Five Years Later, She Bombarded the Palace with a Miniature Version of the Regent

Chapter 263 - Chapter 263: She’s Not Yu Zhongcheng’s Daughter

Chapter 263: She’s Not Yu Zhongcheng’s Daughter

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‘So this was the Imperial Preceptor’s idea?’

Yu Yunxi stood behind the rockery and eavesdropped on the conversation between Yu Wanrong and Madam Chen. Her gaze turned colder and colder as she listened to them.

‘The Imperial Preceptor is really everywhere. What exactly does he want to do?’

On the other side, Yu Wanrong also did not understand the Imperial

Preceptor’s intention, She asked in confusion, “Mother, why did the Imperial

Preceptor want us to trick Yu Yunxi back to the Yu Residence?”

“Back then, the Imperial Preceptor wanted to kill the Prince Regent and Yu Yunxi but failed. The current Prince Regent is different from before. It’s not easy for the Imperial Preceptor to deal with him, but it’s not difficult for the Imperial Preceptor to deal with Yu Yunxi,” Madam Chen replied lightly.

Yu Wanrong held Madam Chen’s hand and lowered her voice before she said, “Mother, are you saying that after so many years, the Imperial Preceptor still wants to deal with Yunxi? I remember the matter with the Prince Regent back then… It was the Emperor who wanted the Prince Regent to die, and the Imperial Preceptor was just an accomplice. Now, the Emperor is worried that the Prince Regent will settle scores with him so he’s trying his best to suppress this matter. Why does the Imperial Preceptor still want to deal with Yu Yunxi?”

Those things were done secretly in the past, but the Yu family was very close to the Emperor back then so they were privy to the matter.

Madam Chen sneered when she heard Yu Wanrong’s words. She said, “Wanrong, you only know one part of the story; you don’t know the other part. Back then, it was indeed the Emperor who wanted the Prince Regent to die. However, the person who wanted Yu Yunxi to die was the Imperial Preceptor.”

“Mother, what do you mean?” Yu Wanrong exclaimed in shock. At the same time, she thought to herself, ‘What other matters am I unaware of?’

“When we switched your birth characters with those of Yu Yunxi back then, do you really think we could escape the Emperor’s eyes and ears? However, after Yu Yunxi married into the Prince Regent’s Residence, the Emperor did not do anything. Do you know why?”

“Why?” Yu Wanrong asked eagerly.

Behind the rockery, Yu Yunxi frowned slightly. She also wanted to know the truth.

“That’s because the Imperial Preceptor intervened. That was why the Emperor

did not bother to pursue the matter. In any case, which daughter of the Yu

family married the Prince Regent wouldn’t affect the Emperor’s plan to deal

with the Prince Regent,” Madam Chen said with a sneer.

Yu Wanrong said, surprised, “So, Mother, based on what you said, the Imperial Preceptor already knew that Yu Yunxi was marrying the Prince Regent in my stead?”

“In fact, your father and I didn’t know what to do when your birth characters were selected by the imperial palace. It was at that time that the Imperial Preceptor personally visited us and gave us a way out…” Madam Chen said, slowly revealing a secret.

“So it was the Imperial Preceptor who suggested Yu Yunxi marry the Prince Regent in my stead?” Yu Wanrong asked in horror, gulping. In the past, she felt that the Emperor was really terrifying, but now, she felt that the Imperial Preceptor was even more terrifying than the Emperor.

“That’s right. Therefore, the Yu Residence and the Imperial Preceptor can be considered to be in the same boat. Don’t worry. If the Imperial Preceptor wants Yu Yunxi to die, she won’t be able to live for long. Just wait,” Madam Chen said calmly, comforting Yu Wanrong. Clearly, she trusted the Imperial Preceptor’s ability. Five years ago, Yu Yunxi was lucky enough to survive, but now that the Imperial Preceptor had returned, she believed that Yu Yunxi would not be so lucky again.

Behind the rockery, Yu Yunxi’s expression was extremely icy. It was only today that she found out that the Imperial Preceptor was the one who arranged the marriage. This meant that she was not implicated back then because of Feng Yili. This was because the person that the Imperial Preceptor targeted from the very beginning was her. However, she could not figure out why the Imperial Preceptor wanted her dead.

After a brief moment, Yu Yunxi knew she would not be able to find out anything new from Madam Chen and Yu Wanrong so she turned around and made her way to Yu Zhongcheng’s study. Since Yu Zhongcheng was dismissed from his post, he was completely dispirited. He rarely went to the study.

When Yu Yunxi entered the study, she could tell that it had been a long time since anyone had come in. The chair next to her had even begun to accumulate dust. Clearly, not only did Yu Zhongcheng not come to his study for a while now, but even the servants did not come in to clean the study.

At this time, Yu Yunxi also remembered that when she was still staying in the Yu Residence, Yu Zhongcheng had instructed the servants not to enter his study without his permission. Sometimes when Madam Chen entered his study without informing him, he would be furious.

In the past, Yu Yunxi did not think much of it. However, now that she thought about it carefully, she thought that it was strange.

‘Is it possible that he’s hiding some shameful secret in his study?’

Yu Yunxi tried to calm down before she hurriedly searched the study. However, after searching for a long time, she still did not find anything. Just as she was about to give up, she saw a vase from the corners of her eyes.

The vase looked cheap and not valuable; it felt out of place in the study. Most importantly, some of the patterns on the vase were extremely faint. It was as though they had been touched many times.

‘Something isn’t right with this vase!’

Yu Yunxi walked over. As soon as she touched the vase, a faint sound rang in the air. She spun around and discovered that the wall behind her had slid open

‘As expected, there’s a secret room!’

Yu Yunxi did not hesitate and quickly walked in.

The room was dark and very small, and it only fit a bookshelf.

“Are these Mother’s medical journals?”

Yu Yunxi recognized the books immediately. After her mother passed away, some of her mother’s books were taken away by the Wei family, and the remaining books were taken away by Yu Wanrong. However, she had yet to find the books that Yu Wanrong had taken away.

‘Could it be that these are the books that Yu Wanrong took away?’

Yu Yunxi flipped one of the books and saw her mother’s handwriting. There was no doubt that it was her mother’s medical journals.

Yu Yunxi frowned and muttered to herself, puzzled, “Yu Zhongcheng has no medical skills. Why is he keeping these books?”

She naturally would not think that Yu Zhongcheng kept these books for sentimental reasons or because he missed her mother. She knew very well that Yu Zhongcheng hated her mother.

Yu Yunxi was still lost in her thoughts when a piece of paper fell from the pages of the book. She quickly picked it up and took a look.

‘Isn’t this a contract?’

“I, Yu Zhongcheng, agree to marry Xu Ling and treat the child in her womb as my own. In return, Xu Ling will help me rise to the top…”

Yu Yunxi was no longer in the mood to read the rest of the content. Her mind was completely focused on the words, ‘treat the child in her womb as my own’.

‘Does this mean I’m not Yu Zhongcheng’s biological daughter?’

Yu Yunxi felt a sense of relief when she thought about this. In her memory, Yu Zhongcheng was very cold to her and her mother. It would be good if she was not his biological daughter. She would not have to feel disgusted that she had such a biological father.

Yu Yunxi took a deep breath to calm down before she continued reading.

The content of the contract was very simple.

Yu Yunxi’s mother was already pregnant so she reached an agreement with Yu Zhongcheng. He would give her a place to stay and a temporary identity, and in return, she would help him rise to the top.

At that time, Yu Zhongcheng was just a small official, not the Prime Minister. On the other hand, with Yu Yunxi’s mother’s medical skills, she helped many nobles in the capital by curing them of their chronic diseases. With this, she got these people to help Yu Zhongcheng. Apart from that, she also used her own money to make donations in Yu Zhongcheng’s name to boost his popularity. Later on, when she entered the imperial palace to treat the Great Ancestor’s illness, Yu Zhongcheng caught the eye of the Great Ancestor..

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