Five Years Later, She Bombarded the Palace with a Miniature Version of the Regent

Chapter 276 - Chapter 276: Father, I Hate You

Chapter 276: Father, I Hate You

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At this moment, a guard walked into the hall and said anxiously, “Your Royal Highness, someone from the imperial palace is here. He said that the Emperor has summoned you into the palace.”

“Send him back,” Feng Yili said stonily. He did not care about anything at this moment. He only wanted to find Yu Yunxi.

At this moment, Feng Yijin’s voice suddenly rang from outside.

“Ninth Imperial Brother, I know that you must be stricken with grief now.

There’s no need for you to enter the palace. I’ve come to visit you personally.”

Soon enough, Feng Yijin, who was dressed in a bright yellow robe, appeared before everyone’s eyes. ‘He actually came?’

“Greetings, Your Majesty.”

The others kneeled down and bowed reluctantly when they saw Feng Yijin.

Feng Yili continued to comfort the little bun. He did not even look at Feng Yijin.

Feng Yijin’s eyes flashed with anger when he saw this. However, he soon thought of something, and the anger in his eyes turned into satisfaction. He coughed lightly before he said, “I heard that you went to the Imperial Preceptor’s Residence last night and caused a ruckus. Ninth Imperial Brother, what’s going on? The Imperial Preceptor is a loyal minister of Tianxia. You can’t treat a loyal minister like that…”

Knowing that Feng Yili was not in the mood to deal with Feng Yijin, Jiang Ying stepped forward and explained, “Your Majesty, a thief snuck into the Imperial Preceptor’s Residence last night. The Prince Regent only entered the Imperial Preceptor’s Residence to protect the Imperial Preceptor. Sure enough, we found that the thief was impersonating the Imperial Preceptor, and we killed him.”

Feng Yijin only glanced at Jiang Ying. It was rare that he was not angry. He said faintly, “Then it’s been really hard on you, Ninth Imperial Brother. That thief actually dared to impersonate the Imperial Preceptor. He deserves to be killed. In fact, I just received news that the Imperial Preceptor has yet to return to the capital. It seems like the Imperial Preceptor we saw last night was a fake all along..

Feng Yili’s hand that was patting the little bun paused when he heard Feng Yijin’s words. His aura turned ferocious immediately.

Feng Yijin placed his hands on his back and continued to say righteously, “Also, regarding Consort Qin’s attempt on Yu Yunxi’s life, don’t worry, Ninth Imperial Brother. I’ll definitely give you an explanation. No matter what, Yu Yunxi was the Princess Regent. She deserves a lavish burial. I will order the Ministry of Rites to make preparations and bury her in the imperial mausoleum as soon as possible.”

Feng Yili said icily, “There’s no need for Imperial Brother to worry about this. I will deal with the funeral and burial.’

Feng Yijin looked at Feng Yili with a probing gaze upon hearing this. Then, he asked, “Ninth Imperial Brother, are you not going to bury her be interred in the imperial mausoleum?”

Letting Yu Yunxi be interred in the imperial mausoleum was an acknowledgment of her status. As such, Feng Yijin could not figure out Feng Yili’s intention.

Feng Yili said with eyes devoid of warmth, “Imperial Brother, if there’s nothing important, please return to the imperial palace. I’ll handle the affairs of the Prince Regent’s Residence on my own.”

Feng Yijin’s smile vanished immediately. “Ninth Imperial Brother, are you ordering me to leave?”

Since ancient times, there was no courtier who dared to order the emperor to leave.

Feng Yijin warned with a solemn expression on his face, “Ninth Imperial Brother, you seem to have forgotten the rules today. However, I won’t argue with you on account of the death of your Princess Consort. I hope you’ll get over your grief as soon as possible. After all, she was just a woman. You’re the Prince Regent of Tianxia.”

Before leaving, Feng Yijin looked at the corpse on the ground and the expressions on everyone’s faces. He concluded that this time, Yu Yunxi was really dead. He was in fact pleasantly surprised by Consort Qin. Without Yu Yunxi, he no longer had to worry about the Prince Regent’s Residence colluding with the King of Xinan’s Residence. Moreover, without Yu Yunxi, Feng Yili would be easier to control.

After Feng Yijin left, Jiang Ying asked worriedly, “Your Royal Highness, what should we do now?”

“Find a piece of land to bury this corpse,” Feng Yili replied, hiding the darkness in his eyes.

When the little bun heard this, his eyes turned red again. He protested, “Father, that’s Mother!”

‘How can Father bury Mother so carelessly?’

Luo Xiuran could no longer endure it. He suppressed his emotions and said, “Yili, the dead cannot come back to life. No matter how unwilling you feel, with so much evidence, she is… Forget it. You better take care of her funeral. Don’t let yourself regret it in the future.”

Feng Yili looked at Luo Xiuran with a sharp gaze and said, “I said that’s not her!

She’s not dead!”

“Yili, can you wake up? You…”

Feng Yili looked at Jiang Ying and asked, “Jiang Ying, didn’t you hear me? Bury the corpse!”

When Jiang Ying and the others heard this, they gritted their teeth and clenched their hands. After a long time, Jiang Ying replied tremblingly, “Yes, Your Royal Highness.”

Then, Jiang Ying and Jiang Chuan walked over with a few others and carried the female corpse out.


“Princess Consort!”

The little bun, Qian Qing, and the others wanted to stop them, but Feng Yili ordered his men to stop them. He said coldly, “We have to bury that corpse today.”

The little bun cried miserably, feeling helpless as he watched Jiang Ying and the others carry the corpse away. After crying for a long time, he raised his head to look at Feng Yili with hate-filled eyes as he said through gritted teeth, “Father, I hate you! I hate you!”

Feng Yili looked at the little bun’s hate-filled gaze, and the comforting words got stuck in his throat. In the end, he said softly, “So be it…”

The little bun became even sadder. He kept wiping his tears as he walked out of the hall.

Qian Qing, Qian Jiao, and Qian Mei cried until their throats hurt.

Luo Xiuran tried to help Qian Qing up several times, but she pushed him away angrily. She looked at him and said resentfully, “You and the Prince Regent are the same! We shouldn’t have let the County Princess return to the capital!”

Luo Xiuran’s hand stiffened, and his heart sank. He opened his mouth several times, but no words came out.

When Qian Qing left, she did not even spare Luo Xiuran a glance.

When everyone left, Luo Xiuran turned to look at Feng Yili and said with a sigh, “Yili, I’m going to be abandoned by everyone because of you.”

Feng Yili acted as though he did not hear Luo Xiuran. He stood there in a daze, looking extremely lost and lonely as he murmured to himself over and over again, “Where did she go? Where is she?”

Late at night.

It was extremely quiet and eerie, and the atmosphere was extremely oppressive.

Jiang Ying lowered his head and said guiltily, “I’m sorry, Miss Qian Qing. We’ve already buried her, and this matter has already ended. Please forgive me for being unable to answer your question.”

“If you don’t answer me, I’ll kill you!” Qian Qing said as her bloodshot eyes shone murderously..

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