follow Qian Mei back to Xinan first?”

“Okay, Mother. I won’t sneak away anymore. I’ll return to Xinan, and I won’t cause trouble for you anymore,” Yu Junjin replied obediently before he leaped into Yu Yunxi’s arms.

Yu Yunxi’s eyes reddened again. She thought to herself inwardly, ‘Junjin, Mother will quickly deal with the matters here and return to Xinan to accompany you…’

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