Fate Online: Shadow

Chapter 32: Solitary Tempest

"What!? You bought this for him!?" Athena raised her voice towards Michael, as she didn’t expect that the helmet was meant for her brother, she was even a bit disappointed because she thought it was for her.

"This is expensive! I thought it was yours!" Athena was shocked, even her mother wasn’t an exception.

After all, Fate Online is still a rave in the news, on the internet and by the masses, even elderly knows about the game because of how popular it is.

"You weren’t really kidding! You did buy me one!" Dylan was also shocked as he immediately snatched the helmet from his sister.

"Is it really okay for you to give that to Dylan? I know how expensive that thing is" Adalind turned to Michael and said, she’s not really worried about its monthly as she knows that Dylan could still afford it with his combined salary from his two jobs, but she’s instead worried about Michael, after all, she knows his current financial difficulties right now and the thing cost one thousand dollars!

"It’s fine auntie.I also have my own, and you shouldn’t worry so much. I can also earn money playing the game" Michael replied with a smile on his face.

When Athena heard that, her ears immediately perked up and her head turned towards Michael as she ran in front of him with an eager look on her face and said, "So it was real!? That you could really earn money in the game!?"

"Yes, yes" Micheal said as he backed away his head and directly push her face away from him with his hand, "Your face is too close"

"Oh my, why don’t we talk about it on the table, hmm?" Adalind suddenly said, with a scary smile on her face.

Athena suddenly shivered in fright like a rabbit, meeting its nemesis, "Yes mom"

"Come on" Dylan whispered beside him, as the four of them took their own seat on the dining table in the kitchen.

’Now that I think about it, Athena only listens to her mother when she’s truly serious and annoyed’ Michael chuckled as he sat down, as he suddenly remembered a distant memory.

"So..what Athena said earlier, can you really earn money from playing the game?" Dylan turned to Michael and asked with an excited voice.

"Yes, I already earned a lot from it during its first opening" Michael said, as he took a mouthful of food into his mouth.

"That is awesome! So how much did you already make?" Athena said as she looked towards him with shining eyes.

Michael showed them three fingers.

"$300?" Adalind said, as she sipped a glass of fruit juice.

"No, $30,000 USD" Michael grinned widely when he saw their faces filled with disbelief and shock!

Michael had no plans to hide it from them, after all, the reason why he bought a virtual helmet for Dylan is so that he could play and also earn some money at the same time.

"Holy sh*it! Is that true!?" Athena screamed!

"Language young lady!" Adalind immediately rebuked her.

"Sorry, you really earned that much? You’re not messing with us, right?" Athena continued, feeling quite agitated at that huge amount, even Adalind and Dylan wasn’t an exception.

Especially Adalind, as that amount of money is already around her annual salary.

"So, that’s the reason why you’re feeling generous!" Dylan suddenly slapped Michael’s back, and the latter immediately glared at him as he almost choke on the food in his mouth.

’What the? This guy...there’s really something off about him’ Dylan thought, as he felt that this good friend of his just...suddenly became different, in a good way.

Before, Michael always had a little bit of subservient attitude towards others, but this time, he oozes so much self confidence in himself that he’s now able to hold a conversation with his mother, which he noticed just now.

After all, Dylan knows that this friend of his like his mother, who’s into older women, weren’t able to talk properly with her, as he would always try to avoid making eye contact with her.

Then he just shrugged it off, ’No matter, as long as the change is in a good way, then I don’t need to dwell too much thought on it’.

He thought to himself, as he joined the hearty conversation with the others, and at the same time, he felt some expectations towards the world of Fate Online.


Inside a two story house with a balcony at its front, sat a beautiful blonde lady, drinking a cup of tea in front of a glass round table as her gaze directed at the beautiful garden on her front yard.

"Just who is he? Why do I feel like I’ve known him for years when we just briefly met? And why did I feel like I lost something inside me when I laid my eyes on him?" she muttering under her breath, as the event that happened a couple of days ago continued to replay the scene in her mind.

Then she just sighed and said, "No matter, I’ll slowly find out about it, if we meet each other again. Jenny did told me that she met the guy again"

"I’ll go to her place next time and ask her about that guy"

She then slowly stood up, and headed towards her bedroom on the second floor, then sat picked up a virtual helmet from her desk and connected it to her laptop, then she laid on her bed and wore the helmet over her head.


Connect to Fate Online?



She appeared in the middle of a huge city, the buildings were similar to those from the cities in ancient greece, even the vibe and the clothes being worn by the natives in the city are very similar from ancient greeks.

It was like a carbon copy of an ancient greek city!

This woman is currently in a city called Meteora, in the territory of a small kingdom, called Macedon!

"It’s time to grind some levels again" she muttered as she headed towards the nearby city gate, as she passed by players and NPCs that would look towards her direction.

[ Player Status ]

Affiliation: Meteora City

Name: Solitary Tempest

HP: 1110/1110 MP: 750/750

Level: 7

Title: Monster Slayer

Class: Huntress

Strength: 22 Intellect: 30

Agility: 30 Vitality: 8

Luck: 9 Perception: 20

Free Attribute Points: 0

Skills Points: 0


Meteora City: 3030

Magic Resistance: 1%

Attack Damage: 11-21 (+67)

Magic Damage: 6

Health Regeneration: 4 (per minute)

Mana Regeneration: 6 (per minute)

Detection: 12

Defense: 10-23

Attack Speed: 10

Movement Speed: 9


Level 5 Frost Arrow

Level 2 Precision Aura

Level 2 Marksmanship

Level 2 Windrun

"Good day to you, young miss!"

"You too!"

The gate guards greeted her one by one as she passed by the gate, as she also greeted them back with a smile.

Just when she stepped out of the gate, she suddenly received a call from one of her friends.

She immediately accepted it and the voice of a woman immediately sounded from the other side,

"Amanda! Where are you right now!? Hurry up!"

"Geez! I just logged on Jenny! Can’t you guys at least wait for a couple of minutes more!?"

"Just hurry up!"

"Alright! Alright! No need to yell at me! I’m already on my way!"

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