Five Years Later, She Bombarded the Palace with a Miniature Version of the Regent

Chapter 295 - Chapter 295: The King of Youshan

Chapter 295: The King of Youshan

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Everyone turned to look immediately.

At the entrance, Chu Ruishi, the Emperor Emeritus, slowly walked in. His hair was completely white, and his skin was wrinkled. However, his eyes were sharp, and his aura was still as majestic as before.

Everyone bowed immediately.

“Greetings, Emperor Emeritus.”

Yu Yunxi did not turn around when she heard the commotion. She remained kneeling. However, the corners of her lips curled up slightly into a small smile.

‘I made the right bet… It was not that Grandfather didn’t come; he just didn’t show up for the time being…’

Yu Yunxi had deliberately made a scene to force her grandfather out.

Chu Zai hurriedly stood up from his dragon throne. An imperceptible hint of panic flashed in his eyes when he saw his father. He said, “Father, why didn’t you tell me you were leaving the mountain? I would’ve gone to personally welcome you back.”

Although Chu Zai had sat on the throne for more than twenty years, he was still apprehensive and fearful of his father. This made him feel extremely vexed.

The Empress Dowager and Empress Qin stood up reluctantly.

Chu Ruishi looked at Yu Yunxi’s back coldly for a long time before he shifted his eyes to Chu Zai and asked in a deceptively light tone, “If I didn’t come back, wouldn’t Changning’s daughter be beaten to death by you?”

Chu Zai hurriedly explained, “Father, you misunderstood me. I didn’t mean to hurt Yunxi. I only wanted to teach her the rules…”

“Teach her the rules? As the Emperor, you didn’t teach your own princes and princesses well, but you want to teach Changning’s daughter? Do you think that because I’m no longer in the palace and Changning is no longer around, you can bully Yunxi at will?” Chu Ruishi said in an increasingly cold voice.

Everyone’s expressions changed drastically.

‘The Emperor Emeritus came to support the Eldest Princess!’

The expressions of the Crown Prince and the others were very ugly as well.

‘Grandfather is indeed biased… He doesn’t care about us, but he pays so much attention to this granddaughter who has just returned…’

“Father, you really misunderstood…” Chu Zai said, still wanting to explain himself.

Chu Ruishi interjected, “Enough. You don’t have to explain anymore. In the future, I’ll teach Changning’s daughter.”

Chu Zai was anxious when he heard this, and he asked directly, “Father, do you mean that you’ll be staying in the palace?”

Chu Ruishi glanced at Chu Zai and said with a faint smile, “Why? Do you think I can’t stay in the palace?”

“No, that’s not what I meant,” Chu Zai said, quickly lowering his head. No one could see his eyes were filled with hatred at this moment.

‘This old man actually came back. Since he already left the dragon throne, why didn’t he just die? Why did he come back? I’m the Emperor of Xichu! This old

man should’ve died a long time ago!’

The Crown Prince and the others picked up their teacups and drank tea to hide the hatred on their faces, thinking that no princes in other countries were as aggrieved as they were. Not only did they have to deal with their Imperial Father; the Emperor, but they also had to deal with their Imperial Grandfather, the Emperor Emeritus. What a joke.

Chu Ruishi walked to Yu Yunxi’s side and looked down at her, asking, “How long are you going to kneel for?”

When Yu Yunxi saw his keen gaze, she knew that Chu Ruishi had seen through her thoughts. She slowly got up and said softly with her head lowered, “Yunxi greets Grandfather.”

“You and Changning are really different,” Chu Ruishi said with a snort as he thought to himself, ‘Changning didn’t have as many crooked thoughts as you.’ However, there was a hint of pride in Chu Ruishi’s eyes.

‘If Changning were like her, perhaps she wouldn’t have been harmed so badly and ended up dying in a foreign country…’

After a moment, Chu Ruishi said sternly, “You’re my granddaughter,

Changning’s daughter, and the Eldest Princess of Xichu. No one can bully you. You should wait for me to die before you kneel again.”

Chu Ruishi was loud enough for everyone in the hall to hear. Everyone’s heart was in turmoil when they heard this.

‘The Eldest Princess’ knees are truly precious. She can only kneel to the Emperor Emeritus. What kind of honor is this? Her status is probably even higher than that of the Crown Prince!’

Everyone looked up furtively. As expected, the Emperor and the others wore unsightly expressions on their faces.

“However, Xichu’s imperial family doesn’t raise trash. I’ll give you three months. If you need to pass the assessment of the Capital Academy.


Chu Ruishi did not finish his words, but everyone understood that he would depose Yu Yunxi if she failed to do as he wanted. They were a little surprised. It seemed like Chu Ruishi was not blindly protective of Yu Yunxi. He was now putting pressure on her.

‘As expected, the Emperor Emeritus is still as ruthless to everyone as he was in the past…’

In contrast to the sighing ministers, Chu Zai and the others wore grim expressions on their faces.

‘What is Imperial Father planning by letting Yu Yunxi enter the Capital Academy?’

At this moment, Chu Zhiya suddenly stood up. She bowed to Chu Ruishi before she hurriedly said, “Imperial Grandfather, the Capital Academy has always been a place for men, only men can take the test. The Crown Prince, my other Imperial Brothers, noble young men, and young men from poor families are all talented people who have passed the test. They were all nurtured to help the imperial court. This is the reason our ancestors founded the academy. It’s…

inappropriate for Cousin to enter the academy…”

Chu Ruishi looked at Chu Zhiya sharply.

‘She’s indeed an ambitious girl..

After a long silence, Chu Ruishi said, “From three months onward, regardless of gender, those who have the ability can participate in the assessment of the

Capital Academy.”

Everyone exchanged a look.

‘What’s the Emperor Emeritus trying to do?’

Chu Zai and the others gradually calmed down. Regardless of what Chu Ruishi’s motive was, at the very least, it was obvious that Chu Ruishi was still testing Yu Yunxi. If Yu Yunxi was incompetent, then she would be deposed.

“Alright, you won’t feel comfortable if I’m here. I’m tired. You can continue the banquet,” Chu Ruishi said impatiently before he turned to leave. He naturally had his own place in the imperial palace.

Just as Chu Ruishi reached the entrance, he suddenly stopped in his tracks and said coldly, “The King of Youshan has entered the capital, and someone will bring him into the palace after this. Emperor, you have to entertain him well. After all… he’s the grandson of the former King of Youshan.”

‘This old geezer… As soon as he comes back, he stirs up trouble for me!’

The former King of Youshan, who was not a member of the imperial family and was bestowed the title, once raised private troops and tried to rebel. In the end, he was banished to his fiefdom.

Seeing how enraged Chu Zai was, Empress Qin hurriedly supported him and helped him calm down. “Your Majesty…”

Yu Yunxi did not care about the King of Youshan. After dealing with these people, she returned to her original seat and sat down.

Meng Xia said excitedly, “Eldest Princess, this is great! The Emperor Emeritus came to help you!”

However, Yu Yunxi did not smile at all. On the contrary, she said coldly, “No, he might not be helping me…’

She could tell that her grandfather was very stubborn. Although her grandfather loved her mother very much, he still could not get over the hurdle in his heart. As such, he still wanted to temper her. She had to be admitted into the Capital Academy in three months. Otherwise, she would become an ‘abandoned child’.

In this silent battle, the Emperor and the others did not win, but Yu Yunxi did not win as well.

The only good thing was those ministers thought that Yu Yunxi was highly valued by Chu Ruishi so they no longer dared to look down on her.

Yu Yunxi could feel many gazes on her after she sat down. Annoyed, she quickly put on her veil.

At this moment, a eunuch rushed in and reported, “Your Majesty, Prince Hao and Princess Consort Hao are here. The King of Youshan is with them.”

Chu Zai suppressed his anger and said through gritted teeth, “Lead them in..”

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