Five Years Later, She Bombarded the Palace with a Miniature Version of the Regent

Chapter 262 - Chapter 262: The Yu Family’s Scheme

Chapter 262: The Yu Family’s Scheme

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Yu Yunxi sighed in relief after Nan Xun and the others left. With this, one thing was finally settled. Feeling more relaxed now, she yawned.

“Tired?” Feng Yili asked worriedly.

Yu Yunxi said with a frown, “I’ve been sleeping quite well, but I still get tired easily. Perhaps it’s because too many things have been going on recently.” After saying this, Yu Yunxi yawned again.

Feng Yili’s gaze darkened when he heard this, but Yu Yunxi did not notice it. She lifted the hem of her dress and quickly walked down, saying, “Feng Yili, let’s go. Junjin is still waiting for me at home.


When Yu Yunxi got down, someone actually stopped her.

“Yu Yun… Sister, how have you been?”

The other party was none other than Yu Wanrong. Just like before, she covered her disfigured face with a veil. When she saw Yu Yunxi, her eyes were brimming with hatred. However, when she recalled that she had something to ask Yu Yunxi today, she quickly suppressed her hatred.

Yu Yunxi’s expression turned cold when she saw Yu Wanrong. She asked bluntly, “What do you want?”

“Sister, Mother has been feeling unwell recently. She’s been coughing for a

long time. Many doctors had seen her, but there was nothing they could do.

Since you’re highly skilled, can you come to the Yu Residence to have a look?”

Yu Wanrong asked softly.

“Oh, so it’s because of this. Sure. Bring your mother to the Revival Hall. Remember to pay the consultation fee,” Yu Yunxi said dismissively.

Seeing that Yu Yunxi was about to leave, Yu Wanrong panicked. She said unhappily, “Sister, don’t you know what kind of status my mother has? How can you ask her to go to the Revival Hall?”

“What status? From what I know, she’s no longer the Prime Minister’s wife. She’s just an ordinary citizen. If she’s not willing to come to the Revival Hall, then you can forget about me treating her,” Yu Yunxi said in an increasingly cold tone.

Yu Wanrong said resentfully, “Aren’t you worried we’ll look for people from the Wei Medical Hall? Let me tell you. When the Wei Medical Hall heard that Mother was sick, they specially sent people over to treat Mother. However, considering the bad relationship between the Revival Hall and the Wei Medical Hall, Mother refused them! Otherwise, I wouldn’t have come here to beg you.” Yu Yunxi raised an eyebrow.

‘Oh, the people from the Wei Medical Hall are quite capable. They know that my relationship with the Yu family is terrible so they rushed to curry favor with

Madam Chen…’ Yu Yunxi thought to herself, amused, ‘Also, what’s wrong with Madam Chen? Since when has she ever considered my feelings? It’s more likely that she’s scheming something again..

Just as Yu Yunxi was about to refuse Yu Wanrong again, Feng Yili said flatly from behind, “Since you think the Wei Medical Hall is good, just look for the doctors there. My Princess Consort has no obligation to treat anyone, especially when the other party is someone who has harmed her before.”

Yu Wanrong raised her head, and her face paled when she saw Feng Yili. She did not expect Feng Yili to be Yu Yunxi. After a moment, she lowered her head and said meekly, “Sister, it’s fine if you’re unwilling to treat my mother. However, we’re a family after all. You haven’t come home for a long time. I heard that you have a son with His Royal Highness. When you’re free, you should bring him to the Yu Residence. I believe everyone will be very happy to see the both of you.”

Yu Yunxi thought to herself, ‘Oh, it seems like she’s matured. She can actually control her temper a little now…’

“Let’s go, Your Royal Highness,” Yu Yunxi said gently to Feng Yili, ignoring Yu Wanrong.

The docile expression on Yu Wanrong’s vanished immediately, replaced by a fierce expression as she watched Yu Yunxi and Feng Yili leave. If her father had not asked her to think of a way to trick Yu Yunxi back to the Yu Residence, she would not have lowered herself to this extent.

On the other side, when Yu Yunxi arrived in front of the carriage, she suddenly stopped moving and turned to look at Feng Yili with a frown. She asked, “Feng Yili, don’t you think it’s strange?”

Feng Yili asked in return, “You’re talking about You Wanrong’s sudden invitation?”

“That’s right. Knowing Madam Chen, she’d rather die than let me treat her. After all, she’s worried that I’ll seize the opportunity and kill her without anyone knowing,” Yu Yunxi said seriously, “I don’t think Madam Chen is sick at all. There’s probably a trap waiting for me back at the Yu Residence.”

‘What do they hope to achieve?’

Yu Yunxi tugged at Feng Yili’s sleeve lightly and said, “Feng Yili, I want to sneak into the Yu Residence now…”

“I’ll accompany you.”

Yu Yunxi shook her head and rejected him. “No need. I want to investigate their motives. It’s broad daylight now. With the two of us, we’ll be easily discovered.”

“I’m worried about you,” Feng Yili said. His attitude was quite unyielding.

Yu Yunxi sighed. She had already expected this. However, she still said, “Feng

Yili, don’t worry. I’ll protect myself.”

After persuading him for a long time, she finally succeeded in stopping him from going to the Yu Residence with her.

Yu Yunxi secretly followed Yu Wanrong back to the Yu Residence. After Yu

Wanrong’s carriage entered the residence, she also snuck into the residence. The Yu family had declined. As such, they had to dismiss many of their servants. The huge residence was rather empty, and there were no secret guards. For this reason, Yu Yunxi was not worried about being discovered. At this moment, Yu Wanrong’s angry voice rang from not far away.

“Mother, that little b*tch was really too much! I invited her back to the residence nicely, but she and the Prince Regent humiliated me!”

Madam Chen felt her heart ache. She quickly said comfortingly, “It’s been hard on you, Wanrong.”

Then, Madam Chen said, complaining, “I don’t know what’s wrong with your father! He knows that you don’t have a good relationship with Yu Yunxi so he should’ve asked someone else to invite her back. I don’t understand why he insisted on you inviting her back.”

Then, Madam Chen moved on to cursing Yu Yunxi. “That little b*tch! She can only be arrogant now because of her identity as the Princess Regent!”

“Mother, stop talking. It’s all my fault for being so disappointing. The Chen family has already said that Cousin Sister will be engaged to the Crown Prince in a month. Everyone’s doing so well, but I have to live the rest of my life with this rotten face!” Yu Wanrong said hatefully.

Madam Chen felt terrible when she heard these words. She quickly softened her tone and said, “Wanrong, we still have a chance. Your father has said that the Imperial Preceptor has a strange medicine that can heal your face.” “Why would the Imperial Preceptor help me?” Yu Wanrong asked.

“That’s because he needs your father’s help. Wanrong, why do you think your father wants you to trick Yu Yunxi into coming here today?” Madam Chen asked rhetorically.. Then, she leaned closer and said in a hushed voice, “That’s because the Imperial Preceptor told him to do so…”

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