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Chapter 377: The World of a Literary Youth Is Too Hard to Understand

Chapter 377: The World of a Literary Youth Is Too Hard to Understand

Big Brother Feng straightforwardly said to Lin Yuan, “Come with me to the storage room and take a look.

“I happen to have a few Gold-Edged Skirtfish. I prepared them for those big hotels. If you have any you fancy, take them away.”

Big Brother Feng suddenly gnashed his teeth.

“Kid, have you heard of Zhao Xiaochun, the one in the Radiance Hundred Sequence with the title Food Hater?”

Lin Yuan felt that Big Brother Feng’s thoughts jumped far.

How come the topic shifted to Zhao Xiaochun?

Although Lin Yuan could not be said to be familiar with Zhao Xiaochun, he had met her with both his identities. Lin Yuan asked, “Big Brother Feng, do you like Zhao Xiaochun a lot?”

When Big Brother Feng thought of her, he gnashed his teeth in hatred. Upon hearing Lin Yuan ask if he liked Zhao Xiaochun, he slapped his thighs fiercely, his emotions out of control.

“What’s Zhao Xiaochun’s stomach made of? She can eat damn much!

“The primary sales channel for my high-grade ingredients is the Royal Capital, but now, most of the restaurants there have gone bankrupt because of Zhao Xiaochun.

“I really don’t know how a glutton can be called Food Hater!

“She’s obviously more like Critical Needle Girl. I’ve seen Zhao Xiaochun’s competitions several times. I really can’t see how such a thin little girl can put so many restaurants to bankruptcy.”

Big Brother Feng became a chatterbox at the mention of Zhao Xiaochun. Lin Yuan did not know how to comfort him. It was like how he did not know Shi Xu at the controlled Class 3 abyss dimensional rift.

Compared to what Big Brother Feng had said, it was obvious that Shi Xu was in a more terrible situation.

After thinking for a while, Lin Yuan said, “Zhao Xiaochun’s title is Food Hater. Maybe Food Hater means to wipe out all the food so that there is no more food.”

Lin Yuan’s words caused Big Brother Feng to choke and cough before a mouthful of air could come up.

Big Brother Feng told himself silently, Others are angry, but I’m not. There’s nobody to replace me if I get sick from the anger. I still have a store to run.

Big Brother Feng was thinking that he must quickly sell the Gold-Edged Skirtfish to this kid and let him get lost right away.

This kid’s words sounded more infuriating than Zhao Xiaochun causing the restaurants to go bankrupt!

Lin Yuan followed Big Brother Feng to the storage room, where the rare ingredients were stored. He found that Big Brother Feng really had a lot of good stuff!

Although there were no rare Platinum ingredients, there were many Gold ingredients.

Lin Yuan felt that these Gold ingredients were of good quality, so he made up his mind to buy some more.

Due to the mansion’s two big eaters, Endless Summer and the Mother of Bloodbath, Liu Jie had to buy a lot of food back every day. It was better to make a big purchase from Big Brother Feng and then store them in the kitchen.

Anyway, the White Jade Snow Orchids were placed on the kitchen cabinets, so he could put the ingredients there as long as he wished. Even some ingredients stored in the kitchen with Bronze/Epic White Jade Snow Orchids could be fresher than when they were first bought back.

Hence, Lin Yuan had a mindset of buying from Big Brother Feng.

Lin Yuan would buy some of Big Brother Feng’s Gold ingredients as long as the people in the mansion loved to eat them.

Lin Yuan’s mindset of buying everything exhilarated Big Brother Feng.

Big Brother Feng, who was in great sorrow and great joy, felt that his mind was spinning in pain.

This batch of Gold ingredients that Lin Yuan had bought this time was almost as much as the amount that his store usually sold in a month or so!

After he finished picking out the ingredients, he settled the bill. Lin Yuan did not expect to spend 700,000 Radiance dollars to buy this batch of Gold ingredients.

He felt that the Radiance dollars were getting less and less spendable now. How come it was similar to Federation dollars?

After settling the bill, Lin Yuan said to Big Brother Feng, “Big Brother Feng, if I need ingredients again in the future, I’ll come back to buy them from you.”

When Lin Yuan had bought the large batch of Gold ingredients, Big Brother Feng was beaming with joy.

Now that he heard Lin Yuan’s words, the smile on his face was even more exaggerated.

Big Brother Feng looked a bit fierce. After beaming with joy, he actually looked a bit like an Anglerfish baring its teeth.

“Alright! Alright! If you need anything here, just call me. I promise to serve you well! It’ll always be the same 10% discount.”

After Lin Yuan left, Big Brother Feng could not help but say, “This kid is really nice, but it’s a pity he’s a dummy!”

Lin Yuan did not know that Big Brother Feng had labeled him like that.

Lin Yuan had yet to fulfill the purpose of his visit to Star Web, as he hadn’t bought the flesh of Gold water world dimensional lifeforms.

He even learned a piece of bad news. The flesh of the water world dimensional lifeforms was not available for sale.

After logging off Star Web, Lin Yuan looked at his phone. At that moment, although it was late at night, he scrolled his cell phone and found Gao Feng had updated his friend’s circle.

Gao Feng: “I’m in the wind! I’m in the waves! These are verses in the waves at night~ I’m also a little secret of the verses.”

Lin Yuan did not expect that Gao Feng was a literary youth. It was too pretentious.

Since he knew that Gao Feng was still awake, Lin Yuan called him. The Gao family had been developing sea resources lately, so Gao Feng should know where to get the flesh of Gold water world dimensional lifeforms.

The phone rang for less than ten seconds before Gao Feng picked up the phone. Lin Yuan listened to the obvious sound of waves on Gao Feng’s side. Clearly, Gao Feng should be currently listening to the waves at the beach.

Lin Yuan always thought that Gao Feng was just pretentious before posting on the friend’s circle. He did not expect that Gao Feng was really listening to the sea at the beach.

The wind in Wind Mist City was still strong this winter. He simply had so many thoughts listening to the sea.

Before Lin Yuan could speak, Gao Feng’s pretentious and surprised voice came from the other end of the phone.

“Brother, are you calling me because you miss me? Hehe.”

Lin Yuan could hear that Gao Feng was tired through his voice over the phone.

Before Lin Yuan could speak, Gao Feng added, “Brother, I’m at the beach. Listen to the sound of the sea.”

Then, Lin Yuan felt as if Gao Feng had put his phone’s microphone toward the sea.

Lin Yuan could not hear the sound of the waves clearly, but the sound of the sea wind was loud in the phone’s microphone.

Lin Yuan was in a mess. The world of this literary youth was simply too hard to understand!

Nonetheless, Lin Yuan had regarded Gao Feng as his friend. Upon hearing Gao Feng’s tiredness in his voice, Lin Yuan asked Gao Feng instead of talking about himself first, “What’s been going on lately? You’ve got yourself so tired.”

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