Fate Online: Shadow

Chapter 33: Dungeon Dive

In a deserted corner of a forest, with huge cliff and a small opening just enough for a person to pass through, sat eleven players from different character classes nearby, as they patiently waited for someone.

All of them are around Level 4 and 5.

"How long till she arrives?" said a long black haired man wearing a leather armor and armed with a rough looking double headed warhammer, like that of Uther from the World of Warcraft.

"Can’t you be patient? You’re paying for the services of the highest leveled player in the area" a wizard called ’Fire Tempest’ rebuked him with a glare.

Then both of them started glaring at each other, and feeling that the atmosphere had suddenly become tense, a voluptuous black haired priest immediately stepped in and said in a mellow voice.

"Stop it, we didn’t gather here to fight with each other, especially you Jack, stop provoking them" she rebuked him, after all, both parties are in the same guild alliance and it wouldn’t be a good idea if a fight breaks out between them.

"Hmmp!" the person named Jack, with a game ID ’Mangix’ snorted coldly.

While Fire Tempest just sneered at him, and those people behind her, gripped their weapons tightly, all of them ready in case of a fight breaks out.

The voluptuous beautiful priest is called ’Rory’, another popular player like Falling Moon and she ranks, Rank 14 in the Player Rankings, and one of the most influential guild elders in War Dragons!


Suddenly, someone snorted, and when they turned towards where the sound came from, they saw a beautiful woman dressed in hunters outfit, that outlined every inch of her body.

The men couldn’t help but stare at the newcomer with mouths agape with surprised, as they didn’t expect a beautiful woman to suddenly appear, even the person called Jack who was complaining a lot earlier, couldn’t help but gulp at the sight as his eyes were suddenly filled with lust.

[Level7] [Solitary Tempest]

But when they saw her name and level, their faces suddenly turned rigid as they didn’t look at her anymore.

The only exception is Jack as he continued staring lustfully towards her, and then he suddenly saw Solitary Tempest turning her head towards him, glaring.


He suddenly yelped in surprise, as he didn’t expect to get suddenly attack and felt his body moving so damn slow!

Twack! Twack! Twack!

Three more arrows covered in misty frost struck him, his Health immediately plummeted to dangerous levels as the three attacks were critical hits!

"Stop!" Rory yelled, at which Amanda slowly lowered her bow.

"Next time I see you looking at me with those kind of eyes again, I will kill you" Amanda said with an icy tone, as she strode towards where Jenny and her men are.

The men gulped, and the women looked at her in admiration, even Rory couldn’t help but show a hint of respect towards her, as she also knew the feeling of being gawked at by men who only thinks about that thing hanging between their legs.

But Jack, now looks at her with eyes full of hostility as he sat down on the ground eating bread, to refill his lost health.

"Thank you for that spectacular show, Miss Tempest!" Rory said with a smile as she walked towards her and offered her hand for a handshake.

Amanda just smiled at her and shook her hand before letting go.

"Now that you’re here, this is the dungeon our group just recently discovered" Rory said as she pointed towards the small opening on the rock wall.

"We want you to help us to clear the dungeon and we will pay you with the agreed amount, and even if we fail, you’d still received half of it" Rory said.

"Did you guys try running it?" Amanda didn’t immediately answer and instead asked her if they already performed a dungeon run in it.

"You guys wouldn’t be here if we were successful now, do we?" Jack suddenly cut into their conversation, which resulted him into getting glared at by Rory.

Then Rory turned back to Amanda and said, "We already did, a couple of times, but we’re lacking in DPS. We got wiped by the boss three times already"

Rory wouldn’t have resorted to getting help from an outsider, but they didn’t have a choice, as all players are restricted at places they had chosen from the limited choices when they created their characters.

They were unlike Michael, who was able to freely choose where he should start, and it was all thanks to him having a perfect attributes that he was given that privilege.

It wasn’t only Rory and her party that is suffering from the lack of members, all of the guilds are also in the same shoes as them.

"I see, but I have one more condition"

"What is it?"

"I want to get the first pick on the boss drops" Amanda said as she stared hard at Rory.

"What!? No way!" Jack butted in again, and this time, Rory and the others in her team is starting to get annoyed at him as they are wasting more time because of him.

"If you ever opened your mouth again when we are talking, then expect me to immediately kick you out of the party!" Rory said, her voice full of impatience towards him.

Jack immediately shut his mouth when he heard her, after all, getting kicked out from her party is equivalent to getting replaced by another member from their guild, and he didn’t want that to happen as he had worked hard to be able to join her party, so he just shut his mouth and glared at Amanda and the people beside her.


"Alright, I agree, but your commission would be halve" Rory thought for a bit, then offered her a counter offer.

"Sure" Amanda nodded, as she doesn’t really mind about the pay. After all, the reason she accepted their request is for the boss drop and most importantly the Exp. Points she’ll get during the dungeon run.

Rory then sent her a party invitation, which the latter immediately accepted.

"Now that you guys have come to an agreement, we’ll get going then" Jenny finally opened her mouth.

"Thanks!" Amanda smiled at her.

"No problem, be careful out there," said Jenny in a low voice as she smiled at her, and then she suddenly glanced towards the direction of Jack.

"No need to worry" Amanda replied, as she knew what she meant.

Jenny then left with her party, along with the person that Amanda replaced from Rory’s team.

"Let’s go!" Rory said, as all of them immediately went inside, while Amanda followed them last.

[You have entered and discovered the Dungeon - Kobold Lair!]

[Because you are not the first visitor, you won’t receive any reward(s) for discovering the Dungeon - Kobold Lair]

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