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Chapter 236: Myth II and Unexpected Joy

Chapter 236: Myth II and Unexpected Joy

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Layer after layer of lightning, coupled with thunderclaps that seemed they could explode the vault of the sky, landed on the Mother of Bloodbath and split its body into a bloody mist. That blood-red Law Rune was vaguely circulating in the bloody mist. However, the Mother of Bloodbath could not transform into a human.

Thanks to the thunderclap, the bright-red, magnificent bloody mist became gradually weakened.

Lin Yuan suddenly heard the Mother of Bloodbath’s voice. “Lin Yuan, I can’t hold on anymore. Run with all your might.”

He pursed his lips and did not utter a word. At this very moment, he unlocked the Spirit Qi Imprint that he had accumulated for months. The spiritual power in the Spirit Qi Imprint differed greatly from back then.

The Bronze/Epic Spirit-Gather Goldfish with the dragon-species bloodline had constantly been gathering spirit qi in the Spirit Qi Imprint day and night, forming a scalable spirit qi current. When the spirit qi current entered Lin Yuan’s body, his white robe fluttered.

Lin Yuan looked at the Mother of Bloodbath’s constantly weakening blood-colored red mist and shouted, “Pure Land of Bliss!”

The white sand of ten square meters suddenly emerged on the yellow sand beneath the Mother of Bloodbath and was filled with the smell of new life and purity.

Lustrous light arose from the white grains of sand in the Pure Land of Bliss that unhurriedly fused with the Mother of Bloodbath’s constantly weakening blood-red mist because of the thunderclap and lightning.

The Mother of Bloodbath, which had been struck into a bloody mist, had wanted to use its last bit of energy to send Lin Yuan away.

However, as this white sand’s lustrous light charged toward its body, the Mother of Bloodbath could clearly feel its injured and damaged roots constantly recovering.

Suffering damaged roots and suffering serious injuries were two different things. Injuries could be healed, but it was hard to restore damaged roots.

At that moment, the Mother of Bloodbath could sense its damaged roots constantly getting better and better. The spirit qi current in Lin Yuan’s Spirit Qi Imprint was conducted into this Pure Land of Bliss.

Otherwise, given Morbius’ current strength, the Pure Land of Bliss could not heal a fey like the Mother of Bloodbath that was at Suzerain/Myth I and was nearing Myth II.

Actually, Lin Yuan could not help the Mother of Bloodbath to fully recover by using the Pure Land of Bliss. However, there was a chance for the Mother of Bloodbath to break free from the World Cleansing, metamorphose into a human form, and alternate between human and beast before advancing into Myth II.

The Pure Land of Bliss constantly healed its damaged roots, allowing it to seize this opportunity.

The source energy within its red mist fused into the Law Rune and constantly tempered it. Finally, the red mist burst out with an earth-shattering force.

A blood-red pillar of light full of pressure hit the black hole in the sky, causing it to scatter.

Then, a beam of soft light fell from where the black hole had disappeared and shone on the Mother of Bloodbath’s blood-red mist, allowing its damaged roots to recover rapidly.

Lin Yuan had heard of this beam of soft light from his master, the Moon Empress. It was the World Grace that feys could get after experiencing the World Cleansing.

The moment this beam of World Grace appeared, it meant that the Mother of Bloodbath had successfully advanced to Myth II.

The red mist dissipated, and Lin Yuan only saw a very freakish yet unusually beautiful woman appear in the air.

She had red hair and red eyes, and even her eyelashes were red. She looked very heroic being clad in red leather armor.

As Lin Yuan watched the Mother of Bloodbath turned into a human form and succeeded in Tribulation Transcendence, he revealed a smile of relief.

The spiritual power in Lin Yuan’s body had actually been completely exhausted just a few minutes earlier. He could barely maintain the Pure Land of Bliss by relying on Blackie’s constant use of Spirit Injection to restore his spiritual power.

Lin Yuan summoned all his feys back into the spiritual spatial zone with a wave of his hand. Subsequently, he crouched on the yellow sand while being covered in dirt, looking somewhat in dire straits.

Lin Yuan’s body was covered with a lot of yellow sand, and even his hair had some yellow sand mixed with rain, making him look less handsome than usual.

But to the Mother of Bloodbath, he was still that youth with a firm gaze who had saved itself from desperate straits, allowing it to be saved from the world. That youth stood like a mountain against the wind and rain in the rumbling thunder.

When the Mother of Bloodbath saw Lin Yuan, who was in dire straits, it suddenly felt that becoming this youth’s Path Protector was perhaps the best decision it had made in the past thousand years.

Not only was it because Lin Yuan had helped it successfully go through the World Cleansing, but he had also shown the friendship of never abandoning it.

The Mother of Bloodbath used to be the most thankful to the Moon Empress, but Lin Yuan’s name would be engraved in its life with equal importance as the Moon Empress for the rest of its life.

The Mother of Bloodbath stepped on the void, walked up to Lin Yuan, and revealed a bright smile. “Thank you, Lin Yuan.”

Upon hearing the Mother of Bloodbath’s peculiar yet pleasant voice, he was finally relieved. He smiled brightly, revealing his white teeth. “Mother of Bloodbath, you’ve successfully reached Myth II. That’s great.”

After saying that, he lost consciousness and passed out.

The overdraft of spiritual power made it difficult for him to even maintain standing and had caused him to reach the limits of what his body could withstand as he held on.

When the Mother of Bloodbath saw the unconscious Lin Yuan, it reached out and picked him up from the yellow sand. As it looked at the relieved look on his face, a drop of a cold tear fell from the Mother of Bloodbath’s red eyes onto Lin Yuan’s hair.

Its freakish yet pleasant voice sounded in the world. “I, the Mother of Bloodbath, have formed a Path Protector contract and became Lin Yuan’s Path Protector. The path I protect has now reached a level I’m satisfied with. I will spend my life guarding the path in front of me. I swear by the Law Rune that if I break the oath...”

The Mother of Bloodbath looked at the yellow sand beneath its feet and spat out, “I will become the loess.”

When Lin Yuan woke up, he realized he was lying in his room, so he touched his head. The long-term spiritual power overdraft had caused him to feel some swelling pain inside his head.

Lin Yuan got off his bed and greeted Wen Yu and Liu Jie, who were guarding outside his door before he buzzed downstairs to the long hallway at the entrance of his mansion.

At that moment, he heard the Mother of Bloodbath’s peculiar yet pleasant voice, just like usual. Only then did he feel relieved. He no longer disturbed it that was sensing the changes in its body. Instead, he rubbed his tummy and walked toward the dining room.

What he was feeling the most now was hunger.

Liu Jie’s boiled nutritional porridge had been stewing in the earthenware pot, waiting for Lin Yuan to wake up. Lin Yuan was eating the hot nutritional porridge when he suddenly felt the quietness of the passage of time.

When Liu Jie and Wen Yu saw that Lin Yuan was fine, they were relieved. They had been worried since he had been unconscious for an entire day.

Lin Yuan ate the porridge and suddenly recalled someone. He asked Wen Yu, “Wen Yu, Senior Hu Quan went back yesterday, right?”

Wen Yu answered, “Young Master, Senior Hu Quan did not leave yesterday. When he saw you come back unconscious, he waited another half a day for you. Since you still did not wake up, he went back and said that he would come over to visit you tomorrow.”

Lin Yuan did not expect that Hu Quan had really taken his joke seriously. However, if Hu Quan, a Class 4 Spirit Craftsman, stayed in the mansion and worked, it would definitely be a piece of good news for Lin Yuan.

At that moment, Morbius’ voice suddenly rang in Lin Yuan’s mind. “Yuan, after the Mother of Bloodbath reached Myth II, a trace of the World Grace landed on the Pure Land of Bliss. Come into the Spirit Lock spatial zone to have a look when you have the time.”

After finishing Liu Jie’s nutritional porridge, Lin Yuan returned to his room and immediately entered the Spirit Lock spatial zone.

He was surprised to find 20 spirit qi crystals in the small bowl from Morbius’ Spirit Qi Condensation and almost choked on his own saliva.

This situation was simply akin to something falling into his lap. He had gotten something only to find out later that it was valuable.

Lin Yuan suddenly felt that he could raise any of his Fantasy Breed feys or source-type lifeforms into Gold with these 20 spirit qi crystals.

He pondered whether he should promote the Fantasy Breed Jasmine Lily, Chimey, or Source Sand into a Gold Fantasy Breed first.

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