Five Years Later, She Bombarded the Palace with a Miniature Version of the Regent

Chapter 296 - Chapter 296: Let’s See How Yu Yunxi Makes a Fool Out of Herself

Chapter 296: Let’s See How Yu Yunxi Makes a Fool Out of Herself

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Soon after, Prince Hao and Princess Consort Hao walked in slowly, followed by a tall and slender man and a few attendants.

The man was wearing a fanged mask, and his aura was even more oppressive than that of Prince Hao.

“Is he the King of Youshan?” Meng Xia muttered.

Yu Yunxi did not even raise her head, and her expression was indifferent. She had come across the King of Youshan in one of the books she had read.

The title of the King of Youshan was hereditary. Many years ago, the former King of Youshan followed the ancestor of the Chu family and conquered the country. However, at some point in time, his ambition grew, and he wanted to usurp the throne. After the truth was exposed, the Emperor Emeritus, Yu

Yunxi’s grandfather, did not kill the former King of Youshan. Instead, the

Emperor Emeritus only drove the King of Youshan and his forces back to his


The former King of Youshan was not only ambitious, but he was ruthless as well. Before he passed away, he left his title to his grandson instead of his son. It was said that his grandson was cruel and ruthless. He was even rumored to have the habit of drinking human blood.

‘Grandfather allowed such a person to enter the capital… Isn’t he worried that the other party would be even more ruthless than the former King of Youshan? Forget it. This isn’t something I should worry about… In any case, the more chaotic the situation is, the better it’ll be for me… If the Emperor’s attention were all on the King of Youshan, he wouldn’t have time to make things difficult for me.’

At this moment, Chu Zai sneered and said, “Seventh Imperial Brother, you’re late. As it turns out, you went to receive the King of Youshan. However, shouldn’t a vassal king obtain my permission before entering the capital? Seventh Imperial Brother, don’t you think you have to give me an explanation for this?”

The atmosphere in the hall turned tense immediately.

Chu Hao, Prince Hao, possessed a pair of eyes that were very similar to that of Chu Jing. However, his gaze was more calm and solemn. Faced with Chu Zai’s question, he replied unhurriedly, “Imperial Brother, this is Imperial Father’s order. I could only do as he said.”

‘Imperial Father again! That damned old man! I’m the Emperor of Xichu, not him!’

If it were not for the fact that there were many ministers watching at this moment, Chu Zai would have already lost his temper.

At this moment, the King of Youshan stepped forward and said in a neither servile nor overbearing manner, “Your Majesty, I heard that the Eldest Princess has returned to the capital so I came to give my congratulations. Back then, you and the Emperor Emeritus forbade my grandfather from entering the palace, but I was not prohibited from entering the palace. Therefore, I don’t think I’m going against the Emperor’s decree when I entered the palace today, right?”

Chu Zai’s expression was extremely ugly at this moment. He said with a sneer, “Since you’re already here, then stay. Moreover, the Emperor Emeritus has already given your permission. How can I disagree?”

Chu Zai had a headache previously thinking of how to deal with the fief of the King of Youshan. Now that the latter was here, he was also presented with a chance. Now that the latter was in the capital, it would not be so easy for the latter to leave.

Killing intent flashed in Chu Zai’s eyes when he thought about this.

“Someone, prepare a seat for the King of Youshan.”

Meanwhile, after Chu Hao sat down, Chu Jing immediately leaned over and asked, “Father, why did you suddenly have to bring the King of Youshan here? No wonder you and Mother took so long to arrive…”

Chu Hao sighed. “I don’t know either. It was an order from your grandfather so I had no choice.”

Frankly speaking, Chu Hao had no idea why his father allowed the King of Youshan to come to the capital. The former King of Youshan was not a kind person, and the current King of Youshan was the same.

“That’s right. How’s your cousin?” Chu Hao suddenly asked.

Chu Jing smirked upon hearing the question. He replied, “Father, it was just as you and Mother expected. The Emperor, the Empress, and the Empress Dowager didn’t welcome Cousin at all. Earlier, they made things difficult for her. If it weren’t for the appearance of Imperial Grandfather, I’m afraid Cousin would’ve already met with a disaster. The Emperor’s magnanimity…”

Chu Hao interjected coldly, “Jing, be careful with your words and actions!”

Chu Jing stopped speaking immediately. Indeed, there were many eyes and ears here. If he was not careful, he would cause trouble for his father.

At this time, Princess Consort Hao said to Chu Hao worriedly, “She’s

Changning’s daughter. You have to protect her…”

Chu Hao nodded solemnly. “Of course. Back then when Changning was being hunted down, I couldn’t protect her. Now, I definitely won’t let Yunxi come to harm.”

Meanwhile, a seat was prepared for the King of Youshan near the Crown Prince’s side.

As soon as the King of Youshan sat down, the attendant behind him leaned over and said in a low voice, “Yili, I took a good look earlier. There’s no trace of Qi Ye here.”

If someone from Tianxia had heard this voice, he or she would be able to recognize the voice. It belonged to Luo Xiuran. Based on Luo Xiuran’s words, it was clear the other party was Feng Yili.

Feng Yili, who wore a mask, pursed his lips as his dark eyes glinted coldly. He said, “Let’s just wait and see.”


At this time, Empress Qin swept her gaze across the hall before she looked at Chu Zhiya, the Third Princess, meaningfully.

Chu Zhiya reacted quickly and said to Chu Zhihe, “Sixth Imperial Sister, Father is in a bad mood. If you take the initiative to perform, you might be able to cheer him up.”

Feng Zhihe frowned and asked, puzzled, “You just said that Imperial Father is in a bad mood. Won’t I make him angrier if he dislikes my performance?”

“How’s that possible? Imperial Father loves you so much. Moreover, you’re skilled in the four arts. A performance is just a trivial matter to you. You’ll definitely perform well, and Imperial Father will be very happy. Don’t you think it’ll be great if you’re praised by Imperial Father?” Chu Zhiya said seriously, trying to convince Chu Zhihe.

Chu Zhihe’s eyes lit up immediately upon hearing this. She quickly rose to her feet and walked to the middle of the hall and said, “Imperial Father, let me dance for you.”

Empress Qin smiled and hurriedly said, “The Sixth Princess is really thoughtful. Men, help her prepare.”

On the contrary, the expression of Consort Mu, who was watching from the side, was very ugly. There was no need for her to think about it to know that Chu Zhiya had instigated Chu Zhihe. She knew the pair of mother and daughter; Empress Qin and Chu Zhiya, liked to do such sinister things. If Chu Zhihe performed well, the duo would definitely take credit for it; if Chu Zhihe did not perform well, the duo would definitely push all the blame on Chu Zhihe.

Although Consort Mu was anxious, she could not stop Chu Zhihe since things had already escalated to this point. She felt extremely frustrated at this moment. All of a sudden, her eyes landed on Yu Yunxi, who was resting her chin on her palm, looking bored. A hint of cunning flashed in her eyes immediately.

‘I heard that the Eldest Princess was found in the countryside. Doesn’t this mean she’s ignorant?’

When the Emperor Emeritus found Yu Yunxi, he had wiped out her past and only left her name. As such, when Consort Mu investigated the matter, what she had found out was only the information that the Emperor Emeritus deliberately spread. One of the pieces of information was that Yu Yunxi had grown up in the countryside.

Finally, Consort Mu smiled and said to Chu Zai, “Your Majesty, the Eldest

Princess looks bored. Why don’t we ask her to perform with Zhihe?”

Then, Consort Mu leaned over slightly and continued to say in a lowered voice,

“Your Majesty, I heard that the Emperor Emeritus didn’t send anyone to teach

the Eldest Princess…”

In other words, Yu Yunxi was a piece of trash.

Chu Zai quickly understood Consort Mu’s meaning. He laughed, feeling much better. Then, he said lightly, “In that case, let Yunxi perform with Zhihe.”

Didn’t Imperial Father want to test Yunxi? Then we’ll continue to embarrass her so that Imperial Father can see how useless she is! Such a person isn’t worthy of being the Eldest Princess of Xichu! Let’s see how Yunxi makes a fool out of herself!’

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