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Chapter 225: He Called You Auntie Because He Is Rather Young

Chapter 225: He Called You Auntie Because He Is Rather Young

As the female spirit qi professional was speaking while gnashing her teeth, she suddenly waved her hand and summoned a raven that was extremely ugly and strange looking. All of its feathers were grayish-white, but the beak was long and delicate.

The moment the raven appeared, it immediately spat out a milk-like mist that was very turbid. The mist spread out and immediately enveloped the woman. It didn’t allow Lin Yuan to see any trace of movements between the white mist.

Lin Yuan summoned Chimey and Red Thorn in response. Under Lin Yuan’s command, Red Thorn didn’t produce a huge sea of flowers this time. Instead, Red Thorn produced a small patch of flowers that surrounded five meters around Lin Yuan.

For this five-meter range of flowers, Lin Yuan didn’t provide any spiritual power to Red Thorn to help it enhance the child ramets. Red Thorn was merely using its own energy to upgrade seven to eight ramets to the Elite X.

At that moment, Lin Yuan was carefully looking at the information on the female spirit qi professional he was matched with. After seeing her duel records, Lin Yuan immediately knew that this female spirit qi professional was purposely getting stuck in the promotion duels and didn’t promote to the Celestial Stairway.

After climbing to the Celestial Stairway from the Star Tower, the records would be separated into three parts. The first was the first 100 floors of the Star Tower. The second would be the Celestial Stairway promotion duels, while the Celestial Stairway’s duels would take one of the parts.

Name: Poison Beauty

Spirit Qi Occupation: Support-Type Professional

(Star Tower) Duels: 542, Wins: 321, Losses: 221, Highest Floor: 100

(Celestial Stairway Promotion Duel) Duels: 988, Wins: 698, Losses: 290

(Celestial Stairway) Duels: 14, Wins: 7, Losses: 7, Consecutive Wins: 7, Highest Floor: 7

The female duelist called Poison Beauty had the highest record of Celestial 7-star. Furthermore, she merely had a total of 14 duels on the Celestial Stairway. However, she had seven consecutive wins. It meant to say that Poison Beauty had started from Celestial 1-star and won seven consecutive times, reaching Celestial 7-star.

She had then lost seven consecutive duels, falling from Celestial 7-star to the Celestial Stairway promotion duels. She then continued to fight in the promotion duels and already had more than 1,000 duels.

In addition, Lin Yuan saw this Poison Beauty actually talking to mid-air when he entered. It was obvious that Poison Beauty was also a streamer, and it was easy to understand why Poison Beauty had been stuck in the promotion duels. It was probably a streaming effect for Star Tower duels.

For opponents on the Celestial Stairway promotion duels, they were probably easy to crush for Poison Beauty because of her strength. Since she was able to control all of the factors during the duel, it was easier for her to entertain the viewers, and there wouldn’t be that many surprises.

There were two types of streamers on the Star Tower. One would constantly be pushing upward and challenging their limits. Those streamers would normally strive for ranks in the Celestial Stairway and hoped they would become Hall of Fame duelists.

The other type of streamers were like Poison Beauty, who would rather be stuck in promotion duels for the streaming effect, becoming a reliable goalkeeper for the promotion duels.

This was also why the Celestial Stairway promotion duels were that difficult to pass through. It was because of streamers like Poison Beauty, whose strength was already far beyond promotion duels.

When Poison Beauty saw Black summoning his feys and putting up a defense, she immediately revealed a bullied expression and said, “Black, the Star Web says you are a silent, aloof, brutal person that doesn’t bother about others. However, your No.1 fan bullied me, and you must do something.”

Poison Beauty was putting on a stance as though she didn’t want to fight and just wanted to talk. In fact, she was already sitting on the floor.

When Lin Yuan heard Poison Beauty’s statement, the face behind the mask nearly burst out. It was true that he didn’t talk much when in duels, but he was here to polish his combat skills, coordination between feys and to increase his strength. Moreover, the Star Tower wasn’t a place where you could talk your way to victory.

There were times when words could be used physiologically to mess up the opponent’s mentality, and it was something Lin Yuan knew how to use too. However, such a combat style conflicted with what Lin Yuan wanted, which was to rely on his combat capabilities. As such, Lin Yuan had never used words in duels.

Lin Yuan could understand if he was silent and didn’t bother about others. However, what was this description of being aloof and brutal? Lin Yuan was truly confused.

As for his forum and fan club, Lin Yuan had some impressions. Previously when Lin Yuan had logged in as a Creation Master and checked on Purchase With No Loss store’s fan club, he had noticed the braised egghead and Zhou Jiaxin mentioning it before. Nonetheless, Lin Yuan had never really minded.

As for Black’s No.1 fan, Ancestor Peace, Lin Yuan didn’t know anything at all.

At this moment, Poison Beauty’s streaming room was bursting up. She was a veteran Star Tower Duel streamer, and she had already severed the dreams of countless people who wanted to reach the Celestial Stairway. She had sent back people to the 99th floor of the Star Tower for them to restart again.

Most of Poison Beauty’s fans were loyal viewers, and even though many of them recognized Black, their topics still revolved around Poison Beauty.

Sunny Day: “Oh my, Little Poison actually encountered Black! I don’t know if Black can win this time!”

Loss of Youth: “Any of you knows about the dispute between Poison Beauty and Ancestor Peace? I am in Poison Beauty’s streaming room all the time, but why didn’t I know of this piece of news?”

Responsible Citizen: “It seems like Poison Beauty said on Black’s forum that Black doesn’t look formidable and only had high-quality feys that are rather outstanding. In the end, she was given a heavy fist from Ancestor Peace.”

Stranger Face: “I wish to know how Poison Beauty received the heavy fist! I am curious! I wish to give Poison Beauty a heavy fist too, but I don’t dare, and I am afraid of getting banned from talking.”

Deep Sea Divine Lord: “I heard that Ancestor Peace only called Poison Beauty ‘Auntie’, and she has not forgotten it until now.”

Wind of Sleep: “Why didn’t he call her Auntie Poison?”

Tsundere’s Meow: “The one above is truly a warrior! Those that call Poison Beauty, Little Poison will receive love from Poison Beauty. Those that call her Big Sister Poison have all been banned, right? It is obvious how much importance Poison Beauty pays to her age.”

Love Isn’t Here Yet: “Is there someone who didn’t follow Poison Beauty and started to tease her again?”

Just as Lin Yuan was thinking about how to reply to Poison Beauty’s question, he suddenly revealed a smile behind his mask. It seemed like this Poison Beauty wasn’t really acting like what she was talking like.

Poison Beauty actually had a total of four contracted feys. Excluding the raven that was spitting mist, Poison Beauty had already summoned the three other feys within the mist quietly. Had it not been for Genius that had transformed into a mask, Lin Yuan wouldn’t have been able to see through this effect.

He wouldn’t have been able to detect that Poison Beauty had already summoned the three other feys and was already setting up her formation.

Poison Beauty was a support-type spirit qi professional, and for support-type spirit qi professionals, preparation time was very important.

When Poison Beauty was summoning her three feys in the mist, the amber button on Lin Yuan’s sleeve already fell into the flowers and vanished without a trace.

At that moment, the Source Sand had already gone deep into the soil underneath Lin Yuan and was creating a large amount of sand. Lin Yuan didn’t provide the Source Sand with any spiritual power and was only using the Source Sand’s fundamental ability to create sand.

Everything looked calm. While Poison Beauty was constantly talking, Black was standing there peacefully.

In fact, for Lin Yuan’s Source Sand to exhibit the greatest strength, it too required time to expand its large-scale sand formation.

When Poison Beauty saw that Black didn’t reply to her, she stood up and stomped her feet. “Tell me, why did your No.1 fan call me Auntie? Don’t you know that age is very important for a young beauty?”

Lin Yuan was already prepared to fight with Poison Beauty mentally. He didn’t really pay attention to what Poison Beauty said and subconsciously replied, “You look to be around 30, right? You already have some wrinkles on your neck and eye corners. Perhaps Ancestor Peace is calling you ‘Auntie’ because he is rather young. He might only be six years old.”

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