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Chapter 366: Combat Power? I Don’t Lose Out!

Chapter 366: Combat Power? I Don’t Lose Out!

At this moment, Listen felt a sudden change within his vision. He used to think that those rising factions using a lot of high-grade plant feys to decorate the rooms were very luxurious, but now that he had seen this mansion, it was as if he truly knew what unparalleled foundation meant.

Listen forcefully held back his surprise and sat in front of the youth.

Before Listen could speak, the cheerful youth said, “It’s cold in early winter, and you’re not wearing much. Have some hot tea to warm up.”

Lin Yuan had asked Listen over intending to accept his and the Listening Heron Chamber of Commerce’s allegiance.

However, he still had to know through Listen what difficulties the Listening Heron Chamber of Commerce was currently encountering.

Lin Yuan wanted to take over the Listening Heron Chamber of Commerce and let Listen manage it as his subordinate because the chamber of commerce could bring Lin Yuan convenience.

As long as the Listen and the Listening Heron Chamber of Commerce’s difficulties were less than or equal to the convenience brought by the chamber of commerce, Lin Yuan was willing to accept their allegiance.

If the amount of trouble was equivalent to the convenience, whatever Lin Yuan did would be useless.

Despite that, he was still willing to take them under him, as he appreciated Listen’s talent.

In order to establish a private faction where everyone was an elite, it was necessary to have a genius like Listen.

Lin Yuan lifted the Dehua porcelain teacup and took a sip of the Three Treasures Tea before raising his eyebrow slightly.

The Three Treasures Tea in the cup should perhaps be called Four Treasures Tea.

When Wen Yu had been brewing this Three Treasures Tea, she had added rare plums into it, which made the taste of the tea richer.

The sourness and sweetness in the plums eliminated the fragrance of the oil in the pine nuts. On the contrary, it set off the fragrance of the other two ingredients in the Three Treasures Tea, which were the plum blossoms and Buddha’s hand flowers.

When Listen heard Lin Yuan’s words, he felt warmth in his heart.

No matter what, this cheerful youth in front of him had given him equality and respect. For so many years, especially ever since something had happened to the Listening Heron Chamber of Commerce when Listen would go to plead Class 3 Creation Masters, and their retainers would put him in a difficult position.

In stark contrast, this cheerful boy, who was just living in this mansion with immeasurable wealth and had a deep foundation, was treating him like an old friend. He poured him a cup of hot tea to let him wash away the coldness of early winter. Such a feeling made Listen feel warm.

Listen picked up the teacup and took a sip. He did not bother about drinking water on his journey rushing here, so he had been thirsty at the mansion’s entrance.

With just a small sip, the fragrance of the plums immediately made his mouth water. Then he tasted the tea in his mouth.

Although his expression remained unchanged, he felt more shocked the more he tasted it.

The main spiritual ingredients sold in the Listening Heron Chamber of Commerce were the Buddha’s hand flowers ranging from Bronze to Gold, and it also supplied many Class 4 and Class 5 stores on Star Web. This made Listen very familiar with the Buddha’s hand flowers.

Listen had little reaction to the initial taste of the Buddha’s hand flower in the tea. Then he realized that the taste of the Buddha’s hand flower was very similar to the Platinum Buddha’s hand flowers he had tasted before. However, the taste was much more mellow.

If the Platinum Buddha’s hand flowers were dried and sold as spiritual ingredients, a small piece would cost over 300,000 Radiance dollars.

Such a precious thing was actually an imperceptible faint taste in the tea to enrich the taste. This luxury once again allowed Listen to understand the foundation of this cheerful boy in front of him.

It had to be known that being rich and not regarding money as money was different in a way.

When Lin Yuan saw Listen drink the hot tea and warm up his body, he said, “Tell me about the Listening Heron Chamber of Commerce.”

Lin Yuan got straight to the point and asked directly. Other people would have embellished for a long time to give an answer that could be most beneficial to them.

However, Listen did not do so. Rather, it was actually highlighting and presenting the problems and difficulties encountered clearly.

Listen did not elaborate on the Listening Heron Chamber of Commerce’s advantages. He knew that it was considered nothing to this youth in front of him, so he focused on the difficulties it had encountered.

Lin Yuan listened to Listen’s words while his fingers tapped gently on the completely jade-textured table, emitting a shallow sound.

After Listen finished the introduction, he was no longer as nervous and anxious as before.

He had placed everything before this youth in front of him, so he knew that he only needed to wait for this youth’s decision.

When Listen had just arrived at the mansion, he had been simply too nervous and shocked. Thus, he had been walking stiffly.

Now that he had relaxed, he picked up the teacup on the table and took a sip. Then when Listen turned around, he saw a strange scene that did not belong to this world.

The dancing butterflies and the swimming Five Fortune Ranchus in the purple splendor made Listen feel his phoenix eyes were blinded.

The Five Fortune Ranchus were not too rare, and Elite ones were only 60 or 70 Radiance dollars.

But where could he see a large group of Bronze/Flawless Five Fortune Ranchus?

Listen was drinking tea but coughed due to the shock. At that moment, Lin Yuan had also finished thinking.

The trouble that the Listening Heron Chamber of Commerce was experiencing now was a rising faction that wanted to take over it.

But behind this rising faction, there was the shadow of a veteran faction that did not have a rich foundation. This veteran faction was the one that had poached one Class 4 Creation Master and three Class 3 Creation Masters from the Listening Heron Chamber of Commerce.

Even without a rich foundation, a veteran faction would have at least a Class 4 Creation Master. In terms of combat power, if other factions recognized a faction as a veteran one, they must have king-class or higher combat power.

However, it could not be said that the faction going against the Listening Heron Chamber of Commerce had emperor-class experts in terms of combat power.

Only S-rank spirit qi professionals with Myth Breed feys could be called emperor-class experts in the Radiance Federation.

However, the combat power above the king-class was vaguer in definition.

Even if a Suzerain fey did not become a Myth Breed, they could be called having a combat power of king-class and above.

As a Suzerain/Myth III fey, Endless Summer was considered to have pinnacle emperor-class combat power. Therefore, although Lin Yuan’s private faction had few powerful people, it did not lose to other factions in terms of peak combat power.

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