Five Years Later, She Bombarded the Palace with a Miniature Version of the Regent

Chapter 281 - Chapter 281: The Commandery Princess of the King of Zhenbei’s Residence

Chapter 281: The Commandery Princess of the King of Zhenbei’s Residence

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While they were walking, Yu Yunxi was attracted by the scenery by the river.

“It’s so lively over there. Let’s go and have a look.”

Yu Yunxi and Meng Xia quickly walked over.

There was a building called Lotus Moon Pavilion by the river, and an event was being held there at this moment.

A man in his thirties stood on the second floor and said with a smile,

“Everyone, the Lotus Moon Pavilion has something new today!”

“Eldest Princess, the Lotus Moon Pavilion is quite famous here. Usually, scholars come here to drink, eat, listen to music, and paint. There are many guests here not only because of the delicious food and the good music, but also because the owner is smart and often organizes interesting events,” Meng Xia explained patiently.

Yu Yunxi nodded.

The man continued to say, “Do you see the Cuju ball on our roof? After we ring the gong, whoever is able to take down the Cuju ball will have Miss Fan Rou personally play a song for him. Not only that, but the winner also will be rewarded with the painting called, Mountain Dwelling.”

“Shopkeeper, are you serious? Is Miss Fan Rou really willing to play a song for the winner?” a young man asked excitedly.

“Eldest Princess, Miss Fan Rou is the best lute player in the capital. Two years ago when she performed in the imperial palace, she was given the title of the number one lute player in the capital. Those who want to listen to her can only come to the Lotus Moon Pavilion,” Meng Xiao took the initiative to explain.

The shopkeeper stroked his beard and said, “Of course, I’m serious. Work hard, everyone!”

Someone asked, “The Mountain Dwelling you mentioned… Is it the posthumous work of Old Mister Du Chenwen?”

“That’s right,” the shopkeeper said with a nod.

Everyone gasped.

Meng Xia wanted to explain to Yu Yunxi again, but this time, Yu Yunxi beat her to it.

“Mr. Du Chenwen is a genius landscape painter who only appears once in a hundred years. He passed away fifteen years ago. Although he was very talented, he left very few paintings behind. In order to obtain his paintings, many people did not hesitate to offer up their life savings. He had only accepted one student in his life, and that person was… my mother,” Yu Yunxi said calmly.

Meng Xia exclaimed in shock, “How do you know, Eldest Princess?” ‘Did the Eldest Princess regain her memory?’

Meng Xia could not help but feel worried when she thought about this.

“Why do you think I asked you to bring so many books recently?” Yu Yunxi asked in return.

“You’ve been studying recently?” Meng Xia was surprised.

“Yes,” Yu Yunxi said with a slight nod before she added, “Since this is the work of Mother’s master, shouldn’t I fight for it?”

Meng Xia said seriously, “Eldest Princess, if you want that painting, I’ll get it for you.”

“No need. I can get it myself,” Yu Yunxi said, shaking her head.

“Eldest Princess, you..

“Since it belonged to Mother’s master, it’d be more meaningful for me to do it myself. Moreover, I want to test the level of my martial arts,” Yu Yunxi said, determined.

Meng Xia was very worried, but she could not stop Yu Yunxi.

Meanwhile, some of the commoners were already restless.

A young man in his twenties said resolutely, “Don’t fight with me! I have to get the Cuju ball today! I already thought about what song to ask Miss Fan Rou to play for me!”

Then, a finely dressed young man next to him sneered and said disdainfully,

“You? Are you even worthy of Miss Fan Rou playing a song for you?”

“Young Lord Qin?” Meng Xia’s expression darkened as soon as she saw the finely dressed young man.

“Young Lord Qin? Are you talking about Qin Wencheng, the legitimate son of Duke Qin?” Yu Yunxi asked sharply.

Meng Xia was no longer shocked that Yu Yunxi knew this after learning that Yu Yunxi had been studying. She nodded.

‘So it’s him…’ Yu Yunxi thought to herself as she looked at the other party coldly.

The current Empress, Empress Qin, was from the Duke Qin’s Residence. Due to her family background, her son was conferred the title of Crown Prince.

“Who are those people next to him?” Yu Yunxi asked Meng Xia.

“That’s Jiang Hongfang; the legitimate son of Lord Jiang from the Hanlin Academy, Jiang Pei; the legitimate daughter of Minister Jiang, Ma Wanyang; the second legitimate son of Commander Ma,” Meng Xia replied. Then, her voice sounded slightly stiff as she continued to say, “That person is Yu

Xiaoxiao, the Commandery Princess, a Princess of the Third Rank, from the

King of Zhenbei’s Residence…”

“The Princess of the Third Rank from the King of Zhenbei’s Residence?” Yu Yunxi raised an eyebrow as she asked lightly, “I’ve not finished reading those books. Didn’t you say that I’m the only daughter of my father, the King of Zhenbei?”

“Eldest Princess, you don’t know about this. The King of Zhenbei left the capital about twenty years ago. As such, the second branch of the Yu family had already taken over the King of Zhenbei’s Residence here. A few years ago, in order to help their daughter marry the Crown Prince in the future, the Yu family shamelessly begged the Emperor and Empress to let Yu Xiaoxiao’s name be recorded under the King of Zhenbei so she could be raised as his daughter,” Meng Xia said coldly, thinking about how shameless the Yu family was. Yu Yunxi only found it amusing. She asked, “Then what’s the attitude of my

father, the King of Zhenbei?”

“The King of Zhenbei is naturally unaware of this. Otherwise, he would not be able to tolerate them doing such a thing and tarnishing the reputation of the King of Zhenbei’s Residence!” Meng Xia said.

The more Meng Xia spoke, the angrier she became. When she saw Yu Yunxi’s expression, she finally realized she had lost her composure. She quickly lowered her head and apologized. “I’m sorry. I was too agitated earlier. However, Eldest Princess, you must know that your father, the King of

Zhenbei, is an indomitable hero! My father was his vice general back then.

Although my father died on the battlefield, I know he had no regrets!”

Meng Xia’s admiration could not be concealed when she spoke about the King of Zhenbei.

This was the first time Yu Yunxi had seen Meng Xia like this, and she could not help but feel curious. ‘What kind of person is the King of Zhenbei?’

On the other side.

Yu Xiaoxiao acted coquettishly and said to Qin Wencheng, “Brother Wencheng, my father’s birthday is in half a month. I want that painting as a birthday gift to him. Can you get it for me?”

“Qu Yu, I have a good relationship with Brother Wencheng. What’s wrong with him helping me? Are you jealous?” Yu Xiaoxiao asked with a dark expression on her face.

Upon hearing this, Meng Xiao said meaningfully, “I almost forgot about her. She’s Qu Yu, the daughter of Great General Qu. Since she was young, she preferred military uniforms to dresses. And Great General Qu is someone the Emperor Emeritus trusted a lot…”

Yu Yunxi nodded in understanding. She knew that Meng Xia was reminding her to befriend Qu Yu.

Qu Yu said expressionlessly, “You keep calling him Brother Wencheng, Brother Wencheng. Yu Xiaoxiao, have you forgotten that I, Qu Yu, am Qin Wencheng’s fiancee? Aren’t you supposed to be engaged to the Crown Prince and be his side consort?”

Yu Xiaoxiao’s expression stiffened. She felt embarrassed.

At this moment, Qin Wencheng pulled a long face and scolded Qu Yu, “Qu Yu, I already told you that you won’t like coming out, but you insisted on coming along. Now you’re even bullying Xiaoxiao. I treat her like a little sister. So what if I indulge her a little? Don’t act like a resentful wife.”

A few people chimed in after that, agreeing with Qin Wencheng.

“That’s right, Miss Qu. Wencheng and the Commandery Princess’ relationship is innocent. Why are you being so aggressive?”

Qu Yu only looked at these people as though they were fools and said sarcastically, “Alright. I hope all of you will find a group of little sisters soon…”

Then, Qu Yu turned to Qin Wencheng and said mockingly, “By the way, Qin

Wencheng, did you really think I want to follow you here? I only came here with you today because my grandfather likes the painting a lot. Yu Xiaoxiao might treat you like a treasure, but I think you’re worse than the big dog that guards our house.”

Yu Yunxi could not help but laugh out loud when she heard Qu Yu’s words.

‘This Miss Qu is really interesting…’

A few pairs of resentful eyes turned to look at Yu Yunxi immediately when they heard her laughter. However, when they saw Yu Yunxi’s bright eyes, they were stunned. They wondered how she would look if she removed her veil.

Meanwhile, Meng Xia was filled with killing intent when she saw the gazes. She really wanted to gouge their eyes out.

Qin Wencheng was about to strike up a conversation when the sounds of gongs and drums rang in the air. He quickly calmed down and flew up. He was determined to obtain the Mountain Dwelling. However, it was not because of Yu Xiaoxiao. It was because the Emperor also liked this painting.

Qu Yu glanced at Qin Wencheng and raised her hand to stop him immediately.

“You want to snatch the painting? Dream on!”

Qin Wencheng’s gaze was cold as he counterattacked.

Meanwhile, Yu Yunxi rubbed her neck lazily as she watched. When it was about time, her expression changed immediately. She tiptoed and flew up.

At this time, Yu Xiaoxiao shouted from below, “Brother Wencheng, that woman wants to steal the Cuju ball! Stop her!”

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