Five Years Later, She Bombarded the Palace with a Miniature Version of the Regent

Chapter 105 - Chapter 105: I Want to Protect You

Chapter 105: I Want to Protect You

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Meanwhile, Feng Weiping felt proud when she saw Yu Yunxi dodging because she caught the latter unprepared. She had investigated Yu Yunxi and found out that before leaving the capital five years ago, Yu Yunxi did not know any martial arts at all. In her opinion, even if Yu Yunxi practiced diligently over the past five years, it was still impossible for Yu Yunxi to catch up to her, who had learned martial arts since she was young.

Feng Weiping swung her whip again, aiming for Yu Yunxi’s face.

Yu Yunxi naturally knew Feng Weiping’s intention.

‘As expected of a member of the Feng family, this Feng Weiping is really ruthless…’

Yu Yunxi suppressed the emotions in her heart and quickly dodged. This time, she did not give Feng Weiping a chance to pull the whip back. Her eyes glinted coldly as she reached out and grabbed the whip.

Feng Weiping tried pulling the whip back, but she soon discovered that Yu Yunxi’ strength was so powerful that she could not move her whip at all.


Before Feng Weiping could finish her words, Yu Yunxi pulled the whip, dragging Feng Weiping toward her. Her heart sank, and she quickly released her whip. Seeing the whip in Yu Yunxi’s hand, she was flustered and angry. She scolded, “Yu Yunxi! Don’t tell me you’re going to use my whip to deal with me?

Isn’t this unfair?”

Upon hearing this, the little bun said, “I’ve never seen such a shameless person before.’

‘When she attacked Mother earlier, why didn’t she think it was unfair?’

“Don’t worry, Fourth Princess. Your whip is dirty so I don’t intend to use it,” Yu Yunxi said coldly as she threw the whip to the ground.

Feng Weiping was seething with anger.

Yu Yunxi did not give Feng Weiping a chance to react before countless silver needles shot out from her sleeve.

Although Feng Weiping managed to dodge, some needles still pierced her body.

Madam Chen and Yu Wanrong, who were watching the show from the side, were also affected. They were in so much pain that they could not speak. The silver needles were small and thin; they could not understand why it hurt so much when they were pierced.

Just as the mother and daughter reached up to remove the silver needles, Qian Qing ‘kindly’ reminded, “The County Princess has pierced your vital acupoints. If you remove the needles rashly, it’ll be fatal…

Madam Chen and Yu Wanrong froze, not daring to move anymore.

At the same time, Feng Weiping was also in great pain. She said in a voice dripping with dissatisfaction, “You actually dare to play dirty tricks on me!”

“All’s fair in war. Moreover, using silver needles as darts is also martial arts, Fourth Princess,” Yu Yunxi said icily. She walked over to Feng Weiping and looked at the silver needles before removing them.

After the silver needles were removed, Feng Weiping glared at Yu Yunxi hatefully and attacked again.

However, Yu Yunxi’s reaction was faster than Feng Weiping. She easily grabbed the latter’s wrist.

The two continued to fight, and in fewer than ten moves, Yu Yunxi’s fingers were already wrapped around Feng Weiping’s neck.

Yu Yunxi looked at Feng Weiping and said expressionlessly, “Fourth Princess, you lost.”

As long as she exerted a little more pressure, Feng Weiping would die.

Chills ran up Feng Weiping’s spine. She could clearly sense Yu Yunxi’s murderous aura earlier.

‘This b*tch really wanted to kill me?’

When Feng Weiping returned to her senses, she flew into a rage out of humiliation. Although she was unwilling to admit it, Yu Yunxi’s martial arts were superior to hers.

“You’re really good at scheming. You clearly know that your martial arts are superior to mine, but you still deliberately provoked me and made me fight a life-or-death battle with you! As expected, the people from the King of Xinan’s Residence are all despicable!”

Upon hearing this, Yu Yunxi laughed.

‘This Fourth Princess is really shameless…’

Yu Yunxi removed her hand from Feng Weiping’s neck before she wiped it carefully with a handkerchief. At the same time, she said indifferently, “A loss is a loss. Fourth Princess, it’s best if you don’t look for trouble with me in the future. Just continue to live your life as the Fourth Princess. I have no intention to fight with you.’

In fact, if it were not for the fact that Feng Weiping’s death would implicate the King of Xinan’s Residence, Feng Weiping would have died earlier.

Feng Weiping felt thoroughly humiliated when she heard Yu Yunxi’s warning. She said angrily, “Guards, Yu Yunxi intentionally harmed a member of the imperial family! Capture her!”

Feng Weiping came prepared. The guards she brought were all experts from the palace. She did not believe Yu Yunxi could fight against so many people.

At this moment, an icy voice rang from the side.

“Guards, the Fourth Princess is reckless and irresponsible. Bring her back to the palace and let the Emperor decide how to punish her.”

Feng Weiping’s expression changed drastically when she heard the voice. She turned around and saw Feng Yili before she said stiffly, “Ninth Imperial Uncle, why are you here?”

‘Why is it that Ninth Imperial Uncle always appears around that b*tch?!’

“If I wasn’t here, I wouldn’t be able to see how shameful a dignified Princess of Tianxia behaved. You were the one who proposed the deal, and you were the one who went back on your words,” Feng Yili said expressionlessly.

Feng Weiping paled immediately. She felt even more humiliated. She truly suffered a great loss today. After a moment, she suppressed her unwillingness and said through gritted teeth, “There’s no need for Ninth Imperial Uncle to send people to escort me. I’ll go on my own.” Before leaving, Feng Weiping glared at Yu Yunxi.

‘B*tch, you won’t always be so lucky!’

“It’s not worth it to let her go so easily, right?” Luo Xiuran muttered under his breath. However, he quickly calmed down. No matter what, Feng Weiping was the Fourth Princess of Tianxia. Yu Yunxi could not openly deal with her.

Meanwhile, Qian Qing and the little bun exchanged a look before they scoffed.

‘Let her go so easily? No, this isn’t the style of the members of the King of Xinan’s Residence…’

Meanwhile, Old Master Yu’s eyes widened slightly when he saw Feng Yili and hurried forward. He naturally knew who Feng Yili was. He said, “Greetings, Prince Regent. This subordinate hasn’t seen you for so many years that I almost couldn’t recognize you. When I saw you in the palace back then, you were still a child.”

On the contrary, Feng Yili said frostily, ‘”This subordinate’? Old Master Yu, if

I’m not mistaken, you’ve retired long ago. How dare you refer to yourself as

‘this subordinate!?”


Old Master Yu was rendered speechless. He was unhappy and angry but was forced to suppress those feelings. Originally, he planned to use his identity as the Great Ancestor’s companion to speak to Feng Yili. Unfortunately, Feng Yili did not give him any face at all.

At this moment, Madam Chen hurriedly said, “Prince Regent, I apologized for this transgression. Although the Old Master has retired, he still wishes to serve the people and the country in his heart. He just misspoke. He has nothing but respect for you.”

Old Master glanced at Madam Chen with a look of approval.

‘She’s quite reliable at critical moments…’

However, Feng Yili did not back down at all. He said with a sneer, “Is that so?

Then why did I hear that he was making things difficult for my Princess Consort earlier?”

Yu Yunxi, who was standing at the side, raised an eyebrow.

‘Did he rush here just to avenge me?’

Feng Yili slowly walked toward Yu Yunxi. He lowered his head and looked at her before he asked in a low voice, “I heard that they made things difficult for you. Do you need me to avenge you?”

Yu Yunxi refused without any hesitation. “Thank you for Your Royal Highness’ good intentions, but there’s no need.”

Feng Yili was not upset by her blunt refusal. Instead, he said with a smile on his face, “It’s fine if you don’t need me to help you. However, that doesn’t mean

I can’t take the initiative to help you. I want to protect you..”

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