Five Years Later, She Bombarded the Palace with a Miniature Version of the Regent

Chapter 280 - Chapter 280: The Emperor Emeritus’ Protection

Chapter 280: The Emperor Emeritus’ Protection

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The capital was even livelier at night.

Yu Yunxi’s hair cascaded down her back casually. She wore a light green dress that revealed her slender neck. As she walked, the hem of her dress moved like water. Before coming out, she had worn a veil on her face. Her identity was special, and it was not good for her to draw attention to herself now. She only brought Meng Xia with her when she went out.

After the two women walked out of the back door, they felt someone following them.

“Eldest Princess, should I deal with the other party?” Meng Xia asked seriously. Yu Yunxi raised an eyebrow. She knew that as soon as she returned, many people were looking at her.

“Since they want to follow us, let them follow. It would depend on their luck if they could keep up with us,” Yu Yunxi said with a chuckle.

Following that, Yu Yunxi jumped on the roof lightly. Using her light movement technique, she left.

Under the moon, everyone saw an elegant figure flash past in the sky, just like a fairy descending to the mortal world. However, when they tried to take a closer look, there was nothing to be seen.

Meng Xia reacted quickly and followed Yu Yunxi.

Only a short time had passed, but they had already left those people behind.

Yu Yunxi looked back at Meng Xia and nodded appreciatively when she saw Meng Xia was able to keep up with her. As expected, the martial arts of her grandfather’s people were not bad. As for her own martial arts, when she woke up, she discovered that her martial arts were not bad. She surmised that she must have been an expert as well in the past.

She was really curious about what kind of person she was in the past and what she had experienced. However, no matter how she tried to probe, Meng Xia would not say anything. As such, she could only give up.

Soon after, the two women arrived in a bustling part of the city.

Seeing how merry it was, Yu Yunxi felt the gloominess that had been pressing down on her in the residence over the past few days lessened by a lot. She felt very relaxed.

On the contrary, Meng Xia was quite tense. She said, “Eldest Princess, there are too many people here. It’s not safe.”

“It’s the same. Weren’t there many assassins in the residence before this?” Yu Yunxi said helplessly, “If we encounter any assassins here, we’ll deal with them the same way.”

Since she could not change her situation, Yu Yunxi could only face it calmly.

“Oh, right. Why is it so lively tonight?” Yu Yunxi asked curiously as she looked at the people coming and going.

“Eldest Princess, Xichu has always been tightly guarded. Many people from other countries find our country mysterious, but they can’t enter. In a few days, it’ll be Xichu’s annual state banquet. What’s different this year is that the wedding date of you and the Third Prince of Beixiao will be confirmed. For this reason, Xichu has opened up the border to welcome the envoys from Beixiao…

and also other countries…” Meng Xia explained patiently, “That’s why in the period of time, there’ll be many people in the capital.”

Yu Yunxi nodded in understanding. At the same time, she felt a little depressed. She had no memory of anything, but she suddenly had a fiance.

‘What a headache…’

Yu Yunxi asked gloomily, “In fact, I really don’t get it. Am I really the Eldest

Princess? Did you mistake me for another person?”

After waking up, Yu Yunxi had not met anyone from the imperial family, not even her maternal grandfather. This made her question if she was truly the Eldest Princess of Xichu.

Meng Xia was smart after all. She knew what Yu Yunxi was thinking as soon as she heard those words. She quickly lowered her head and replied, “Eldest Princess, due to your mother, Princess Changning, the Emperor Emeritus has very complicated feelings about you. That’s why he didn’t leave the mountain to see you before this. However, he still cares about you a lot…”

“Alright, you don’t have to say anymore. I understand,” Yu Yunxi said. Yu Yunxi’s mind was blank when it came to her mother. However, she vaguely knew her mother was beautiful and that there was no way her mother could harm her grandfather. However, everyone said that her mother tried to kill her grandfather. It was inevitable that her grandfather’s feelings were complicated.

Meng Xia continued to say, sounding more arrogant than before, “As for the others, they’re not qualified to meet you, Eldest Princess.”

Thinking that Yu Yunxi was worried that she would not be acknowledged,

Meng Xia quickly added, “Don’t worry, Eldest Princess. In a few days, the Emperor Emeritus will leave the mountain. During your banquet, he’ll announce your identity as the Eldest Princess to the world.”

Yu Yunxi felt a little helpless when she heard these words. In fact, she was not greedy for power or status. She was just curious and had doubts in her heart. “I remember you said that my mother was originally engaged to my father, the

King of Zhenbei. However, my father betrayed the country when he led the troops to war. His fate after that is unknown. My grandfather wanted to execute everyone from the King of Zhenbei’s Residence so my mother had a dispute with my grandfather because of this. Then, my mother was accused of poisoning my grandfather…”

“Not long after that, my mother disappeared, and half a year later, my father appeared. As it turned out, he was betrayed by a traitor and was trapped in the mountains of a border city. He hid for half a year before he managed to turn things around and recapture three cities for Xichu. Because of that, people regarded him as a hero. However, when he did not see my mother upon his return, he completely fell out with the imperial family. He brought tens of thousands of soldiers back to the border city and didn’t return to the capital after that…

“Before my mother disappeared, no one knew she was pregnant. How are you so sure that I’m the daughter of the King of Zhenbei? How do you know I’m the

Eldest Princess?”

This question puzzled Yu Yunxi for a long time.

“In fact, the year you were born, Princess Changning wrote a letter to the

Emperor Emeritus. However, due to some reasons, she couldn’t return to

Xichu. As for what those reasons were, it’s best to wait for the Emperor

Emeritus to tell you about them…”

“Eldest Princess, please remember that the Emperor Emeritus didn’t only love Princess Changning, but he loves you too. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have forced the Emperor to acknowledge you as the Eldest Princess of Xichu as soon as he found out about your existence back then. He wouldn’t have used Xichu’s national treasure as a betrothal gift to arrange the marriage between you and the Third Prince of Beixiao.

“Eldest Princess, the Crown Prince of Beixiao is a useless piece of trash. The one that the Emperor of Beixiao truly values is the Third Prince. After becoming the fiance of the Third Prince of Beixiao, you have another layer of protection. In fact, the Emperor Emeritus has been planning for you and

Princess Changning a long time ago…’

Yu Yunxi felt as though her heart had been struck when she heard these words. If they were true, then her grandfather had indeed done many things for her and her mother. However, she could not help but feel that there were secrets waiting for her to discover here.

Yu Yunxi sighed. She hid her thoughts and said, “Alright, let’s not talk about these things. Since we’re out tonight, let’s have a good look at the scenery of the capital.”

“Yes, Princess..”

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