Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 1578 - Genius Explodes into a Rain of Blood

Chapter 1578: Genius Explodes into a Rain of Blood

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Lin Yuan had just let out a sigh of relief.

He felt that if he used Vitality Imprint, a large amount of vitality would flow into Genius and Chimey’s bodies which would protect them from the negative effects of their transformations.

But before Lin Yuan could relax, something else happened to Chimey and Genius.

But this time, Lin Yuan had no clue how he should handle the situation. This was because Genius had exploded into a rain of blood.

After Genius erupted into blood, the blood solidified in the Spirit Lock spatial zone.


Lin Yuan’s eyes suddenly filled with blood, and he shrieked, “Genius!”

When Genius’ body shattered, all the spiritual energy that it had been trying to suppress exploded.

At that moment, Morbius sighed next to Lin Yuan and said, “So it’s true that bloodlines cannot be continuously evolved.”

Morbius was the partner that Lin Yuan had contracted, and it could understand the relationship between Genius and Lin Yuan.

When Lin Yuan first contracted Morbius, it had used up almost all of Lin Yuan’s spiritual energy.

During that time, Genius had been the one who stood by Lin Yuan’s side.

When all the blood rushed to Lin Yuan’s face, Morbius reached out its hand, and crimson and golden energy flowed from Morbius’ palm toward Genius’ untamed spiritual energy.

In an instant, Genius’ spiritual energy settled down, and it was almost as though it was stewing.

“Partner, don’t worry. Genius is a spiritual-type fey. This evolution of its bloodline will allow it to move toward soul-type. Both spiritual-types and soul-types require the soul. I gave out a small part of my roots, and this will enable Genius to find a way out.”

Although Lin Yuan was prepared, he was still worried about Genius.

According to Morbius, Genius was probably going to become a bodiless lifeform after this evolution.

Although Lin Yuan still liked hugging Genius and seeing it laze around in the sun, nothing else mattered as long as Genius could survive.

Moreover, Genius’ original bloodline transformation involved it losing its body.

Lin Yuan suppressed his worry and asked, “Morbius, are you going to sleep again now that you gave out a part of your roots?”

Morbius shook its head and said to Lin Yuan with a smile, “Thanks to you, I’m now a Gold fey. Now, giving out a part of my roots will only weaken me but not put me to sleep. I will need about another two months to recover my roots. But if you’re able to find the things to fill the holes, filling just one will be enough to enable me to use the power of my roots as I please from now on.”

When Morbius said it would not fall asleep again, Lin Yuan was filled with joy. However, he could not bring himself to smile given the situation that Lin Yuan and Chimey was in.

Chimey had been fighting against the main-phoenix-species fey bloodline in its body.

The main-phoenix-species fey bloodline should have lost all of its fighting spirit.

The change in Genius caused Chimey to become frantic, and it wanted nothing more than to rush over to Genius.

However, the phoenix cry never stopped bothering Chimey, and the main-phoenix-species bloodline continuously tried to gnaw up the Sound Bird bloodline.

Chimey was furious and used the vitality injected by the Jasmine Lily to strengthen its body and recover the Sound Bird bloodline.

Chimey had always cared about its appearance. Yet, it now used its Sound Bird bloodline to ball up the main-phoenix-species bloodline and clawed out the flesh where the main-phoenix-species bloodline had concentrated.

Chimey was so frantic that it pushed itself over the edge and used its Sound Bird bloodline to swallow the main-phoenix-species bloodline.

When Chimey’s Sound Bird bloodline swallowed the luan-species bloodline, it changed.

When he rode on Li Xuan’s fey carriage, Lin Yuan realized that Chimey’s bloodline could suppress the bloodlines of the luan-species feys pulling the fey carriage.

During that time, he wondered if this was related to the fact that Chimey’s Sound Bird bloodline had consumed the luan-species bloodline.

Now that Chimey was consuming the main-phoenix-species fey bloodline, Lin Yuan noticed that Chimey’s bloody body was being suppressed.

This pressure was the same feeling as the one he felt when he sensed the main-phoenix-species bloodline.

But if he tried to make a more detailed comparison, this pressure was stronger than that of the main-phoenix-species fey.

It was as though there was a lifeform in the sky looking over the main-phoenix-species bloodline.

Lin Yuan felt that if Chimey had the chance to encounter a main-phoenix-species fey, Chimey’s bloodline would be able to scare it senseless, even if it was a grade higher than Chimey.

Slowly, Chimey’s aura settled down.

A beautiful light enveloped Chimey.

There were cicada songs interlaced in the golden light. This voice seemed to break through the construct of the world.

Lin Yuan listened to this voice, and it was as though he could hear the hearts of the other lifeforms in the Spirit Lock spatial zone.

The voice in Chimey’s body became increasingly stronger.

Soon, a white feather poked out of the golden light.

This feather was so large that it resembled a fan.

There were layers upon layers of the sun on the feather and a total of 99 suns on the feather.

Soon, another two feathers emerged. These two feathers were slightly longer and thinner.

They were not gold but light blue. They were like two harps, and clouds were the strings.

Soon, numerous cloud musical notes appeared, and a clear avian cry sounded out.

Chimey’s body broke apart with golden light.

Now, the gold and blue were perfectly mixed on Chimey’s body. Previously, the blue and gold had been kept separate.

Chimey pushed everything related to light and the sun to its tail feathers.

The sun patterns on the golden part of its body took the shape of musical notes.

These musical notes solidified above Chimey’s head and slowly transformed into a five-stringed lute.

The top and bottom of the lute seemed to encompass a sunset and sunrise, respectively.

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