Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 365: Genius’ Intimacy and Detachment

Chapter 365: Genius’ Intimacy and Detachment

Genius said in a cute voice after hearing Lin Yuan’s words, “Yuan, meow. I’ll go now.”

Lin Yuan stretched out his hand and helped Genius brush its fluffy fur on its little head. Then he gently rubbed its head twice and was about to bend down to put it down.

At that moment, Genius leaped up from his arms to his neck and rubbed its fluffy face against his cheek. With a leap, it gracefully landed on the ground from Lin Yuan’s shoulder.

While Genius was running, its two long white tails at the back moved elegantly, and its posture was unspeakably light.

Lin Yuan felt the lingering warmth on his face and revealed a bright smile on his face. Chimey was still asleep. Besides accompanying Lin Yuan, Genius was usually guarding Chimey below the Phoenix Perching Chinese Parasol Tree.

Among all of Lin Yuan’s feys, since Genius had evolved from a housekeeping beast like the Hundred Questions Beast and had high intelligence, except for Morbius that was hiding in the bracelet on Lin Yuan’s hand, Genius cared for the other feys.

The Blue Flash Purple Butterfly, which was usually not very enthusiastic about Lin Yuan, would fly around Genius for a while every time Genius entered the Spirit Lock spatial zone.

Lin Yuan had been with Genius and Chimey for so many years, so he naturally knew Genius very well. Although it was very understanding, it was still a cat-species fey, which was arrogant by nature.

Just like the metal-type Gold cat-species fey that Xin Ying had contracted, it did not even bother about Zhang Xiaobai at all, except for her.

Genius was also the same, but in addition to being arrogant like other cat-species feys, it was also very understanding.

Genius had very high intelligence and could clearly see Lin Yuan’s interpersonal relationships and preferences. Therefore, it would also accept the people or things that Lin Yuan accepted.

Besides Liu Jie, Wen Yu, and Hu Quan, even the Mother of Bloodbath and Endless Summer, which were both feys, also liked to hold Genius and play with it.

But when facing some unrelated people, Genius could uphold the indifference and elegance of cat-species feys.

For example, at this moment, although Listen, who was standing at the mansion’s entrance, had high intelligence, he was good at handling interpersonal relationships. But the longer he stood at the mansion’s entrance, the more nervous he felt.

Just at this moment, the sky was getting dark, but the things in the distance still could be vaguely seen.

Listen found that the Royal Capital was clearly at the beginning of winter, but the interior of the mansion in front of him was as verdant as the summer and also faintly gave off the bamboo fragrance.

This was often said as ‘people do not live without bamboo’.

The diffused bamboo fragrance reached Listen’s nose. The bamboo fragrance should make one calm and quiet, but it made him more and more nervous.

At that moment, Listen heard a cute yet polite voice.

“Welcome to Return from Faraway Mansion. Follow me inside.”

Upon hearing this voice, Listen searched for a long time before realizing the voice was from a pure white cat. It was squatting in the middle of the mansion’s entrance, with its azure blue eyes looking at him with a trace of judgment and detachment.

Listen hurriedly replied, “Thank you. Thank you very much.”

When Listen finished speaking, he saw that white cat stand up and walk ahead to lead the way and even turn back to look from time to time.

Listen felt that this white cat was often glancing back to see whether the person behind it was still following.

When Listen saw this white cat, he subconsciously thought it was a housekeeping beast. However, he completely dispelled this idea.

There would not be any housekeeping beasts as graceful and elegant as this white cat in front of him in this world. Housekeeping beasts were too common, and Listen had had a top-notch one when he was young.

Even the most top-notch housekeeping beast could not have such a sparkle in their eyes like this white cat. Moreover, this white cat had two tails.

Listen saw a large mansion emitting a soft glow from a distance. However, he thought little about it. The closer he got, the more apprehensive and nervous he was.

When he walked near to the mansion, Listen suddenly found an inscribed board on top engraved with ‘Return from Faraway’. Listen was not surprised by the words on the inscribed board but the material it was made of—it was completely jade-textured old willow wood!

Before Listen could think, the cute voice said, “We’re here.”

Then Listen saw the white two-tailed cat leap forward. He looked up, only to see it had scampered into the arms of a cheerful youth of about 18 or 19 years old. It was intimately rubbing his neck.

Listen knew him. He was the expert he had met on Star Web. This cheerful youth could casually take out any kind of Bronze/Epic fey and had an advanced Class 4 Creation Master backing him up.

When Listen looked at Lin Yuan, the latter also sized up this youth with red phoenix eyes and a beauty mole at the corner. He could see that this youth was competent and calm.

While capable and calm, he had a trace of maturity that did not match his appearance. He had clearly been through a lot.

However, Listen had terrible dark circles around his red phoenix eyes and seemed worldly. He had clearly been dealing with the Listening Heron Chamber of Commerce’s mess and had rushed over immediately after that.

Lin Yuan smiled a little and said, “Have a seat inside.”

Then he took the lead and sat down on the water rhinoceros leather sofa and took the Three Treasures Teas brewed on the table before pouring a cup both for himself and Listen.

When Lin Yuan walked inside and exposed the furnishings, Listen, who was behind him, was completely dumbfounded.

If Listen saw this scene at any other time, he would have thought that he was adrift due to his fatigue and anxiety or speculate whether this mansion that seemed to be decorated with jade-textured wood and emitting a jade-textured luster could be imitated with ordinary jade-texture stones.

But the glow had a calming effect on the heart, and that unique texture of the wood told Listen that everything was real.

Even if Listen had high emotional intelligence, he also froze for a moment. When he returned to his senses, he found that the cheerful youth had sat there, pouring two cups of hot tea and looking calmly at him.

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