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Chapter 358: This Auntie?

Chapter 358: This Auntie?

Lin Yuan did not expect that when he was being matched with Celestial 5-Stars opponents, the person he was matched with would be someone he knew. She was Poison Beauty, who he had met during the Celestial Stairway promotion duels previously.

Although most of the spirit qi professional on the Celestial Stairway had now joined the guild clubs and become a member of the main teams or reserve teams, it was now the start of the S Tournament.

These Celestial Stairway experts that joined the guild clubs would usually put their energy into the competition and group training.

There were definitely many on the Celestial Stairway that had yet to join a guild club, and Lin Yuan had surprisingly been matched with Poison Beauty.

It could be said that they were fated.

After Lin Yuan was matched with Poison Beauty, he raised his eyebrows lightly behind the mask and did not have any more reactions.

As long as Lin Yuan was wearing his silver mask, nobody could see the expression on his face, even if he had any.

After matching with an opponent, Poison Beauty did not immediately check her opponent’s information.

Instead, she said to the air, “Your Beauty is on an infinite rampage.

“Those brothers in the live-streaming room, after I’ve started climbing the Celestial Stairway, no longer stuck at the promotion duels, you guys have not been rewarding as much as before.

“Hurry. Everyone, reward me a superpower pill now. I’ll pick a person among those who do so for a prize, which is being banned from speaking for a month.”

The viewers within Poison Beauty’s live-streaming room interacted with her, even if she could not see it in the Celestial Stairway duel.

Who Is Smaller In the Family: “Don’t say anything. I support you, Poison Beauty, but I’ll certainly reward the superpower pill next time.”

Jealous Me: “I’ll reward you with a big mouth. Climb it.”

Low-Key Pageboy: “To be truthful, the Star Web live-streamers I follow are of low quality.”

Heart Born Myriad Phase: “I came to Little Poison’s live-streaming room for a meal.”

Blood-Red Tango: “Have you guys paid attention to who is on the opposite side? This will be a massacre.”

Green Light From Both Eyes: “F*ck! Poison Beauty has actually met Black! Black, go for it! I’ll cheer for you!”

After Poison Beauty’s infinite rampant words to the live-streaming room, she looked at the opponent she had matched with and said, “Ouch, ouch, ouch.”

Poison Beauty said that in a very strange tone—it contained a lot of untold stories. It was just like a desperate girl, who a scoundrel had been chasing for 30 meters, came to the small river and was ready to jump to her death.

But at that moment, it was like she realized the scoundrel had disappeared and realized there was an infinite amount of gold coins in that river. She was 10% scared, 20% gnashing her teeth, 30% excited, and 40% impatient.

Poison Beauty looked at Lin Yuan and said, “Black, I did not expect that you couldn’t forget me! You’re meeting me so quickly again.”

Lin Yuan felt that his face behind the mask was about to split open. He had no idea what Poison Beauty was talking about and why it sounded strange.

What the hell is this auntie’s expression? Why do I feel like she’s going to eat someone!?

Soon, an amber-button-shaped thing fell to the ground from the cufflinks on his wrists. It turned into quicksand without a ripple and drilled into the ground below.

Everyone was focused on the silver mask on Black’s face, so none of them noticed this scene. The amber-button-shaped Source Sand had secretly started creating sand.

When Poison Beauty finished speaking, comments flooded her live-streaming room right away.

Old Man Born After 2,000: “Ah! I’m watching Little Poison’s live-streaming and actually saw her duel with Black! What kind of divine destiny do they have!?”

Soft Diamond: “The commenter above, are you trying to put together a CP? You’re a ruthless person!”

Shadow: “F*ck! Is Auntie Poison going to eat him?”

Three-Year-Old Ze: “Poison Beauty is too offensive. I can’t stand it! I want to meet her offline. Why doesn’t she say such teasing words to me?”

Traverse and Crevice: “Do you want to be swallowed into the stomach by her Tainted Toad? How dare you meet with her?”

Falling Into Your Eyes: “One click to rule mercy, and one click to bury despair! Poison Beauty, wait to be punished by the will of Ancestor Peace.”

Little Student Is Scared: “F*ck! Poison Beauty, let off our Black! We male mama fans cannot stand this aggravation! I’m pissed off!”

If it were to be said that all the duelists got a lot of attention on the Celestial Stairway, the number of Lin Yuan’s videos in the video library had undoubtedly reduced the huge amount of attention he had.

It could be said that he had easily won those few Celestial Stairway duels, and they were not exciting at all.

However, Black’s had very high popularity in the Celestial Stairway video library—any teenage fans and mama fans repeatedly paid to watch it and brought about the popularity.

Thanks to the many mother fans, Lin Yuan’s combat video from Celestial 0-Star to 1-Star had reached the top ten most popular on the Celestial Stairway video library.

Although there was a rotation, most of them were dominated by the duel videos of the Radiance Hundred Sequence members and the experts on the Celestial Stairway Hall.

Black’s instakill victory duel video had appeared on such a ranking. It was very abrupt, without a doubt.

Based on common sense, only the kind of duel video that was evenly matched with a narrow victory was worth watching and learning repeatedly.

It was not cheap to watch a Celestial Stairway expert’s duel video, as one had to pay once every time they watched. There was no such thing as buying it and paying to watch it again and again. This also greatly proved the combat power of Black’s fans.

Based on this alone, it was enough to see how popular Black was on Star Web. The opponents that Lin Yuan had battled earlier were not hosts, so they could not immediately attract attention to the duel.

However, the video in the Celestial Stairway video library was synchronized instantly after the duel was over. This made the fans, who were daily watching Black’s duel videos, find out that Black was frantically having Celestial Stairway duels at the moment and had won four duels in a row.

Upon seeing those four duel videos in Black’s Celestial Stairway video library, his fans’ eyes lit up. The most exciting thing for them was not watching Black’s duels on Star Web. It was the chance to see the fey that Black had never used in his previous Star Web duels, the one that was rumored to be able to manipulate gravel.

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