Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 376: Gold-Edged Skirtfish

Chapter 376: Gold-Edged Skirtfish

The boor, Big Brother Feng, was originally worried about the active period of the dimensional rift that would soon arrive.

The moment he thought that he still had a large amount of dimensional lifeforms’ flesh that he had not sold yet, he could not even eat his meal.

Big Brother Feng had been very happy since Lin Yuan had come over and wanted to buy the dimensional lifeforms’ flesh. He had even deliberately given Lin Yuan a discount and sold at the base price.

He was even selling the alien insects’ flesh at a 70% discount at a loss. However, he did not expect that Lin Yuan would actually ask for the water world dimensional lifeforms’ flesh.

Was that something that people would buy?

Or how could anyone want to buy those?

Big Brother Feng saw Lin Yuan’s puzzled face and aggrieved expression that did not seem fake, so he patiently asked, “Have you ever seen the water world dimensional lifeforms’ flesh?”

Lin Yuan was now wondering why Big Brother Feng had been under the impression he was playing around with him.

Now that he had heard Big Brother Feng’s question, Lin Yuan immediately replied, “Of course, I’ve seen the flesh of the water world dimensional lifeforms.”

When Big Brother Feng heard Lin Yuan say that, he immediately said, “If you have seen the flesh of the water world dimensional lifeforms, you should know how it smells.

“Is that kind of stuff something that could be sold? Do you want me to stink everyone to death with the stench?”

Lin Yuan touched the back of his head. He thought about how he had previously viewed the water world dimensional lifeforms’ flesh in the Diamond fey storage box. He had never taken it out to have a look.

The size of the water world dimensional lifeforms was not small. Most of the Platinum water world lifeforms in the Diamond fey storage box were over eight meters long, with the biggest one at 25 meters. It would be inconvenient for Lin Yuan to take out such a large thing.

However, the smell of the dimensional lifeforms’ flesh was unpleasant. The alien insects’ flesh contained an extremely strong foul smell, while the abyss dimensional lifeforms’ flesh contained a strong sulfuric smell.

However, even if the water world dimensional lifeforms’ flesh smelled bad, it was not to the point that it would stink the surrounding people to death, right?

Upon hearing Big Brother Feng’s words, Lin Yuan knew it was certainly hopeless for him to buy the water world dimensional lifeforms’ flesh on Star Web.

The dimensional lifeforms’ flesh was not very useful, so the channels for sale had always been very few. For an unlicensed importer of dimensional lifeforms’ flesh like Big Brother Feng, the supply of the water world dimensional lifeforms’ flesh could be said to be a winning hand to him.

Big Brother Feng’s current reaction indicated that he had never sold the water world dimensional lifeforms’ flesh. It seemed that it should be hard for Lin Yuan to find a place that would sell that.

However, Lin Yuan was a bit confused regarding what Big Brother Feng had said just now, so he asked, “Big Brother Feng, why wouldn’t anyone buy the water world dimensional lifeforms’ flesh?”

Upon hearing that question, Big Brother Feng recalled that Lin Yuan had bought dimensional lifeforms’ flesh from him before, so he wrinkled his nose and answered, “Firstly, it’s because the flesh contains venom.

“Although the water world dimensional lifeforms contain nutrients that are good for water-type feys, the venom in their bodies will cause a large amount of foul-smelling mucus to appear on the surface of the fey that consumed their flesh.

“Then, the surface of the fey wrapped in mucus will constantly fester, so only a fool would want to buy such flesh.

“Of course, this is only the first point. The second reason is that if their flesh is not put into a fey storage box right away, it will immediately rot after leaving the seawater and being exposed to the air for a few minutes.

“After the decomposition, the water world dimensional lifeform’s odor will immediately change from an unbearable fishy smell to the stench of decomposition.

“I believe no one can endure that kind of smell.”

As he spoke, Big Brother Feng was still wrinkling his nose with lingering fear, which expressed that he would never want to recall that fishy smell again.

At this point, he suddenly had some doubts. Why would this cheerful youth in front of him want to buy the water world dimensional lifeforms’ flesh? Thus, he asked, “Kid, why are you buying such flesh?

“I have a lot of water-type feys’ flesh here. I can also give you a 10% discount if you need it.”

Big Brother Feng had a good impression of Lin Yuan because of his faint natural, cheerful aura. After getting along with him, it was easy to have a good impression of him.

Lin Yuan replied somewhat awkwardly, “I’m buying the water world dimensional lifeforms’ flesh to feed it to my fey!”

After listening to Big Brother Feng’s explanation, Lin Yuan could not help but sigh a little at the powerful digestive function of Red Thorn’s Mouth of Relinquish. It could easily digest the toxic substances that the other feys were unable to and give itself a favorable mutation.

But after saying that, Lin Yuan noticed that Big Brother Feng’s face was red. He was obviously going to go berserk soon.

Lin Yuan quickly added, “Big Brother Feng, do you have any Gold Gold-Edged Skirtfish here? I want to buy some.”

Lin Yuan was really afraid that he would make Big Brother Feng angry to the point that he would suffer from some diseases, such as brain thrombosis, high blood pressure, gastric ulcer, diabetes, liver cirrhosis, and myocardial infarction.

After all, Big Brother Feng was someone who Zhou Jiaxin had introduced to him. If he really had any complications from being angered, it would be awkward when Zhou Jiaxin found out.

Endless Summer and the Mother of Bloodbath recently preferred to eat Gold ingredients, such as the Gold-Edged Skirtfish, so Lin Yuan thought of buying some from Big Brother Feng.

Big Brother Feng was actually so angry that he was going to curse.

When Big Brother Feng had seen Lin Yuan’s perfectly guileless look, he thought he might have blamed Lin Yuan wrongly. But now that he heard that Lin Yuan wanted to buy the water world dimensional lifeforms’ flesh to feed his fey, Big Brother Feng was sure that the youth in front of him, who had given him a good first impression, was playing around with him ruthlessly.

How could a sane person think of buying the flesh of the water world dimensional lifeforms to feed their fey!?

Wasn’t it better to just feed it ‘dung’?

Before Big Brother Feng could get angry, however, he heard that Lin Yuan wanted to buy the Gold-Edged Skirtfish. As a result, his eyes lit up.

Although Big Brother Feng was selling the flesh of feys and dimensional lifeforms, he could not sell much Gold feys’ flesh.

Furthermore, the weight of one Gold-Edged Skirtfish was not even 500 grams, which made it an expensive ingredient. If he could see a few of them, he could definitely make a small profit.

Big Brother Feng had planned to close the stall at this time, but he did not expect to receive a large order before doing so.

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