Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 1587 - Are You Leo?

Chapter 1587: Are You Leo?

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But even though these iron angels had retracted their auras, the Air Current Hunting Eagles were still trembling to the point that the Ride Transport Guards almost lost their footing.

The Ride Transport Guards coughed before saying in a low voice, “Did this fey carriage register with the Ride Transport Department? Who is inside?”

Lin Yuan opened the door of the fey carriage.

At that moment, a Ride Transport Guard immediately gasped. “Lin Yuan!”

This Ride Transport Guard was able to recognize Lin Yuan because of Lin Yuan’s performance at the Allstar Match.


This Ride Transport Guard was a loyal fan of the S Tournament. He did not support any team, but he had to watch every match. He did not even miss any of the accompanying matches.

When the Ride Transport Guard called out Lin Yuan’s name, Lin Yuan nodded at him and said, “This fey carriage was registered from the moment it was built. However, the fey pulling it had not been decided. I was just about to do the registration.”

Although the Ride Transport Guard was very excited when he saw Lin Yuan, he still had to follow the rules and said, “Only Creation Masters are able to do last-minute registrations. If you aren’t a Creation Master, you’ll have to go to the registration department. Normally, it would take an hour at most to verify a fey carriage. However, the feys pulling your fey carriage are a little strong. Hence, they need to be properly checked to make sure that they won’t lose control.”

While they were talking, the Ride Transport Guard started to guess Lin Yuan’s identity.

He assumed that Lin Yuan had to come from a veteran or top faction. Otherwise, there was no way that he would be able to own such a powerful fey carriage.

Lin Yuan’s identity had been a point of discussion on Star Web for some time.

The Ride Transport Guard felt that he could make a post on Star Web when he returned, and it would probably be able to gain many fans for him.

But at this moment, Lin Yuan said, “You don’t have to go through all that trouble.”

Lin Yuan handed this Creation Master crest over.

Initially, the Ride Transport Guard had been shocked by how Lin Yuan was a Creation Master despite being so young.

But when he saw the moon on the crest, his hand started trembling, and he almost dropped the crest.

He never expected Lin Yuan to be the Moon Empress’ disciple and that he had actually stopped the Moon Empress’ disciple’s fey carriage.

Under normal circumstances, Lin Yuan just needed to reveal his identity, and he would be able to ride away in his fey carriage. Yet, Lin Yuan turned out to be so polite and completely lacked any hint of arrogance.

The Ride Transport Guard hurriedly handed the crest back to Lin Yuan and said, “Lord, please have a good journey!”

Lin Yuan bid the Ride Transport Guard goodbye and rode away in the fey carriage toward the Listening Heron Chamber of Commerce.

Normally, Lin Yuan kept his identity as the Moon Empress’ disciple to himself.

But now, Lin Yuan felt that there was no point in hiding it because when he was faced with the Freedom Federation’s scheme at the Radiance Hundred Sequence selection, he was going to show his true power.

Lin Yuan’s fey carriage arrived in the sky above the Listening Heron Chamber of Commerce when he sensed a cold aura locking his fey carriage in.

This aura was very special and clearly belonged to a spirit qi professional. But at the same time, it had the untamed wildness of a fey.

This aura could only belong to an expert who had beast patterns.

Yin Lin was one of the Azure Federation’s Azure Envoys.

Although she had secretly snuck out, she was instinctively tuned to protect.

When Blood New Moon sensed an aura targeting the fey carriage, he immediately unleashed his aura to retaliate against it.

Just as the aura was about to clash with Blood New Moon’s aura, Lin Yuan jumped down from the fey carriage.

At the same moment, Yin Lin sensed the fluctuations outside the Listening Heron Chamber of Commerce and walked out.

She immediately spotted Lin Yuan jumping down from the sky, and her expression changed.

Yin Lin stared unblinkingly at Lin Yuan.

However, it was not his appearance that shocked her.

Many people in this younger generation of the Azure Federation had awakened their beast patterns.

Usually, none of the spirit qi professionals who unlocked their beast patterns were unattractive.

These spirit qi professionals’ bloodlines were affected by the feys’ bloodlines, and their features became as otherworldly and exquisite as the feys.

Yin Lin had been surrounded by such people ever since she regained her sight.

Although Lin Yuan’s bone structure, features, and aura were all impressive, they were not enough to throw Yin Lin off.

Yin Lin had reacted in such a way because Lin Yuan felt way too familiar to her.

He was so familiar that she unwittingly felt a sense of affection and dependence on him.

This feeling was the same as how she felt toward the figure wrapped in countless laws and willpowers.

Yin Lin rushed up to him and looked besotted as she asked in a quivering voice, “Are you Leo?”

Lin Yuan nodded at Yin Lin.

Lin Yuan realized that Yin Lin did not lose out to Su Yiren at all in terms of looks.

However, Su Yiren’s beauty was permeated by masculinity, while Yin Lin’s beauty was scholarly and elegant.

Lin Yuan nodded at Yin Lin and said, “Yes, I’m Leo. What do you think about chatting inside my fey carriage?”

Yin Lin trusted Lin Yuan wholeheartedly and did not have any guard up with him.

Lin Yuan was the one who had saved her.

She anxiously nodded.

Although she had agreed, the expert who was protecting her from the shadows did not agree.

Yin Lin was an Azure Envoy from the Azure Federation, and the Azure Cloud Leopard beast pattern was too important.

Before the trip to the Radiance Federation, the Azure Federation had gathered all the information about the Radiance Federation.

Lin Yuan had made his debut at the Guard Ye Banquet. Hence, his appearance was no longer a secret.

From the moment they laid eyes on Lin Yuan, the expert recognized Lin Yuan as the Moon Empress’ disciple.

This was the Radiance Federation’s territory.

The elderly man felt that it was not safe for Lin Yuan and Yin Lin to travel together.

Moreover, there was also an expert with even stronger power on the fey carriage.

The elderly man rushed up to Yin Lin and said, “Lordess Azure Envoy, I sense that there’s another expert in the fey carriage. I don’t think it would be safe for you to be in the fey carriage.”

Yin Lin looked at the elderly man and replied, “Uncle Lei, you don’t have to be worried. Nothing will happen. Wait for me here. We will return once I exit the fey carriage.”

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