Five Years Later, She Bombarded the Palace with a Miniature Version of the Regent

Chapter 104 - Chapter 104: Your Princess Consort

Chapter 104: Your Princess Consort

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After a while, Feng Weiping walked in with a group of people. She was dressed luxuriously and wore a veil on her face. Obviously, it was to hide the injury caused by the white tiger previously. When she walked into the courtyard and saw Yu Yunxi, she could not conceal her murderous gaze at all.

‘This b*tch is the one who humiliated me that day! Moreover, we’ve yet to find the white tiger, and Imperial Father has been unhappy with me because of that! It’s all her fault! I’ll never let her off so easily!’

Madam Chen walked forward and bowed. “Greetings, Fourth Princess. Are you here to look for Yongnian? He’s not in the residence now.”

When faced with Madam Chen, Feng Weiping’s expression turned gentle immediately. She took the initiative to hold Madam Chen’s hand as she said,

“There’s no need to be so polite. We’re familiar with each other after all.”

Based on this alone, one could see how much Feng Weiping liked Yu Yongnian.

After that, Feng Weiping looked at Yu Wanrong and asked with a concerned expression, “What’s wrong with Sister Wanrong?”

There were still tears in the corners of Yu Wanrong’s eyes at this moment. Her veil was also wet from her tears. In short, she looked very pitiful. She bit her lip, looking frightened before she said, “Fourth Sister, don’t blame my sister. It’s all my fault for making her angry!”

Feng Weiping was infuriated by these words. She asked coldly, “What did Yu Yunxi do to you?”

“Fourth Princess, this really isn’t my sister’s fault. Since she likes my courtyard, I should just give it to her. After all, she’s very much loved in the King of Xinan’s Residence, and she’s also the honorable County Princess of Xinan. I shouldn’t have argued with her…” Yu Wanrong said tearily.

Yu Yunxi watched Yu Wanrong from the side silently.

‘Her ability to pretend to be pitiful is really peerless…’

Feng Weiping turned around to glare at Yu Yunxi as she scolded, “Yu Yunxi, you’re really bold! After showing off in the palace, you also bullied your sister. Do you think you’re above the law just because you’re the County Princess of Xinan?”

Yu Yunxi raised an eyebrow and said lazily, “Well, I don’t like so I bullied her. What are you going to do about it?”


Feng Weiping did not expect Yu Yunxi to admit to it so directly.

‘This b*tch is truly arrogant and shameless!’

Although Feng Weiping’s mother had warned again and again not to provoke

Yu Yunxi, she felt extremely unwilling. She was the most favored Princess of Tianxia while Yu Yunxi was just a mere County Princess. What right did Yu Yunxi have to suppress her?

Feng Weiping took a deep breath before she said gloomily, “All the irrelevant people, retreat.”

Madam Chen and Yu Wanrong looked at each other with gloating expressions on their faces. They quickly understood Feng Weiping’s intention. It was obvious that Feng Weiping was going to make a move against Yu Yunxi.

Yu Wanrong and Madam Chen knew that Feng Weiping’s martial arts were taught by the Emperor and the various generals. In their opinion, Yu Yunxi only got the better of Feng Weiping that day in the palace because Feng Weiping was caught unprepared. Today, Feng Weiping was prepared so they did not think that Yu Yunxi would be able to defeat Feng Weiping. Moreover, Feng Weiping was a princess. All in all, the mother and daughter thought that the reason Yu Yunxi managed to escape unscathed after her previous encounter with Feng Weiping was just a fluke. Moreover, Yu Yunxi had already injured Feng Weiping once. They were certain that even if Yu Yunxi managed to injure Feng Weiping again, the Emperor definitely would not let Yu Yunxi go.

Yu Wanrong and Madam Chen were delighted when they thought about how Yu Yunxi would lose a layer of skin no matter what.

Feng Weiping pulled her whip out and attacked immediately.

Yu Yunxi’s eyes darkened as she dodged the whip. Unfortunately, the tail end of the whip grazed her ear slightly, tearing off her earring. She reacted quickly and caught the falling earring in her hand. She could feel that her ear was a little warm. After that, she looked at Feng Weiping. It seemed like Feng Weiping was serious.

‘Fourth Princess, you have a noble status so I don’t want to fight with you. However, if you insist on being aggressive, I won’t back down,” Yu Yunxi said seriously.

Feng Weiping scoffed. She raised her chin and said loudly, “Don’t back down then! Let’s make a deal today and fight to the death. What do you think?”

Feng Weiping had always been proud of her martial arts. She thought that what happened in the palace that day was just a fluke. Today, she was determined to kill Yu Yunxi to wash away her humiliation.

Feng Weiping heard that the heir of the King of Xinan’s Residence was in the capital. Xinan were at odds with the imperial family. She knew that if she killed Xinan, it would be difficult for her father to explain the matter to Xinan.

However, if she made a deal with Yu Yunxi to fight a life-or-death battle, and Yu Yunxi died due to her inferior skills, no one could be blamed for it.

Feng Weiping raised her chin again and said loudly, “Yu Yunxi, let me ask you.

Do you dare to fight a life-or-death battle with me?”

At this moment, Concubine Su, who was standing at the side, panicked when she saw the situation taking a turn for the worse. She hurriedly said, “F-Fourth

Princess, there’s no need to make things so serious…”

Whether it was Yu Yunxi or Feng Weiping, Concubine Su did not want anything to happen to them.

Madam Chen glared at Concubine Su and said, shutting the latter up,

“Concubine Su, you have no right to speak here.”

Feeling helpless, Concubine Su could only turn to Old Master Yu for help. She said timidly, “Old Master, it won’t be good if something happens to the County Princess or the Fourth Princess in our residence, right?”

Old Master Yu looked at Concubine Su in disgust and berated her. “You traitor! The Fourth Princess was personally taught by the Emperor; there’s no way she’ll lose! As for that vile spawn, Yu Yunxi, she deserves to die!”

Yu Yunxi sneered. “It seems like everyone wants me to fight with the Fourth

Princess. I guess I have no choice but to agree…’

As soon as Yu Yunxi’s words fell, Feng Weiping said, “Since you’ve agreed, take this!”

Feng Weiping did not give Yu Yunxi a chance to prepare and swung her whip at the bare-handed Yu Yunxi again.

At this moment, Feng Yili, Luo Xiuran, and the others arrived at the entrance of the courtyard and saw the dangerous scene.


Luo Xiuran had also Yu Yunxi as one of his own. Therefore, when he saw that she was in danger, he wanted to rush over to help.

Unexpectedly, Feng Yili stopped Luo Xiuran and said, “No need. She’ll be fine.”

“B-but, but the Fourth Princess has a whip. She’s quite good with the whip! On the other hand, your Princess Consort doesn’t even have a weapon!” Luo Xiuran said anxiously.

When Feng Yili heard Luo Xiuran say the words ‘your Princess Consort’, his mood improved a lot. His tone also became kinder as he said, “Don’t worry. Even without a weapon, the Fourth Princess isn’t her match.”

Feng Yili had fought with Yu Yunxi before so he knew Feng Weiping was really no match for Yu Yunxi.

Luo Xiuran was shocked when he heard Feng Yili’s slightly proud tone.

‘The Fourth Princess has learned martial arts since she was young and was taught by many experts…. Is Yunxi really stronger than her?’

At this moment, the little bun had already found a stool and sat down. He crossed his legs and calmly prepared to watch the show. Seeing how anxious

Luo Xiuran was, he said, “Brother Xiuran, don’t worry. My aunt won’t

disappoint you..”

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