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Chapter 224: You Are Black?

Chapter 224: You Are Black?

When Lin Yuan logged into the Star Web as Black, he suddenly recalled that eight days had already passed since he had used that large batch of jade-textured red sandalwood to make the fish tank. According to the previous agreement, the Class 4 Spirit Craftsman would be delivering the fish tank to the address that Lin Yuan had stated previously.

The spirit pool within Lin Yuan’s Spirit Lock spatial zone was close to 20 square meters in size, and it wasn’t considered gigantic. The three Dragon-Phoenix Landscape Carps had a body length of one meter and tail fins that were also around one meter. When they were put in the spirit pool, they had already affected the large batch of Elite Five Fortune Ranchus that were evolving toward Bronze.

As for Blackie, which was rather lively and energetic, it would always go looking for trouble with the three Dragon-Phoenix Landscape Carps whenever it had nothing to do. It caused many commotions within the spirit pool.

The territorial desire of feys that had awakened dragon-species bloodline had always been aggressive. Had it not been for the Dragon-Phoenix Landscape Carps’ peaceful nature that made them naturally friendly with other feys, as well as that Blackie knew Lin Yuan had placed the three Bronze X/Epic Dragon-Phoenix Landscape Carps there, Blackie would have already attacked them.

However, Blackie might not be a match for the three Bronze X/Epic Dragon-Phoenix Landscape Carps. After all, their physical sizes were significantly different. Furthermore, Blackie was a Spirit-Gather Goldfish, a support-type fey, and didn’t have much combat capabilities. Nonetheless, the territorial instinct was a kind of pride that was engraved in a dragon-species fey’s bones. It was something they would use their life to protect.

During this period, Lin Yuan had constantly been pacifying Blackie. But after the red sandalwood fish tank was delivered, the three Dragon-Phoenix Landscape Carps would be able to leave the spirit pool and would be nurtured in the fish tank that was going to be used as background decoration for the mansion.

By then, the Dragon-Phoenix Landscape Carps would be used as superior auspicious figures, and the exclusive skills they comprehended, Place of Life, would also be able to prevent the plants in this mansion from withering and prevent the water from freezing. It would allow all living things in the mansion to live in the most comfortable environment and would keep away diseases.

Lin Yuan was now at the Star Tower, and just as he was preparing to participate in the second promotion duel for the Celestial Stairway, he noticed he had over a dozen unread messages in his personal notification box.

Previously, Lin Yuan had set Black’s notification settings to reject all messages, so he wouldn’t receive any messages from strangers. Black’s friend list only contained Tian Ninging. Therefore, it meant that all these messages were sent by Tian Ningning alone.

It was at this moment Lin Yuan finally recalled the Star Web reporter, Tian Ningning, who had been trying to contact him. Lin Yuan hadn’t actually forgotten Tian Ningning, but during the past five days of seclusion, he hadn’t had any extra time to think about anything else.

Lin Yuan was originally planning to look for Tian Ningning after finishing his second promotion duel. But seeing that Tian Ningning had already sent him so many messages, Lin Yuan opened up the notification box and checked the messages.

In the beginning, Tian Ningning had sent an article of his duel record. Afterward, Tian Ningning would send a message to ask whether Lin Yuan was around or whether he had any opinions on the article.

From Tian Ningning’s attitude, Lin Yuan could feel that she truly wanted to become his exclusive reporter. He then opened the duel record article and read it carefully.

The duel record article wasn’t considered long, but Lin Yuan read it for a few minutes. When comparing Tian Ninging’s duel record article with other Star Web reporters’ articles that added in plenty of finishing touches, her article was much duller. Nevertheless, her article was more impartial and also realistic.

Tian Ningning managed to stand in Black’s shoes and stated the facts of the entire duel. Furthermore, several points of Tian Ningning’s analysis of the duel amazed Lin Yuan. Everything that Lin Yuan had comprehended and learned during the duel, Tian Ningning had also been able to point them all out.

It was obvious Tian Ningning had her own understanding toward the duels between spirit qi professionals. She reported accurately on all the facts in the duel without missing out on any details.

The pursuit of facts was a reporting style that Lin Yuan truly appreciated, so he immediately sent a reply.

Black: “Your duel record article is rather good. If you can still use such a factual approach to write about my news and report on duel records, then you can become my exclusive reporter. I hope that we can have a good collaboration.”

When Tian Ningning had been writing the report on the duel record, she had been very apprehensive. That was especially so when she had sent the article to Black—the apprehensive feeling had become worse. As she had not received any reply from Black, she had been in an extremely disappointed mood for the past few days.

This was a chance that Tian Ningning had pleaded for, so she couldn’t help blaming herself a little. She had been thinking about why she had insisted on using such a factual method to report on this duel, wasting the chance that she had painstakingly acquired.

However, she also had a feeling of relief because her factual report on the duel was considered a justification for herself. Back when Tian Ningning used such a factual and realistic style to report on this duel, she was consoling herself mentally.

As a Star Web special columnist, Tian Ningning always had her own insistence. When imaging how Black had persevered outside Millstone Town to repel the insect tide invasion, the image of a young hero trying to resolve a crisis had appeared in Tian Ningning’s mind. She couldn’t bear to taint the feats of the young with pretentious writing.

But even if Tian Ningning was thinking like this, she still couldn’t keep calm. She was constantly thinking why Black hadn’t replied. In fact, Tian Ningning would log into the Star Web repeatedly daily to check Black’s ranking on the consecutive victory rankings to see if there were any changes.

During the past few days, Tian Ningning hadn’t done anything else and would be immersed in the Star Web. These five days had caused Tian Ningning to look much more haggard than before.

All of a sudden, Tian Ningning realized that the missing Black had actually replied to her message. When Tian Ningning saw the notification, she rubbed her eyes as she was afraid that she had seen it wrongly. This was the message that she had been expecting all this while, but when Black actually replied to her, she truly didn’t have the courage to open the message.

Tian Ningning was afraid to see Black’s rejection.

When Tian Ningning mustered her courage to open Black’s message, her nose went sore, and her eyes turned moist.

“Black agreed to let me be his exclusive reporter!”

This thought was resonating in Tian Ningning’s mind. She was truly grateful and excited to become Black’s exclusive reporter, but what touched Tian Ningning was how Black approved of her factual writing style on the duel record.

That image of the silver-masked shining youth in black clothes and with determined eyes was now more realistic and vivid.

After reading Black’s reply for a long period, Tian Ningning finally shuddered as she replied.

Tian Ningning: “Thank you.”

At this moment, Lin Yuan was already waiting to be matched with an opponent for his second promotion duel. As soon as he chose to be matched, he was immediately paired with an opponent.

The promotion duels for the Celestial Stairway were just like a drainage divide. The Star Tower duelists were sorted into the upper and lower brackets. The Celestial Stairway’s promotion duels’ difficulty would be determined by the number of duelists stuck in the promotion duels.

Even for those duelists who were barely able to promote to the Celestial Stairway with luck, due to the Star Tower rule, they would need to go through a duel after a certain period.

Because of this rule, most of the people who were barely competent to be in the Celestial Stairway would fall off from the Celestial Stairway again.

Back when Lin Yuan had been climbing the tower, most of the duelists that he had been matched with were male duelists. This was actually the first time he was matched with a female spirit qi professional.

The female spirit qi professional standing opposite of Lin Yuan was actually preparing to say something to the air. When she noticed Lin Yuan, she was stunned. After carefully checking Lin Yuan’s duel record, the female spirit qi professional gnashed her teeth and said, “You are Black? Tell me if you know the fan club leader, that dogshit, named Ancestor Peace!”

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