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Chapter 44: Spirit Guards

Chapter 44: Spirit Guards

As the news was playing, the large screen in the mall also displayed a video with diagrams that corresponded with the broadcast.

“The Radiance Federation’s Creation Master Association will be conducting a change for the Creation Master exam.”

“Anyone who can complete the Class 1 Creation Master exam within two hours will be exempted from the exams for three lifestyle-class occupations. They will be able to immediately enter the Class 2 Creation Master exam.”

“The current measures have yet to be fully generalized, and it will only be conducted under the supervision of Lordress Ling Xiao in Redbud City. The rest of the regions will be implemented with the measures concurrently.”

Although this was totally outside of Lin Yuan’s expectation, it was certainly great news for him.

Previously, I was only planning to become a Class 1 Creation Master. If I am able to complete the exam to become a Class 1 Creation Master within two hours, can I directly promote and become a class 2 Creation Master?

For the three lifestyle-class occupations, be it the Scholar, Fey Observer, or Spiritual Ingredient Analyst, the knowledge content for Class 2 was entirely different from Class 1 content.

Even with Genius’ help, Lin Yuan would need to spend a huge effort and a lot of time to prepare.

Presently, there was an opportunity to be exempted from taking the promotion exams for those three lifestyle-class occupations and taking a shortcut to becoming a Class 2 Creation Master. No matter what, Lin Yuan was going to strive for it.

Before Lin Yuan could think more into it, another news report, which Lin Yuan wouldn’t normally care about, made him frown.

“Recently investigations from the Federation states that the dimensional rifts will be entering the active period in half a year.”

“During the active period, the dimensional rift will erupt with alien beast waves. Therefore, the Radiance Federation will be entering a war preparation state from now on. We advise the Federation’s citizens to also make preparations in advance and do not panic.”

“The Federation will be mobilizing Spirit Guards during the active period to assist defending against the alien beast waves.”

Ever since Lin Yuan had arrived in this world, his sentience had been intact and clear. Even when he had an infant, his thoughts weren’t like an infant’s. Thus, he remembered everything that had happened from his infancy and onward.

‘Active period of dimensional rift’ were words that stung Lin Yuan deep inside. As for the reason they stung... Lin Yuan had lost his parents of this life in such an incident, and he had to struggle to survive with his younger sister.

Lin Yuan clenched his hands tightly when he saw the crest that suddenly appeared on the mall’s large screen. He had seen these crests before, and two of them were sitting inside his little store.

These were the rare few remnants his parents had left behind. It was only now that Lin Yuan realized they were the Spirit Guards’ insignia.

Lin Yuan suddenly felt rather regretful as he truly knew too little about this world. He had only logged into the Star Web recently too.

If he had tried to understand more of this world and that his parents’ deaths were inevitable, he may also have found out how they had perished.

Lin Yuan’s thoughts return back to that rainy and pitch-black night. A dimensional rift had appeared at the Xia Region’s outskirts, and countless alien beasts rushed out of it.

The dimensional rift had opened up without any prior signs. At that time, his parents, who looked just like ordinary people, immediately sprinted toward the direction of the dimensional rift, and... they never returned afterward.

After eating his meal, Lin Yuan carried his heavy thoughts and returned home.

He logged into the Star Web and carefully checked the information on the dimensional rift that had erupted ten years ago, as well as on the Spirit Guards.

Fortunately, the Star Web had records on the dimensional rift that had opened up in the Xia Region’s outskirts. It was a Subterranean Dimensional Rift, and a massive number of subterranean lifeforms invaded the Xia Region. In addition, there were a Class 4 and a Class 5 alien beast among them.

Class 4 alien beasts were equivalent to Platinum feys, while Class 5 alien beasts were equivalent to Diamond feys.

Lin Yuan had already witnessed a Platinum Flowing Flame Giant Bear’s prowess, so it was imaginable how much more destructive power a Diamond fey possessed.

Lin Yuan read until the end. The article clearly stated the Spirit Guard members that had successfully defended the Xia Region. They had also wiped out Subterranean Dimensional Rift’s beast waves and sealed up the rift.

At that moment, Lin Yuan read another crucial point that caused his irises to contract.

The Class 4 alien beast that had appeared from the Subterranean Dimensional Rift was the Marsh Dragon Musca. As for the Class 5 alien beast that hadn’t appeared at the beginning of the beast wave, it was stated to be the Bone Rotting Filarial Worm.

Lin Yuan immediately recalled Uncle Li’s leg injury.

Back when he had used True Data to check on Uncle Li’s leg injury, it stated that it was inflicted with Bone Gangrene. The Bone Rotting Filarial Worm would only use Bone Gangrene when it was going to sacrifice itself to take its enemy with it.

One could imagine how terrifying a Class 5 alien beast’s sacrificial attack would be.

After pondering for some time, Lin Yuan suddenly pinpointed some clues and realized something.

From the looks of the situation, his parents should be members of the Spirit Guards. Lin Yuan felt his heart getting stuffy and urgently wished for Auntie Zhang and Uncle Li to return quickly. He wanted to ask what exactly had happened.

Lin Yuan lay on the table for a long time before checking the information on the Spirit Guards carefully.

He knew that this world was humongous. There were famous mountains, long rivers, massive lakes, and raging seas. Mountains and forests stretched across the lands. To the south of the federation was the Magma Zone, to the north was the Icebound Polar Region, to the west was the Desolate Desert, and to the east was the Mud Wetlands.

In this massive world were countless feys, and naturally, there were good and bad ones.

The Radiance Federation had a simple method to determine if the feys were good or bad. Those that were friendly toward humans and didn’t destroy nature were good, while those that attacked humans and destroyed the environment were bad.

The Spirit Guards were individuals that protected the Radiance Federation in all parts of the world and dealt with feys. They would eradicate bad-natured feys below platinum-grade lighting fast and make thorough preparation to deal with those above platinum-grade.

After reading about the Spirit Guards and understanding how they contributed to the Radiance Federation with their strength, Lin Yuan felt he had a deeper understanding of his parents.

In his eyes, his ordinary-looking parents were actually the unnamed heroes of this world.

“Spirit Guards.”

Lin Yuan spoke of the words silently before returning to his room. Then, he took something out of the nightstand. It was a large box that contained two smaller red boxes.

Lin Yuan’s eyes felt sore when he opened and looked at the two small red boxes. They contained all the milk teeth that he and Chu Ci had dropped when they were young. Their parents had carefully collected them and stored them in the boxes.

Their parents had told them they would bury the teeth when Lin Yuan and Chu Ci were ten years old in order to live a comfortable life. Unfortunately, after that night, they could no longer bury all the meticulously collected teeth in the soil...

Lin Yuan carefully picked up the two crests by the side of the boxes. While holding the two crests, they felt surprisingly light, but they somehow suppressed Lin Yuan’s strength and made his hands shake.

At that moment, Lin Yuan looked through the window and noticed that the lights’ of the house opposite his store had suddenly lit up. At the same time, someone knocked on the door of his little store.

Despite the case, Lin Yuan knew that the person knocking on the door wasn’t Auntie Zhang. If it was Auntie Zhang, he would probably have heard her unique and friendly voice from far away.

Who else could it be that is knocking at this time?

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