Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 384: The Outstanding Mother of Bloodbath

Chapter 384: The Outstanding Mother of Bloodbath

Space Tunnel clearly showcased how important the strategic significance of spatial source-type items that could perform spatial teleportation was to major factions, or how important it was to Lin Yuan’s private faction, the Sky City.

Lin Yuan looked at this Bronze I/Normal Ethereal Jellyfish and decided to enter seclusion and stay up late in the next few days.

He planned to raise the Ethereal Jellyfish to Legend when it was at Bronze before raising it to Silver. It would take too much time to raise it to Gold.

Lin Yuan was not in a hurry, and there was still less than a month to go before New Year’s. He couldn’t stay in seclusion until the new year to enhance the Ethereal Jellyfish. Therefore, he planned to wait until the new year before raising the Ethereal Jellyfish to Gold.

As Lin Yuan looked at the little ones who were still sleeping in the Spirit Lock spatial zone, he felt a little sleepy as well. He did not immediately go to enhance the Ethereal Jellyfish but first left the Spirit Lock spatial zone.

He would need a good night’s sleep before staying up late. It wouldn’t be too late when he woke up the next day, received Gao Feng’s package, handed it to Hu Quan, and stayed up late to enhance the Ethereal Jellyfish’s grade and quality.

This time, he did not intend to use the spirit qi crystals to enhance it because he had other uses for them.

Lin Yuan had exchanged his Star Web store’s Flower Brocade Pearls for strange flames so that Chimey could reach Fantasy III and complete its bloodline evolution before undergoing the Radiance Hundred Sequence test.

At that time, Lin Yuan could use the spirit qi crystals to promote Chimey from Silver I to Gold I and let it become a Gold I/Fantasy III fey.

After undergoing a bloodline metamorphosis, Chimey would be Lin Yuan’s trump card to face all challenges in the test.

Early in the next morning, Lin Yuan received the Gold fey storage box that Gao Feng had mailed over through Ostrich Logistics at the mansion entrance. After receiving it, he called Gao Feng to tell him about it.

Gao Feng’s Gold fey storage box contained the four completely jade-textured green elm boards and design blueprints.

After all, the things that Gao Feng had sent were really valuable. If Lin Yuan did not let Gao Feng know, the latter would always be thinking about it.

Lin Yuan returned inside with this Gold fey storage box and saw Hu Quan wiping the carving knife in his hand.

He approached Hu Quan and asked, “Uncle Hu, are you interested in the four completely jade-textured green elm boards here?”

Hu Quan’s eyes immediately lit up, and he answered, “Completely jade-textured green elm? Of course I’m interested in such good stuff!”

Lin Yuan handed the Gold fey storage box to Hu Quan and said, “It’s been hard on you, Uncle Hu. This is for a friend of mine. I’ll have him discuss the price with you when the time comes.”

Gao Feng could not find a Class 5 Spirit Craftsman, but Lin Yuan happened to know about it and did him a favor.

As for the price of using these four completely jade-textured green elm boards to make objects according to the blueprints, Gao Feng and Hu Quan still had to discuss it.

Although Hu Quan had signed a contract with him and did not ask for any sort of remuneration for making any objects for the mansion and his faction, Lin Yuan would not really consider Hu Quan as a toolman.

He would not give Hu Quan something that his friend wanted to make without telling him about it and let him work as a laborer without his knowledge. This was akin to disrespecting Hu Quan.

When Hu Quan heard Lin Yuan’s words, he became a little unhappy instead.

“Why are you so polite with me? Go discuss with your friend. I’m fed well in this mansion, and there are endless spiritual materials for me to use. I’ve long considered myself as part of this mansion.”

As he said that, Hu Quan looked at the feature wall again.

He looked at himself beside Lin Yuan and said very firmly, “Don’t talk to me about remuneration next time. The best remuneration is to provide a little more completely jade-textured wood for me to use.”

Hu Quan then smacked his lips and said, “That friend of yours is lucky. The first thing my Fantasy Breed Wood Weaving House Centipede is going to make is his object.”

At that moment, Wen Yu came out of the kitchen, saw Hu Quan, and said, “Uncle Hu, you really have to sleep at night in the future. Otherwise, after a long time, you simply won’t be able to stay up.

“After all, it’s liver detoxification at night. If you stay up late, it’ll hurt your liver.

“Big Brother Liu cooked cinnamon pork liver soup for you again today. Uncle Hu, you just refused to eat it. This time, you have to eat until nothing is left.”

When Hu Quan heard Wen Yu’s tone of saying it was for his own good, the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but twitch madly. What Hu Quan hated most in his life was the taste of liver.

To make things worse, Liu Jie had been cooking cinnamon pork liver soup for him, making Hu Quan, a big old man who had never been taken care of, feel that he was being treated as a pregnant woman.

However, it had to be said that Hu Quan got along with the people in the mansion and slowly treated this mansion as a home he had to protect.

Nonetheless, this cinnamon pork liver soup was really too hard for him. Hu Quan knew it was to help his body detox, but he couldn’t eat it even if he pinched his nose.

At that moment, he wondered whether he should change his work schedule. Otherwise, not even an immortal could handle eating this cinnamon pork liver soup every day!

When Lin Yuan saw Hu Quan gnashing his teeth, he could not help laughing. Perhaps the only thing that could defeat a Class 5 Spirit Craftsman like Hu Quan and not let him stay up late was the cinnamon pork liver soup.

While eating, Lin Yuan noticed that Endless Summer, which always had a bold dressing style, had become normal after a night.

Endless Summer’s hair had returned to its original color, and it had a ponytail. It was wearing a very simple pink-and-white outfit.

Endless Summer looked elegant, pretty, and noble with the Body Weaponization bracelet on its wrist that was full of pink-purple hydrangeas and some simple, grand spirit accessories. It no longer gave people a rustic, non-stream, heavy metal feeling.

Lin Yuan glanced at the Mother of Bloodbath. It nodded at him, expressing that it had completed its mission, and he gave it a thumbs-up. He had never expected it to complete its mission so well. The question was, how had it accomplished this?

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