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Chapter 237: The Source Sand’s Request

Chapter 237: The Source Sand’s Request

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Lin Yuan carefully looked at the 20 thumb-sized spirit qi crystals in the small limestone bowl and could not help but admire them.

These spirit qi crystals showed a crystal-clear texture. It was as though there was some indistinct gas flowing inside, and when the light shone on it, it emitted a less obvious seven-colored color.

But if one did not look carefully, these crystals really looked like some irregular broken glass crystals. However, these irregular broken glass crystals’ value was incomparable to that of the spirit qi crystals.

Lin Yuan looked at the 20 spirit qi crystals and smacked his lips.

If these crystals had not formed when the wisp of World Grace had landed on Morbius’ Pure Land of Bliss after the Mother of Bloodbath reached Myth II, and instead formed based on the Spirit Qi Condensation, then it would take at least 140 days. This was provided that there was a sufficient supply of energy ores.

Lin Yuan could use these spirit qi crystals to raise one of his three Fantasy Breed feys to Gold I/Fantasy I and allow his strength to undergo a qualitative change.

However, he still needed careful consideration whether to raise his Jasmine Lily, Chimey, or the Source Sand to a Gold Fantasy Breed first.

Whichever he enhanced would become his trump card, and his combat style would also change and shift toward it.

After knowing the Radiance Hundred Sequence members’ strength was not as simple as it appeared, he had a sense of urgency. Since he had decided to participate in the Radiance Hundred Sequence competition, he would naturally not back down. Therefore, he had to improve his strength as soon as possible.

These 20 unexpectedly obtained spirit qi crystals could allow him to have a trump card.

Lin Yuan thought that if things went on like that, he could likely raise two of his Fantasy Breed feys to Gold by the time he joined the Radiance Hundred Sequence selection.

He could even enhance the Gold I Acid Corrosion Queen Bee. A Gold I Fantasy Breed fey had Platinum combat power.

This Platinum combat power was the most basic strength for those who wanted to enter the Radiance Hundred Sequence.

After some selection, he gave up on the Silver I/Fantasy I Jasmine Lily, as he would only enhance his healing abilities by raising its grade.

Although healing-type spirit qi professionals were very rare and highly sought after, and his healing abilities could be greatly increased, if the Jasmine Lily became a Gold/Fantasy Breed fey, it would not be of any substantial help in the Radiance Hundred competition.

Thus, he had to choose between Chimey and the Source Sand. After some contemplation, Lin Yuan gave up his intention to enhance Chimey from Silver I/Fantasy I to Gold I/Fantasy I.

Even though it was his strongest fey now and could even instantly kill a Platinum fey in one strike with its Radiant Body after becoming a Gold Fantasy Breed, there was a low mistake tolerance despite its strong lethality.

If Chimey could not set the battle while it used Radiant Body, Lin Yuan could likely face defeat. In addition, the Gold I/Legend Acid Corrosion Queen Bee played a similar role to Chimey to a certain extent. Both were single-target damage units with high-burst power.

After Chimey became a Gold/Fantasy Breed fey, it would indeed obtain a Gold ability, which was not something Lin Yuan could choose.

Chimey was now only Silver I, and its combat system was not yet fully determined. Its Gold, Platinum, and Diamond abilities were still unknown. Hence, the boost by enhancing its grade was merely a big uncertainty.

Although Chimey would only become stronger and stronger, Lin Yuan felt that the all-rounded Source Sand was more suitable.

No matter how strong Chimey became, it would only be strengthening its attack.

Even though the Source Sand’s attack could not be compared to half of Chimey’s attack when it was enhanced, the Source Sand was more focused on defense and control.

After the first Celestial Stairway promotion duel with Chen Hongfeng, Lin Yuan had learned the importance of increasing his self-protection ability in a battle.

After the second one with Poison Beauty, he considered self-protection even more important and even felt that it was the most important element for spirit qi professionals.

If Poison Beauty had the ability to protect herself and survive Chimey’s killing blow, it would have been impossible for Lin Yuan to defeat her.

Although the Source Sand was all-rounded, it was just a Bronze X/Fantasy I source-type lifeform. Despite its full potential, it was still too weak.

What Lin Yuan had to do now was to enhance its grade and promote it from Bronze X/Fantasy I to Gold I/Fantasy I.

Since he had decided, he no longer hesitated. He picked up that small limestone bowl and let the Source Sand hanging on his sleeve turn into a pile of yellow sand.

Then, he picked up one spirit qi crystal and threw it into the pile of yellow sand. The yellow sand immediately formed a vortex flowing at high speed with the spirit qi crystal as the center. Ιτ was rapidly absorbing the energy from the spirit qi crystal.

The Source Sand was the most special among Lin Yuan’s contracted feys and source-type lifeforms. No matter how high its grade was, it would not have additional abilities or exclusive skills.

Hence, after the Source Sand reached Gold, Lin Yuan reckoned it should enhance its existing exclusive skills.

Soon, the Bronze X/Fantasy I Source Sand absorbed all the huge amount of energy in the spirit qi crystal and reached Silver I/Fantasy I.

The amber button-shaped Source Sand’s previous appearance did not change, but it became more understated and less noticeable.

At that moment, after the Source Sand was promoted from Bronze X/Fantasy I to Silver I/Fantasy I, Lin Yuan immediately felt the Source Sand trembling slightly as it cautiously and affectionately transmitted a very vague mental request to him.

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