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Chapter 201: Radiance Dollars Warrior

Chapter 201: Radiance Dollars Warrior

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As Chen Hongfeng said that, the Smooth-Toothed Elephant Lizard used its exclusive skill that it could only use once before it was on the brink of death, the Blood Burning Strike. At that moment, the viewers in Chen Hongfeng’s live-streaming room could not help but hold their breath as they watched the duel.

When Black summoned the Blue Flash Purple Butterfly, comments flooded the screen and blocked the video. Then, they saw Black command the Blue Flash Purple Butterfly to seal that Gold VI/Flawless Huge-Tailed Swamp Lizard in the duel with Chen Hongfeng.

As they witnessed his smooth command and the superb cooperation between the sea of flowers and the Blue Flash Purple Butterfly, they felt as though they were watching a delightful movie. As a result, they could not bear to comment to spoil this beautiful scene.

Many people flooded into Chen Hongfeng’s live-streaming room, including Star Web’s special columnist, Tian Ningning. She had heard that Black was in the promotion duels, and his opponent was live streaming. She had put down everything at hand and entered Chen Hongfeng’s live-streaming room. When she saw Black and Chen Hongfeng’s duel, her decision became firmer.

Rather than saying Tian Ningning was gambling on whether Black would always be popular and newsworthy, as Star Web’s special columnist, she was a literatus. A literatus would always have a faint pride, which made Tian Ningning only want to write an article she was interested in and interview people she wanted to.

This was in response to the saying, “One would rather die on the branch than to be blown away by the northern wind”. Otherwise, Tian Ningning would not have refused to become the exclusive reporter of the Radiance Hundred Sequence’s eliminated Sequence member.

There were a hundred of the Radiance Federation people in the Radiance Hundred Sequence. Every year, ten new candidates would be added to the Radiance Hundred Sequence. At the same time, ten Sequence members would also be eliminated.

However, although these eliminated members seemed to have stepped down from the divine altar, their fame was not inferior to those newly selected Radiance Hundred Sequence members.

Black’s appearance had made Tian Ningning feel like picking up her pen and constantly writing articles about this youth’s achievements and exciting battles on Star Web.

Even though Black had always worn a silver mask without showing his face, Tian Ningning was willing to believe that he was a youth. This was because, despite his silver mask, Black appeared to be unusually calm, but there was always a hint of youthful aura. This youth made her feel that when she looked at his eyes through his silver mask, it was as though the sun was hidden in his eyes. It was as if Black could blossom at any time and break through the clouds, allowing the sun in his eye to rise in the east.

This time, Tian Ningning paid a huge price at the Extreme Guild Club to meet Zhang Xiaobai, Xin Ying, and the others.

Now that it was the preparation stage for the S Tournament, the Extreme Guild Club was pressured, as they were a B-level guild club. It was either they took a step forward and reached the top 16 to advance to an A-level guild club, or they remained as a B-level guild club.

The S Tournament was the biggest team competition for the younger generation. Everyone would want to go forward. Moreover, the strength of the Extreme Guild Club’s main team’s captain, the Radiance Hundred Sequence #18 White Devil, had also improved considerably in the past six months. This gave the B-level Extreme Guild Club a good chance to become an A-level guild club this year. Therefore, as the reserve team members for the S Tournament, Xin Ying and Zhang Xiaobai naturally had to step up with their training as well.

Tian Ningning, a Star Web special columnist, also had her own connections. She had used many favors to get inside the Extreme Guild Club and find Xin Ying and Zhang Xiaobai. In fact, she had spent so much effort just to take a chance.

However, she was excited that her efforts were not in vain. Since Black had promised, he would find her on Star Web afterward. Although she was not sure if she could become Black’s exclusive reporter, she could at least talk with him and have a chance to strive for it.


In the Dragon Gate Guild Club’s conference room, Long Tao was watching Black and Chen Hongfeng’s duel. When he saw the Smooth-Toothed Elephant Lizard, which had unleashed its exclusive skill, the Blood Burning Strike, he said, “This Black really doesn’t seem like a healing-type spirit qi professional.”

Upon hearing Long Tao’s words, Fang Duoduo responded right away, “This sea of flowers spawned by this strange plant looks gorgeous, but it’s not really strong.”

Long Tao glanced at Fang Duoduo and shook his head. “It’s very strong, but if this is all that Black has, then he’s still not up to the standard of a Sequence member.”

Fang Duoduo did not understand why Long Tao would say that. Long Tao had always been haughty and arrogant. How would he speak so highly of someone else?

At that moment, Long Tao explained, “Even though I don’t know whether this strange plant is a plant fey or source-type lifeform, it should be at Epic.”

Upon hearing that, Fang Duoduo could not help but ask, “Bronze/Epic?”

Long Tao nodded and added, “Do you know why that mutated Blue Flash Butterfly could finish off Xiao Feng’s Gold Huge-Tailed Swamp Lizard with its Bronze strength?”

Fang Duoduo stroked his chin and pondered for a moment before replying, “Besides restraining it, this Blue Flash Purple Butterfly is actually at high quality?”

Long Tao said faintly, “Based on the live-streaming, I can’t figure out this Blue Flash Purple Butterfly’s specific quality, but it’s at least Epic.”

Fang Duoduo was immediately shocked to hear that. Long Tao had always been watertight. If he was sure that it was an Epic, he would not have said that it was at least Epic. But did a Bronze/Legend fey really exist?

Just as he thought this, Fang Duoduo suddenly recalled the young girl who had a Bronze Fantasy Breed fey in Redbud City, as mentioned on the news. He could not help but sigh. He should not compare himself to someone higher!

After all, he was a Radiance Hundred Sequence member and the Radiance Federation’s heavenly prodigy. How come his talents seemed to have suddenly become so ordinary?

However, he did not want to believe that this Blue Flash Purple Butterfly was a Bronze/Legend fey. It was simply too astounding.

Although Long Tao was a Class 3 Creation Master, he was watching the live streaming on Star Web without actually touching the fey, so it was hard to accurately judge the fey’s quality.

When Long Tao saw that Fang Duoduo stopped talking, he explained again, “See that bee that just wounded the Smooth-Toothed Elephant Lizard? Its Silver ability, Oily Mucus, allowed it to effectively resist physical damage, but it still didn’t block this Gold I bee’s attack.”

Long Tao paused for a moment before adding, “The Smooth-Toothed Elephant Lizard is already a Gold VI/Flawless fey. A Gold I fey that can cause such serious damage to it can only be a Legend fey. As for that little blue bird that had never made a move, I can’t determine its quality, but it wouldn’t be very low.”

Long Tao’s words made Fang Duoduo blurt out, “F*ck! Black is a Radiance dollars warrior!”

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