Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 359: What’s the Antonym of Local Death?

Chapter 359: What’s the Antonym of Local Death?

If something about a person could attract extra attention, it was undoubtedly their strength, identity, fame, wealth, and visuals. Regardless of which one it was, it could cause an extremely powerful attraction to someone.

But the attraction of such things had to take a back seat in front of some attraction. This fascinating thing that people could not help but want to explore was undoubtedly the sense of mysteriousness, which Black was constantly showing.

A heroic youth who had previously caused a sensation on Star Web due to his winning streak had actually achieved such a duel record without even using his strongest fey.

Moreover, nobody could be sure this fey that could manipulate sand was Black’s most powerful fey.

News spread quickly on Star Web, let alone during noon when there were many people. Therefore, when Black encountered Poison Beauty, this piece of news immediately spread from her live-streaming room.

A lot of Black’s fans went into Poison Beauty’s live-streaming room, causing it to break through its previous limit and reach a new number.

In fact, it was reasonable to say that even if the news on Star Web spread fast, it should not have been at such a speed.

The reason it had been so fast was that after Black and Poison Beauty’s last duel, some of Black’s fans had entered her live-streaming room, becoming her anti-fans.

After that, while being Poison Beauty’s antis, they came to like her. Therefore, when they usually had nothing to do, they would stay in Poison Beauty’s live-streaming room and watch her live-streaming.

Although basically no teams would be willing to accept Poison Beauty due to her feys, so she had never been involved in a team battle, she was still very hardworking in the live-streaming of her solo duels on Star Web.

Star Web duel hosts usually would live-stream for five or five hours a day on average, but Poison Beauty could even do live-streaming as long as 12 hours a day.

In addition, Poison Beauty was doing her job in the live-streaming like an artist. From time to time, she would angrily scold the audience in the live-streaming room and even recklessly ban them from speaking.

Poison Beauty’s top contributing fan had rewarded hundreds of thousands of Radiance dollars, hoping that she could break down her duels.

However, after asking her a few questions that she deemed ‘retarded’, she actually angrily scolded the top contributing fan. All kinds of actions made her more and more hateful and popular.

Although her previous live-streaming were quite joyful and some old fans liked to watch them, her actions in the live-streaming room were definitely not as impressive as now.

Poison Beauty had done so because, during her previous duel with Lin Yuan, she had said some rampant words and was eyed by Black’s fans.

At first, she had been a little distressed, but a few days later, she suddenly found that she had received more attention for being hateful and had even become popular.

Thereafter, Poison Beauty unleashed her nature, just like a wild horse off the reins, never returning on the road to integrity.

As Lin Yuan looked at Poison Beauty’s ‘auntie got her own way’ expression, he forgot how to speak.

Someone was talking to him, and it was the opponent he had encountered before, so Lin Yuan should greet her. However, he did not know how to pick up from what Auntie Poison had said.

When Poison Beauty noticed that Black did not bother about her, she was not anxious and frustrated at all. Now, she did not hope that she could interact with Black as before because she had understood the true meaning of being an actress.

If a good actress that Poison Beauty understood before was the need for superb acting skills and unleashing her acting skills to the fullest when her opponent was acting a scene with her, she now felt that a true actress should be able to act a scene with herself when acting.

Even when a person was acting alone, they had to be able to create the feeling of two people comparing their acting skills. Such an actor could be called a good actor. Better actors had to be able to sing an opera troupe’s play by themselves.

Poison Beauty raised her hand again just like last time and summoned her feys.

Lin Yuan realized that these feys were still the same as when he had fought against her before.

She had not improved at all. It was still the Gold IX/Elite Illusory Mist Western Jackdaw, Gold VII/Flawless Poison-Weaving Dark Spider, Silver X/Elite Carrion Parasol Mushroom, and Silver X/Elite Tainted Toad.

After summoning her feys and vaguely spreading out the formation, Poison Beauty said, “Black, I know you missed me. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have matched with me when I was matching against someone.

“Black, tell me quickly if you’ve also joined my live-streaming room and secretly watching me!”

She said all these to bring more attention to herself and attract some of Black’s fans.

Only when there was attention on her could she earn more money. During this period, Poison Beauty had been working hard to improve the Poison-Weaving Dark Spider’s quality. She wanted to raise her Gold VII/Flawless Poison-Weaving Dark Spider into Gold VII/Epic through her own efforts and had almost saved up the money.

As Poison Beauty said such words, the viewers in her live-streaming room were furious.

When Lin Yuan heard Poison Beauty’s words, the corners of his mouth could not help but twitch. He helplessly replied, “What’s the antonym of partial death?”

Lin Yuan did not give Poison Beauty enough time to react. The viewers in Poison Beauty’s live-streaming room only heard a pleasant, clear voice of a youth. His deep and attractive voice seemed to be able to make people look back for a long time.

Although Black’s fans were condemning Poison Beauty in her live-streaming room, the viewers in it, especially Black’s mother fans, grew excited.

This was because Black had never uttered a word in any of his videos in the Star Web’s video library.

It was said that during Black and Poison Beauty’s duel, he also had verbal communication with her. However, that duel video was not recorded in the video library. As a result, Black’s only words were recorded into the Celestial Stairway video library after the duel. It should be considered to be the only audio material of Black on Star Web.

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