Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 1586 - Iron Angels, Fly!

Chapter 1586: Iron Angels, Fly!

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Hu Quan had finished building Lin Yuan’s fey carriage long ago. However, he had not found suitable feys to pull it.

As such, the fey carriage had not been used yet.

The Moon Empress had given Lin Yuan 12 Sky Fragrance Beauty Butterflies.

After Lin Yuan saw the Emperor Armored Martial God Insects, he decided that they would be the ones to pull the fey carriage.

He had managed to obtain a few of the Emperor Armored Martial God Insects during the opening of the pinnacle Class 4 dimensional rift at Coiling Dragon’s Valley.


One of them had mutated and sprouted black iron wings.

This time, Lin Yuan was going to meet with Yin Lin as the disciple of a member of royalty.

Although he was not going to wear the imitation Moonbeam Coronation Costume that the Moon Empress had given him, he still needed to dress appropriately for the occasion.

Lin Yuan took out the completed fey carriage from the Diamond fey storage box.

Next, he released the Emperor Armored Martial God Insects that had been trapped inside a Diamond fey storage box.

All of them were controlled by the Sky Fragrance Beauty Butterflies.

The Sky Fragrance Beauty Butterflies ordered the Emperor Armored Martial God Insects to listen to Lin Yuan. As such, the Emperor Armored Martial God Insects were all obedient now. They would pull the fey carriage across the sky without putting up any protest.

However, Lin Yuan still needed to let out the Sky Fragrance Beauty Butterflies.

Otherwise, the Sky Fragrance Beauty Butterflies’ control over the Emperor Armored Martial God Insects would weaken due to them being in different spaces.

The mutated Emperor Armored Martial God Insect had higher intelligence than the other Emperor Armored Martial God Insects.

However, the higher the intelligence, the more difficult it would be to control.

The Sky Fragrance Beauty Butterflies were Diamond grade. It would be a challenge for them to control the Myth III Emperor Armored Martial God Insects.

However, Rememberling was around. It could help the Sky Fragrance Beauty Butterflies to evolve to Myth Breed as soon as possible.

At that point, Lin Yuan would even be able to instruct the Sky Fragrance Beauty Butterflies to control Creation Breed insects to pull the fey carriage.

The Sky Fragrance Beauty Butterflies could change their targets extremely easily. All they had to do was get rid of one to swap in another.

The 12 Sky Fragrance Beauty Butterflies landed on the Emperor Armored Martial God Insects’ foreheads and controlled them to put the shackles for the fey carriage on itself.

Soon, the fey carriage that had 12 iron angels pulling it took to the sky above the Return from Faraway Mansion.

Four pairs of large wings appeared on Lin Yuan’s back.

When the wings moved, he appeared inside the fey carriage with a flash.

At that moment, a small crimson spider appeared behind Lin Yuan and crawled into the fey carriage.

Instead of changing into human form, the small spider jumped onto Lin Yuan’s shoulder and said, “Little Yuan, I will follow you wherever you go from now on. This way, I’ll be able to step in if you’re ever in danger.”

This small crimson spider was Blood New Moon in its true form.

Blood New Moon had already sworn on the sun to become Lin Yuan’s Protector.

Now, it was fulfilling the duty of being a Protector.

Frankly, it did not need to cling to Lin Yuan at every moment to be his Protector.

However, Lin Yuan was too important to Blood New Moon.

Moreover, in these uncertain times, Blood New Moon could not rest easy knowing that Lin Yuan was out on his own.

Besides the arrival of the envoys from the Freedom Federation at the Radiance Federation, people from Tower Canon might have already infiltrated the Radiance Federation.

Both Tower Canon and the Freedom Federation were enemies of the Radiance Federation.

By making a spectacle out of this journey, it was likely that he would become targeted by those from Tower Canon and the Freedom Federation.

If any of these people tried to secretly attack Lin Yuan, Blood New Moon would be able to protect Lin Yuan.

Blood New Moon was afraid Lin Yuan would be in danger.

Now, Lin Yuan was key in enabling Jade Sundial to be revived.

Blood New Moon had never dared to dream that Jade Sundial would be revived.

But now, Lin Yuan had given it hope.

No matter what happened, Blood New Moon was not going to let go of this chance.

It was permitted to ride avian-type feys and fey carriages above the Royal Capital.

However, avian-type feys needed to register if they were above Gold grade.

If feys above Gold grade pulled a fey carriage, it also needed to be registered.

Normally, there were very few fey carriages that were pulled by Platinum feys.

Platinum feys were extremely expensive and required a large number of resources to be nurtured.

It would require at least three Platinum feys to pull a fey carriage.

This was different from just riding a Platinum fey.

Hence, the ones riding fey carriages were usually members of factions.

Nonetheless, even the members of top factions rode fey carriages pulled by Diamond feys at the very best.

Most of them were still using Platinum feys.

Hence, Lin Yuan’s fey carriage was eye-catching when it took to the sky above the Royal Capital.

The 12 iron angels flew in a three-square-formation with four of them in each group.

In the blue sky, as they flapped their wings, they stunned anyone who laid eyes on them.

Today was the day that the envoy groups from the Azure Federation and Freedom Federation arrived at the Radiance Federation.

The entire Royal Capital was on edge, and Spirit Guards were patrolling every corner.

There was a specialized department for fey carriages and avian-type feys in the Radiance Federation, known as the Ride Transport Department.

The department consisted of Ride Transport Guards, and they were responsible for managing and registering the feys and fey carriages that flew every day.

The Ride Transport Guards on duty had already seen the iron angels and the fey carriage that they were pulling.

Most of the Ride Transport Guards were spirit qi professionals who had contracted Gold feys.

This level of power was sufficient to manage transport.

However, the iron angels in the sky were too remarkable.

Although the Ride Transport Guards did not know what the iron angels were, they could sense that they were far from ordinary and exceeded Diamond grade.

Nonetheless, the Ride Transport Guards who noticed this had already summoned their standard feys, Air Current Hunting Eagles.

They leaped onto the Air Current Hunting Eagles and rode them over to the fey carriage.

Besides being able to control the Emperor Armored Martial God Insects, the Sky Fragrance Beauty Butterflies could also use their spiritual energy to imitate exterior scenery in the fey carriage.

Lin Yuan immediately halted the fey carriage when he saw the Ride Transport Guards.

When the Ride Transport Guards drew near to the Emperor Armored Martial God Insects, they thought, If these iron angels didn’t retract their aura, the Air Current Hunting Eagle would probably have been sent packing with fright, and I would be left plummeting to the ground.

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