Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 385: Life Predator

Chapter 385: Life Predator

Could it be related to those vicious cases about the fatty otakus recently?

Ever since the scene culture had influenced Endless Summer, its hair had always been like being struck by lightning.

When Lin Yuan had last met Endless Summer, it had at least five colors on its hair. Its clothing had also been very exaggerated—all kinds of strange clothes made it look crazy.

The spirit accessories that Endless Summer had bought before also came in handy. It had almost worn all the spirit accessories it had bought. No matter where it went, sounds of the spirit accessories ‘clanking’ could be heard.

Lin Yuan, Wen Yu, Liu Jie, and Hu Quan had all politely tried to talk about the disadvantages of the scene culture and told it to go easy on its style appropriately.

But Wen Yu, Liu Jie, Hu Quan, and even Lin Yuan were almost introduced to the heavy metal culture, it made Lin Yuan think that wearing five colors with a variety of metal chains might make him look better a little. In the end, rationality thrived over that.

What puzzled Lin Yuan was how the Mother of Bloodbath had completely changed Endless Summer’s taste, who was dressed in a very exaggerated manner yesterday, after one night. This made Lin Yuan quite curious.

At that moment, the Mother of Bloodbath said to Endless Summer, “Sister Summer, those otakus like your previous dressing style the most.

“If you still dress as you did before and they get your picture and post it on Star Web’s forum, there is no telling how many of them will put your picture on their walls. Think about what they will do to your picture at night.”

Lin Yuan could clearly feel Endless Summer shiver.

Then he noticed that Endless Summer glanced at him and asked, “R-really?”

Lin Yuan wanted to explain to Endless Summer that otakus were huge and gentle animals.

What the Mother of Bloodbath claimed was not the otakus’ modus operandi. They loved papercuts, not a photo of someone with a bold style!

The otakus’ degree of pickiness when looking for papercut wives could catch up to emperors choosing concubines.

However, Lin Yuan saw the Mother of Bloodbath blink its eyes hard at him, the meaning in its eyes obvious. It was clearly telling him that it had completed the mission, and if he was going to screw up again, he would have to find his own way. It couldn’t do anything about it.

Lin Yuan received the message from the Mother of Bloodbath’s eyes and first looked at Endless Summer’s normal dressing style. He then recalled Endless Summer’s non-mainstream dressing style again.

He quickly cleared his throat and said, “Endless Summer, the Mother of Bloodbath is right. Your photo will turn yellow on the wall in a few days. otakus are really scary.”

In order to make otakus sound more terrifying, he added, “Do you know what place is known as a death camp?”

Lin Yuan’s words made Endless Summer freeze. Besides Endless Summer, even Liu Jie, Wen Yu, and Hu Quan, who were all at the table, froze, pondering Lin Yuan’s question. The Mother of Bloodbath looked closely at Lin Yuan as if it really got to know him for the first time.

After thinking for a long time, Endless Summer answered, “Is it the legendary Sin Cleansing Pool?”

Lin Yuan shook his head and replied, “The otakus’ bed sheets can be said to be death camps.”

Endless Summer was a little puzzled and did not understand what Lin Yuan meant. However, Wen Yu, Liu Jie, and Hu Quan did.

Then, Lin Yuan saw that Endless Summer did not seem to understand his question, so he asked, “Endless Summer, do you know what can be called a life predator?”

Endless Summer thought for a long time but couldn’t come up with an answer. Given its Suzerain/Myth III power, only Creation Breed feys should be able to plunder its life.

Lin Yuan felt that Endless Summer should really make up for the fact that it didn’t even know about such things.

“The otakus’ hands are comparable to a life predator.”

When Hu Quan, who was still looking at the cinnamon pork liver soup in front of him with an ugly expression, heard Lin Yuan say that, he choked on the egg roll and coughed violently.

Endless Summer still looked as if it half-understood. However, the Mother of Bloodbath looked at Lin Yuan with a very dangerous gaze.

He glanced at it as serious as when it had blinked its eyes at him previously and blinked his eyes at it.

In Lin Yuan’s opinion, this was for Endless Summer’s good. Otherwise, why would Lin Yuan make fun of such gentle animals like otakus?

The Mother of Bloodbath looked at Lin Yuan and suddenly said, “What do you know? Quickly cuff and take him away!”

Lin Yuan felt a little aggrieved. You don’t understand, so how do you know what I’m talking about?

Both of them should be handcuffed together and taken away.

Hu Quan snorted out a laugh.

Before he could laugh a few times, Wen Yu said, “Uncle Hu, if you don’t eat the cinnamon pork liver soup while it’s hot, it’s going to turn cold. Big Brother Liu got up early in the morning and boiled it for you for an hour and a half.”

Wen Yu had cleverly changed the topic, shifting it from Lin Yuan to Hu Quan.

Hu Quan looked at the lumps of pig liver that appeared in this big bowl of cinnamon pork liver soup and felt bitter.

When Lin Yuan saw that Hu Quan was not very interested in the soup, he said to Liu Jie, “Big Brother Liu, I bought a lot of ingredients last night. If Uncle Hu doesn’t like pork liver soup, he can still have beef liver soup or lamb liver soup.”

Upon hearing that, Hu Quan held up the bowl, pinched his nose, and ate all the cinnamon pork liver soup. Then he hurriedly drank the banana milk on his left side and ate a few mouthfuls of cut fruits mixed with maple syrup before the pork liver taste in his mouth was suppressed.

However, the more Hu Quan looked at Little Yuan eating his breakfast unhurriedly, the more he felt that Little Yuan actually looked kind but was cruel.

What was the difference between beef liver soup, mutton liver soup, and pork liver soup? Didn’t all of them have liver?

Weren’t the odor of the beef liver soup and mutton liver soup even worse?

This kid must be taking revenge on him for not holding back his laughter when he was talking just now.

After eating, Lin Yuan told everyone his plan about entering seclusion for a while.

Hu Quan rubbed his stomach and said, “I should not be returning to the mansion today and tomorrow. Those old guys from the Spirit Craftsman Association are going to hold a ceremony for me. When I return, I’ll be a real Class 5 Spirit Craftsman.”

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