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Chapter 1579 - Chimey Turned Into an Instrument, Hundred Bird Returning to Ancestry

Chapter 1579: Chimey Turned Into an Instrument, Hundred Bird Returning to Ancestry

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Chimey’s two blue tail feathers fluttered in the wind and touched the lute atop its head.

The sounds mixed together, and golden musical notes flew out of the lute and danced around Chimey.

It was as though hundreds of birds were returning to ancestry.

Chimey had clearly entered the final phase of the transformation of its bloodline.

As Genius’ spiritual energy shrunk, it started to solidify.


This solidification was completely different from the hand that Genius had produced by condensing spiritual energy.

When Chimey condensed a hand, it was translucent. But at this moment, the shrunken spiritual energy was tangibly real.

Suddenly, this solidified spiritual energy started increasing manifold, and a meow bellowed from within the spiritual energy.

A cat appeared where the ball of light of spiritual energy was.

The cat was twice as large as Genius had been, and its tails reached 20 to 30 meters. Its eight tails swung around wildly.

The tails made from spiritual energy could defend against any damage.

Lin Yuan held his breath. When he saw the evolved Genius, the latter opened its eyes at the same time.

Lin Yuan met the pair of white eyes and saw that they looked empty. But upon closer inspection, there was endless movement in its eyes.

It was as though the eyes contained all the impurities in the world.

At the same moment that Genius opened its eyes, the eight tails behind it clustered around Lin Yuan.

Genius, now gargantuan, walked over to Lin Yuan. With a meow, it leaped into his arms.

Although Genius was now twice as large as it used to be, it was still very pliant in Lin Yuan’s arms.

Previously, Genius’ body had only been around the size of Lin Yuan’s palm. It had been but a mere slip of a kitten.

But now, it finally seemed like a cat.

Lin Yuan noticed that Genius did not feel heavy at all in his arms. Its fur still felt as soft as it had always been.

Genius said to Lin Yuan in a childlike voice, “Yuan, sorry for worrying you! For comparison, I used to only be able to remember three things. But now, I’m able to remember 30 things!”

Lin Yuan thought, Can it be that this evolution enabled Genius’ spiritual energy to increase tenfold?

The strength of Genius’ spiritual energy had already been astonishing. It had only been Diamond/Fantasy, but it had been able to hold its own against Myth III and under spiritual-type feys’ attacks.

Now, that energy had multiplied tenfold. This meant that Genius was most likely impervious to the attacks of Creation Breed spiritual-type feys.

After evolving to Myth Breed, feys’ increment of spiritual energy would start to slow down.

When a fey evolved from Fantasy Breed to Creation Breed, their spiritual energy usually only increased two or three times at the very most.

But with this strength of spiritual energy, Genius could be called the bane of all spiritual-type feys.

At that moment, Genius said, “Yuan, I’m not afraid of psychotoxins anymore, and my soul energy is much better too! I think that I will be able to concoct spirit fluids using my spiritual energy at five times the speed that I used to be able to! I always have a strange feeling when I condense soul power. It’s like I will be able to enter another state when I grab hold of this feeling and start to concoct spirit fluids. However, no matter how much soul power I try to condense, the feeling remains fuzzy. I think I need to comprehend something.”

While talking, Genius did not stop nudging Lin Yuan’s face with its own.

Previously, Genius liked to act coy and restrained.

But this time, after so many near-death experiences, Genius just wanted to cling to Lin Yuan as much as it could. It even wanted to concoct spirit fluids next to Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan became delighted when he heard what Genius said.

Could Genius have found the path to becoming a Class 5 Creation Master?

The Moon Empress had not told Lin Yuan how pinnacle Class 4 Creation Masters could become Class 5 Creation Masterz.

However, Genius’ description had been very close to the feeling that Class 4 Creation Masters experienced when they broke through to Class 5.

Lin Yuan decided that he was going to properly ask the Moon Empress about this.

Mystic Moon was a pinnacle Class 4 Creation Master.

Lin Yuan knew that feys also had the potential to become Creation Masters. However, it was much harder for them than it was for spirit qi professionals.

1 in 10,000 people had Creation Master talent, but only 1 in 100,000 people could become a Class 1 Creation Master.

The chances of a fey becoming a Creation Master was the equivalent of a human becoming a Class 4 Creation Master.

Genius had gone down a different path than Mystic Moon in becoming a Creation Master.

Although both of them were spiritual-type feys, Mystic Moon used his own talent while Genius made use of the abilities of its own kind.

This was the reason all Hundred Questions Beasts could become Creation Masters.

After learning about how Class 4 Creation Masters became Class 5 Creation Masters, Lin Yuan would also be able to help Genius with its comprehension.

Just as Lin Yuan was about to check on Genius’ exclusive skills to see what it had changed into, something else happened to Chimey.

It suddenly tunneled into the golden lute.

As its body entered the lute, the 99 suns suddenly lit up and gathered at the top of the lute.

The last sun hung above the lute.

Lin Yuan looked at the sun in shock.

It looked no different from the normal sun except that it was much smaller.

Yet, it was also able to produce sunlight.

Could it be that Chimey’s bloodline produced an actual sun?

The lute was not done transforming.

It started to play on its own, and thousands of golden birds started to fly in a circular, organized formation.

Chimey had transformed into a totem that was positioned at the center of the lute.

At that moment, the golden birds charged together, and the musical notes formed the figure of a golden girl.

Lin Yuan noticed that the golden girl resembled the human form that Chimey had changed into when it consumed the Spirit Bodhi Fruit.

Chimey’s previous figure had been that of a servant girl. But now, this girl was just like a princess.

The girl picked up the lute, turned, and smiled radiantly at Lin Yuan and Genius.

However, tears started falling from the girl’s eyes.

When the tears landed on the ground, they turned into golden flying birds and clouds that swathed the girl.

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