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Chapter 202: Blasted Shoulder

Chapter 202: Blasted Shoulder

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From Long Tao’s analysis, Fang Duoduo seemed to understand something. Since Black’s feys did not have high grades, their qualities were terrifyingly high, which meant that he was part of the younger generation. If not, his feys’ grades would not have been so low.

But in Fang Duoduo’s heart, he could not help but be very puzzled. Based on Long Tao’s analysis, Black had at least two Bronze/Epic feys. Since Black could command Gold feys, that implied that he was at least a C-rank spirit qi professional.

However, he only had two Bronze high-quality feys but did not evolve them. Was he waiting for a Willpower Rune?

Wasn’t Black greedy by waiting for two feys to evolve into Legend and two Willpower Runes at one go?

“Boss, what do you think about pulling Black into our team?”

Upon hearing that, Long Tao looked at Fang Duoduo as if he was a fool and answered, “We have four power offense-type spirit qi professionals in our team and lack a healing-type one. Black has never shown his healing ability so far. You want him in our team and let us five be rash?”

Fang Duoduo scratched his head. Based on Black’s current strength, he was actually still lacking to join the Dragon Gate Guild Club’s main team. However, he was more than enough to join the reserve team.

The only thing was that Black’s combat style and contracted feys was somewhat incompatible with the Dragon Gate Guild Club. Most of its members had water-type feys to match Long Tao’s Sea King Chalk Mosasaurus.

Therefore, if Black entered the Dragon Gate Guild Club’s main team, he would not provide substantial help for the team. But supposedly, Black had a Silver/Fantasy Breed healing-type fey that could even grow broken limbs back. However, Fang Duoduo did not dare to tell Long Tao about this now.

After all, Fang Duoduo had not personally seen Black use that ability. He would not listen to what people said until he saw it for himself. If he rashly said it and it turned out to be false, he would also have said it in vain and make himself look like a joke.

“Boss, Chen Hongfeng should be winning this duel. Even though the Smooth-Toothed Elephant Lizard is severely injured, its Blood Burning Strike can kill Black instantly.”

Before Fang Duoduo could finish his words, the scene from Chen Hongfeng’s live-streaming room seemed like a slap on the face. It was as if it fiercely slapped Fang Duoduo’s face, causing him unable to say anything anymore.

After receiving Chen Hongfeng’s order, it did not care about its badly injured body. Thanks to its Blood Burning Strike, its heart was like beating a drum, creating intense ‘boom, boom, boom’ sounds. Red Thorn’s child ramets, which were near it, could not balance.

All the energy in the Smooth-Toothed Elephant Lizard gathered in its heart as its heart pumped blood like a thundering drum. It opened its mouth and spewed out a dark-red-and-purple energy beam wrapped in the energy of its entire body toward Lin Yuan.

Although Lin Yuan had been on guard against it using the Blood Burning Strike, he did not expect it to ignore its badly injured body and unleash the ability, even when the Acid Corrosion Queen Bee had caused such injuries to it.

The timing of all this was entirely due to Chen Hongfeng’s sense of combat cultivated in the tens of thousands of Star Tower duels.

It could even be said that when the Huge-Tailed Swamp Lizard had been crippled, he had decided to kill Black to obtain victory. This dark-red-and-purple energy beam approached Lin Yuan so fast that he could not react to it.

At that moment, Chimey released Scattered Light toward the energy beam. When Chimey’s small body that was wrapped in Scattered Light crashed into the energy beam, the energy beam annihilated it.

However, this dark-red-and-purple energy beam became weaker due to Chimey’s protection. When Lin Yuan saw Chimey disappear due to the energy beam, his eyes instantly became bloody red.

When Chimey had rushed forward to block the attack, Red Thorn had waved its vines to wrap Lin Yuan. At the same time, its huge spherical Mouth of Relinquish was in front of Lin Yuan.

Nonetheless, the weakened energy beam still penetrated the Mouth of Relinquish and shot straight into Lin Yuan’s position, who was guarded by vines.

Upon seeing this, Chen Hongfeng exhaled gently.

The Smooth-Toothed Elephant Lizard entered a state of near-death due to the Blood Burning Strike and fell to the ground.

But then Chen Hongfeng’s pupils contracted because he did not win the Star Web duel. This also meant that Black did not die.

Through the huge hole that was blown in the Mouth of Relinquish, Chen Hongfeng could see the vines behind constantly twisting and turning. Eventually, the sharp vines spread out as Black covered the left side of his shoulder.

Although his arm did not blast into pieces under the energy beam’s attack, his shoulder had been blasted into a ten-centimeter hole that was constantly oozing with fresh blood. At that moment, Lin Yuan’s face behind the silver mask turned pale, and his eyes turned terrifyingly red. Everything had happened so quickly that Chen Hongfeng’s decisiveness made Lin Yuan unable to react.

Without Chimey, Lin Yuan would have lost this Star Tower promotion duel. It must be said that these nearly 100 tower climbing duels had given Chimey a powerful sense of combat.

At that time, if it had used Radiant Body, it would need to absorb enough sunlight, and during that period, the energy beam would have blasted Lin Yuan with nothing left.

Therefore, Chimey had relied on its instinctive reaction and crashed into the dark-red-and-purple energy beam. It had used its body to exchange for the hope of possible survival for Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan had never experienced being blown to death in his precious Star Tower duels, even though Chimey and Red Thorn had been injured.

Chimey’s death had made Lin Yuan’s heart feel as if a sharp knife had stirred it. This was the Star Tower. Even if Chimey had been killed, it would not be affected in the slightest.

However, this made him think that what if this was outside? What should he do if he encountered such a situation?

Even though he had a Path Protector, the Mother of Bloodbath, and such a thing would not happen outside, Lin Yuan felt an invisible sense of oppression that came from his own strength.

Although he had lived two lives, his streak of victories in the Star Tower duel let him inevitably feel that his strength had greatly improved, and he was no longer a weakling. But in today’s duel, he learned that there was a lot he had to improve on.

Based on the fact that Chimey had subconsciously rushed toward the dark-red-and-purple energy beam and that Red Thorn had used its Mouth of Relinquish and vines to protect him, an unprecedented sense of responsibility crept up in his heart.

His feys’ trust and reliance on him, as well as instant reaction, gave him the reason to become stronger and protect his feys.

The Mouth of Relinquish was Red Thorn’s core. When its Mouth of Relinquish had been blasted into a large bucket-like hole, it made it really hard for Red Thorn to hang on.

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