Five Years Later, She Bombarded the Palace with a Miniature Version of the Regent

Chapter 277 - Chapter 277: Feng Yili’s Poison Attacks

Chapter 277: Feng Yili’s Poison Attacks

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Luo Xiuran watched from a distance. He wanted to come forward and stop her, but the heaviness of his heart stopped him. In the end, he only sighed and stood still.

Qian Qing continued to say angrily, “Do you really think I don’t dare to kill you?”

Jiang Ying closed his eyes, looking as though he was unafraid of death. He would rather die than disobey Feng Yili’s order.

At this moment, a figure rushed over from outside. Then, a fist landed on Jiang Ying’s face.

“I order you to tell me now! Where’s she buried?” Yu Yongnian roared. The anger in his eyes seemed capable of devouring people.

Yu Yongnian had been dealing with Yu Zhongcheng’s funeral and looking after Madam Chen and Yu Wanrong. When his parents and his sister met with harm, his heart was not affected much. They were related by blood, but he did not have much familial affection for them. After all, he was aware of the dirty things that the Yu family had done over the years. It made him feel disgusted, and he only wanted to escape from them. If it were not for the blood that bound them together, he would have left the Yu family. It was also due to their blood relations that he did his best to organize Yu Zhongcheng’s funeral.

Yu Yongnian did not expect that as soon as he was done dealing with Yu Zhongcheng’s funeral, something happened again. He found it hard to accept that his eldest sister was dead, and he could not accept that Feng Yili had ordered people to bury her so casually.

Blood stained the corner of Jiang Ying’s lips after he was punched. However, he still did not give in.

Knowing that he would not get any answer from Jiang Ying, Yu Yongnian asked angrily, “Where’s Feng Yili? Where is he?”

Luo Xiuran sighed and replied, “He’s locked himself in the study. Jiang Chuan had sent over a dozen wine jars. At this rate, he’s going to drink himself to death. ”

“Does he think he’ll be able to make up for his mistake by getting drunk? Will everything return to normal if he gets drunk?” Yu Yongnian continued to say angrily.

Without wasting time, Yu Yongnian made his way to the study. He stood outside and shouted, “Feng Yili, when the King of Xinan entrusted my eldest sister to you, what did you promise him? You promised that you’d protect her and Junjin! Is this how you protect her? If I had known this earlier, I would’ve stopped her from returning to the capital!”

However, no matter how much Yu Yongnian shouted and cursed, there was no movement Inside.

At this moment, Yu Yongnian heard the sound of crying from the side. He turned around and saw the little bun had arrived.

“Junjin, you…”

Yu Yongnian was flustered. He did not know how to comfort the little bun. In the end, he walked over and patted the little bun’s head, saying over and over again, “Junjin, Uncle is here. Don’t be afraid.”

The little bun cried, and his shoulders shook. He looked extremely pitiful at this moment. He said through his tears, “Uncle, Mother has left, and Father doesn’t want us anymore…’

Yu Yongnian’s heart ached when he looked at the little bun. He quickly carried the little bun and said gently, “Junjin, don’t worry. In the future, you can live with Uncle. Uncle will protect you.”

With that, Yu Yongnian made a move to leave with the little bun in his arms.

Seeing this, Luo Xiuran and the others hurriedly blocked Yu Yongnian.

“Young General Yu, Yili has already lost Yunxi. If you take Junjin away, what will he do?”

“Ha! Do you think Feng Yili will be sad? He couldn’t even protect his own Princess Consort. Does someone like him have the right to be sad? He’s not worthy of being Junjin’s father!” Yu Yongnian said furiously. He gathered his inner energy in his hand and prepared to force his way out.

At this moment, the door of the study swung open, and the smell of alcohol wafted out.

Yu Yongnian turned around with the little bun in his arms and saw Feng Yili standing at the door of the study.

Feng Yili’s black robe was very wrinkled. His handsome face looked haggard, and there were stubbles on his chin.

Luo Xiuran’s heart grew heavier when he saw Feng Yili’s appearance. He had known Feng Yili since he was young, and he had only seen Feng Yili in this state twice; once, now, and the other time was when Feng Yili regained consciousness, and everyone told him that Yu Yunxi was afraid of death and had run away. At that time, it took a year before Feng Yili got over it. This time, he did not dare to think about how long it would take for Feng Yili to recover.

Yu Yongnian looked at Feng Yili and said mockingly, “Oh, you’re finally willing to come out. I thought you were going to hide for the rest of your life.”

Feng Yili stared at Yu Junjin and did not respond to Yu Yongnian. After a long time, he said hoarsely, “Junjin, come to Father.”

However, the little bun glared at Feng Yili resentfully and said loudly, “Father, you disappointed me. I don’t want you anymore!”

“Junjin, come here,” Feng Yili said again.

At this time, Yu Yongnian said, “In the future, Junjin will live with me, his uncle. There’s no need to trouble the Prince Regent.”

Then, Yu Yongnian turned around to carry the little bun away.

Upon seeing this, Feng Yili ordered coldly, “Kill those who try to take Junjin away without mercy.”

Luo Xiuran exclaimed in shock, “Yili, are you crazy?!”

The little bun hated Feng Yili now. If Feng Yili used such a forceful method, the little bun’s hatred would only grow.

However, Feng Yili remained unmoved. He said expressionlessly, “Junjin, you have two choices now. Stay and accompany Father. The other choice is to let your uncle get injured, but you’ll still have to stay with me in the end.”

“Feng Yili, don’t go too far!” Yu Yongnian’s eyes were red with anger.

At this time, the little bun pulled Yu Yongnian’s sleeve and whispered, “Uncle, put me down.”

The little bun naturally did not want to implicate Yu Yongnian.

“Junjin…” Yu Yongnian called out, wanting to tell the little bun that he would protect the little bun.

However, the little bun raised his head and said to Yu Yongnian sensibly, “Uncle, I don’t have a mother anymore. I can’t let you get hurt as well.”

With that, the little bun quickly ran away.

“Junjin!” Yu Yongnian called out anxiously.

“Jiang Ying, send the guest out!” Feng Yili ordered stonily.

Jiang Ying walked forward and made an inviting gesture. “Young General Yu, please.”

“What will you do if I don’t leave?” Yu Yongnian asked, seething with anger.

“Then I’ll apologize first for having to offend you.”

Although Yu Yongnian’s martial arts were good, he could not fight against so many secret guards.

Luo Xiuran, who was standing at the side, sighed heavily. He did not do anything and only watched as Yu Yongnian was being ‘invited’ out. This was because he knew that in Feng Yili’s current state, it was safer for Yu Yongnian to leave.

When the commotion was over, Luo Xiuran walked over and said helplessly, “Yili, everything is a mess now. If you continue being like this, Junjin will really hate you for the rest of his life. You..

Before Luo Xiuran could finish his words, Feng Yili suddenly coughed and spat out a mouthful of blood. He quickly rushed over to help and asked anxiously, “Yili, Yili, what’s wrong?”

When Luo Xiuran smelled the alcohol, he asked, “How much did you drink?” Five years ago when Yu Yunxi went missing, Feng Yili had drank himself half to death.

‘Is he going to repeat the same mistake again? Wait…’

At this moment, Luo Xiuran noticed the blood on Feng Yili’s long sleeve. He hurriedly pulled the sleeve up and discovered many wounds from a knife on Feng Yili’s arm.

“Are you crazy? You’re hurting yourself again!” Luo Xiuran said, sounding somewhat broken.

In the past, in order to gain the favor of the late emperor, Consort Dowager Ning had forced Feng Yili to become outstanding in all aspects. No matter how good he performed, it was not enough for her; she would always feel that there was room for improvement. In that kind of environment, Feng Yili was almost driven crazy. In his mind, he thought that his mother did not love him because he was a terrible person. Over time, he developed a habit of hurting himself when he lost control of his emotions. He seemed to have gotten better after becoming an adult, but Luo Xiuran saw his relapse five years ago. And now…

“Yili, the dead can’t come back to life! Wake up and seek revenge for Yunxi!” Luo Xiuran said sorrowfully.

However, Feng Yili kept muttering, “She’s not dead, she’s not dead. Junjin and I will wait for her here. She’ll come back, she’ll definitely come back…’

‘Is this why he didn’t allow Junjin to leave with Yu Yongnian?’

Luo Xiuran wanted to persuade Feng Yili again. However, Feng Yili’s expression suddenly changed. He clutched his chest and spat out another mouthful of blood before he fainted.

Luo Xiuran quickly supported Feng Yili, and he quickly noticed that something was wrong.

‘His pulse, heartbeat, and inner energy…’

“Yili’s poison…’

When Luo Xiuran returned to his senses, he shouted urgently like a madman, “Quick! Jiang Ying, summon a doctor! Something happened to Yili!”

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