Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 43: Make Itself Better for Consumption

Chapter 43: Make Itself Better for Consumption

Lin Yuan suddenly chuckled upon seeing Stream in the Cloud’s excited expression and her shaking bumblebee hat.

Naturally, Lin Yuan’s chuckle infuriated Stream in the Cloud.

“You are not allowed to laugh at this young lady’s hair! I didn’t want to be injured by the Ghost Shadow Bristled Spider either!”

As she spoke, Stream in the Cloud took off her bumblebee hat and pointed at her head. “Take a closer look at my hair! They are about to grow out fully!”

Lin Yuan felt that Stream in the Cloud wasn’t really a smart person.

After logging out of the Star Web, Lin Yuan immediately contacted Ah Neng to make a delivery.

Just like the last time, Ah Neng arrived quickly and helped Lin Yuan to store the five Elite/Epic Web-Spraying Spiders into the spirit storage boxes.

Lin Yuan praised Ah Neng for her quick and efficient work.

“Your previous delivery of goods was amazing. You delivered everything within two hours. I shall give you a ‘Like’!”

Lin Yuan knew that newcomers would always need some encouragement. It might be a simple statement of encouragement or very ordinary words, but it would subconsciously bring joy and delight for the other person.

As expected, Ah Neng’s face immediately revealed a shy smile, but it was glowing with vigor and high spirits.

“Thank you, Mister Lin. I will continue to work hard!”

For the past few days, Lin Yuan had been playing the game of rolling a snowball.

The Spirit Lock spatial zone’s spirit pool was nurturing batches of Spirit-Siphon Goldfish, and simultaneously Lin Yuan started to put Elite Spirit-Siphon Goldfish on the Star Web store for sale.

Lin Yuan did think about setting a purchase limit and for each individual who visited the store to only purchase one Spirit-Siphon Goldfish. However, after deep contemplation, Lin Yuan rejected the idea.

The price he set for the Spirit-Siphon Goldfish wasn’t exactly low, and it was a realistic market price. Due to the same subspecies of Butterfly Telescope, Lin Yuan actually set the price slightly higher than the market price.

Things that were rare would be expensive. Elite Spirit-Siphon Goldfish were rare feys, and a store would seldom sell them. It was needless to say about the Butterfly Telescope—a subspecies that had the best appearance among the Elite Spirit-Siphon Goldfish.

Therefore, whenever Spirit-Siphon Goldfish appeared in his store, they would be immediately snatched up.

Lin Yuan was thinking to leave it be since he wasn’t making a loss. At the same time, such a selling method would actually increase the buyers’ competitive spirit.

Lin Yuan had purchased another 30 pots of Usneas. This time, he wasn’t going to sell them after evolving them to elite-grade. He was going to evolve the Usneas all the way to bronze-grade.

It had to be known that the evolution path of Bronze Usneas was truly bizarre.

All other feys would enhance their survival or combat capabilities, but the Usnea would think of all methods to make itself better for consumption. It was no wonder they were known as herbivorous feys’ super energy food.

This effort for trying to make itself better for consumption was truly worthy for all production-type feys to study from...

As a production-type fey, the Usnea was definitely very successful.

If it awakened the exclusive skill ‘Thick Fibres’ at bronze-grade, it would increase the digestion speed for herbivorous feys. It allowed the herbivorous feys to absorb the energy from the Usneas quickly and increase consumption speed. It would certainly be subtly increasing the speed of evolution.

The exclusive skill ‘Grayish Green Leaves’ might make the Usnea’s appearance unpleasant, but it would actually increase chlorophyll’s content in the leaves. The chlorophyll increase subsequently increased the Usnea vines’ nutritional value.

All of the Usnea’s exclusive skills were basically to make itself better for consumption or how to grow more vines to increase the vine production.

In an exaggerated way, it felt as if the Usneas were telling all living things—”I am a food producer, and I am delicious! As such, you all have to take care of me and treat me well! Nurture me meticulously!”

When Lin Yuan evolved Usneas, he didn’t really pay attention to the Usneas’ quality as he would be concentrated on making the Usneas break through to bronze-grade.

When an Elite Usnea broke through to bronze-grade, it felt as though Mother Nature had been meticulously caring for it for more than ten years. The leaves would grow by over twice in size, the vines would be longer, and the closer to the tip of the vine, the bigger the leaves.

The leaves at the top portion would be especially fresh and tender as they didn’t have time to grow into new leaves, making them particularly soft.

Lin Yuan held the leaves at the bottom portion and immediately felt that the weight of the leaves was rather heavy. The vines that suspended down wouldn’t be as greenish as before and would have a layer of wood-like shell.

After using strength to break the outer shell, it would immediately ooze out with a richer and more nutritious sap.

Lin Yuan always felt a magnificent scale of life evolution whenever he observed a fey transforming through evolution.

Lin Yuan looked at the Bronze Usnea and asked Genius, “Genius, if you had a choice, would you choose to evolve to become more delicious to escape danger?”

Genius purred and looked at Lin Yuan with a confused expression. Before it was going to recite the information on the Usnea’s evolution it had memorized from the books, Lin Yuan added, “If it were me, I would evolve myself and make myself nastier, as nasty as possible.”

Genius turned its head to the side and looked at the handsome young man doubtfully. Am I too smart? Causing me to look at Yuan and still feel that Yuan isn’t very clever?

As Genius was deep in thoughts, it was unaware that Chimey, which thought it was the smartest one, was singing with delight.

Chimey watched as tens of thousands of fans appeared in its streaming room after just a few days, and it felt as though it was only its path to the pinnacle of birdlife.

The screen was constantly flooded with the words ‘Sparrow Voice Loli Goddess’.

After being busy for the past few days, Lin Yuan felt like going out for a walk by himself.

In my previous life, I couldn’t even stay in the house for a day. Why am I becoming more like a nerd in this life?

After waking around the alleys twice, Lin Yuan decided to purchase a new set of clothes in the mall. He then sat in a restaurant in the mall and ordered a set meal.

The set meal consisted of red braised meat, barbecued fish pieces, and a portion of rice.

For a meat lover like Lin Yuan, vegetables had never been in his range of choices.

After taking a bite of the red braised meat and the barbecued fish, Lin Yuan felt that the set meal here wasn’t as nice as Uncle Li’s cooking.

I wonder how the treatment for Uncle Li’s leg is? How long will Auntie Zhang and Uncle Li go for this time? Last year, it seemed like they were gone for three months before returning.

The mall was playing the news. Most of the news outlets were reporting about the duels in the Star Web’s Celestial Stairway and some of the incidents in the real world.

Lin Yuan listened to the news while eating his set meal. He felt as though he had broken free from the busy days and was enjoying the rare serenity.

This contented sensation made Lin Yuan feel very comfortable. It was also this contented sensation that wiped out the fatigue that had accumulated from days of endless work.

However, all of a sudden, a news report made Lin Yuan’s hand freeze.

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