Five Years Later, She Bombarded the Palace with a Miniature Version of the Regent

Chapter 31

Why Did You Abandon Me Back Then?

As soon as Luo Xiuran’s voice fell, the expressions of the other three people in the room darkened immediately.

Jiang Ying could not help but complain inwardly, ‘Young Marquis, I beg you to stop speaking!’

Yu Yunxi’s eyes glinted coldly. She quickly pushed Feng Yili away before she said, “I’m sorry. I’m no longer the Princess Consort. After all, my reputation is very bad. Moreover, a certain prince can’t wait for me to die. How can he acknowledge a person like me as his Princess Consort?”

After saying that, Yu Yunxi walked out quickly, ignoring everyone’s gazes. She was in a hurry to look for Yu Junjin. However, she had only taken a few steps when someone chased after her and grabbed her.

The other party pulled her into the room next door.

Jiang Ying and Luo Xiuran wanted to follow into the other room, but the door slammed shut with a loud bang. If they did not react enough, their noses would have been broken now.

The room was dark.

Feng Yili pinned Yu Yunxi against the door.

Yu Yunxi glared at Feng Yili and asked indignantly, “Feng Yili, what do you want?”

“You haven’t answered my question. Do you know that child?” Feng Yili asked, looking determined to obtain an answer from her.

The smell of blood on Feng Yili was very strong, and it made her uncomfortable. After a moment, she said sarcastically, “He’s a child. It’s only natural for me to help him when he’s in danger. I’m not heartless like you, Your Royal Highness.”

‘After all, you won’t even let me off after I saved you…’

“Why did you come to Drunken Harmony Parlor? Were you… following me?” Feng Yili asked as his eyes flashed with unknown emotions.

Yu Yunxi could not help but laugh upon hearing these words. Then, she smiled, causing her eyes to curve, as she said in a voice that grew increasingly cold, “Prince Regent, you’re thinking too much. Why would I follow you? Drunken Harmony Parlor is a place of pleasure. If you can come, why can’t I come?”

“You came here for pleasure?” Feng Yili’s breathing hitched for a fleeting moment, and his displeasure was palpable.

Yu Yunxi could feel the grip on her shoulder growing stronger and stronger. Moreover, it was right where she was bitten yesterday. She could not help but hiss in pain.

‘Damn it. My wound must be bleeding again!’

After a moment, Yu Yunxi looked up and said expressionlessly, “Are you done, Prince Regent? If you’re done, I want to leave.”

As Yu Yunxi spoke, she tried to push Feng Yili away. However, his strength was too great, and she could not push him away at all.

Suddenly, Feng Yili leaned down, and Yu Yunxi felt a sharp pain in her other shoulder.

‘He, he bit me again!’

Yu Yunxi could clearly feel blood flowing out. She roared, “Feng Yili, are you a dog?”

After a while, Feng Yili finally let go.

The moonlight streamed in from the window, and Yu Yunxi could see a hint of blood on Feng Yili’s lips. It made him look rather seductive and beautiful. However, she quickly returned to her senses and wanted to bite her own tongue for having such thoughts.

‘Am I masochistic? That’s my blood!’

Feng Yili did not give Yu Yunxi a chance to vent her anger. He raised his hand and wiped the blood off his lips before he leaned down. His face was very close to hers; the tip of his nose touched the tip of her nose. Then, he panted slightly and asked in a hoarse voice, “Why did you abandon me back then?”

Feng Yili’s close proximity made Yu Yunxi feel uncomfortable. She was slightly distracted and did not hear his words clearly. Thinking about the poisoning incident back then, she said with a frown, “I had nothing to do with your poisoning back then. It was done by those who were close to you! If anything, I was implicated because of you.”

“What I’m asking you is…” Feng Yili interjected. He was about to repeat his question again when…

“County Princess, the person you’re looking for is downstairs. I’ve caught him.”

Qian Jiao’s voice pulled Yu Yunxi back to her senses. She gritted her teeth and pushed Feng Yili away as she said, “Prince Regent, at most, I can be considered your former Princess Consort. If you want to be with another woman, please stay away from me.”

After saying that, Yu Yunxi quickly left the room.

When the door opened…

“County Princess.”


Qian Jiao and Jiang Ying called out in unison, looking worried.

Yu Yunxi’s clothes were messy, and her face was flushed at this moment. She did not even spare a glance at Jiang Ying as she walked toward Qian Jiao. Following that, the two of them quickly went downstairs.

Luo Xiuran, who had been quiet, finally said to Jiang Ying teasingly, “It seems like the Princess Consort hates you…”

“Young Marquis, I don’t think the Princess Consort likes you either,” Jiang Ying said with a straight face.

Luo Xiuran coughed awkwardly. ‘That’s true…’

Luo Xiuran had a face that many young girls liked, but Yu Yunxi was clearly not one of them.

“Why hasn’t His Royal Highness come out yet?” Jiang Ying asked worriedly.

Luo Xiuran and Jiang Ying exchanged a look before they opened the door. As soon as they entered, they saw Feng Yili’s fist landing on the wall, leaving a huge dent on the wall.

Feng Yili panted heavily, and his expression was extremely cold at this moment. Blood was still flowing from the wound on his shoulder, dyeing half of his robe red.

“Your Royal Highness!” Jiang Ying cried out and hurriedly rushed over.

“County Princess, are you okay?” Qian Jiao asked. When she saw Yu Yunxi’s face and clothes were stained with blood, her heart almost leaped out of her chest.

“I’m fine. It’s not my blood,” Yu Yunxi said calmly. Apart from the blood near her shoulder, the rest was not hers.

‘Feng Yili, this lunatic, only knows how to bite me! Next time, I’m going to bite him until there are dozens of holes on his body! Otherwise, I won’t be able to dispel this anger!’

Suddenly, Yu Yunxi stopped in her tracks. She finally remembered that Feng Yili had injured his shoulder. He had gotten injured when he saved her and Yu Junjin. Moreover, the injury was quite serious.

‘However, he’s already so seriously injured, but he still has the strength to hurt me?’

With this thought in mind, the last bit of gratitude in Yu Yunxi’s heart disappeared immediately.

Qian Jiao asked, “County Princess, I heard that there were assassins earlier. Drunken Harmony Parlor was in a mess! Did you see the assassins?”

“Yes. I even saw Junjin and Qian Mei,” Yu Yunxi said frostily.

“What?” Qian Jiao was stunned.

‘Isn’t Little Master and Qian Mei in Xinan? Why are they in the capital?’

“You caught Yang Shi, right?” Yu Yunxi suddenly asked.

“Yes. I tied him up and threw him into the alley behind,” Qian Jiao replied.

Yu Yunxi nodded. “Find a place to lock him up. We’ll deal with him later.”

Then, Yu Yunxi quickened her pace and left.

Qian Jiao called out from behind, “County Princess, where are you going?”

“I’m going to look for Junjin,” Yu Yunxi replied, sounding anxious.

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