Fate Online: Shadow

Chapter 11: A Dead Man Walking

*Skrie!* *Skrie!* *Skrie!*

The goblin started yelling like mad as it charge towards Michael as it stab its knife towards him, but Michael just easily dodge to side and sent a fierce kick towards it’s waist.


The goblin fell to side, and Michael immediately rushed towards it and sent a flurry of normal attacks and [Bleed], but it didn’t immediately kill the goblin and Michael retreated backwards as the goblin immediately stood up and attack Michael again with the same attack pattern, stabbing his knife towards him.

「- 8!」「- 3!」「- 3!」「- 3!」

Michael ducked and dash passed him and stabbed the goblins back multiple times before rolling forward, as the goblin suddenly turned as it swiped its knife at his head, dodging it only by a hair’s breadth.

"Level 10 monsters are really tough, they have so much health" Michael clicked his tongue as he circled around the goblin, and the latter seems to have learned its lesson as it just observe his movements, with an angry and wary look on its face.

[Green Goblin

Level: 10

Health: 373/600

Status: Bleeding (Losses 1 HP every second for fifteen seconds.]

「- 1!」「- 1!」「- 1!」「- 1!」「- 1!」

"This game is really too real. I could even use attacks that’s not part of my Class Skills" Michael clicked his tongue at how real the game is, but what baffles him is that he actually notice that he was even faster than the goblin who is Level 10, while he’s only Level 4.

But what he didn’t know is that because he almost put his points in his Agility, it already reached the standard stat for a normal Level 10 monster, thanks to his perfect stats and the goblin being the weakest of the Level 10 monsters that he could hunt them, and if this were another different monster, then Michael would have died countless times now even when he knew where the attack is coming.

After all, this is still a game that relies on the players stats and items or else, someone like Michael would have already dominated the beginner areas like it was nothing at all.

*Skrie!* *Skrie!* *Skrie!*

The goblin had become impatient and madly charged towards Michael, but he just dodge passed the goblin and arrived behind it, Michael put his hand on the goblin’s mouth and slit its throat and he sent numerous stab at the goblin’s heart as the goblin flailed in fear and horror!

「Critical Hit -20!」 「Critical Hit -15!」 「Critical Hit -15!」

「Critical Hit -15!」 「Critical Hit -15!」 「Critical Hit -15!」

He just stab, stab, stab the goblin as it flailed around in horror, until it died and there wasn’t even a change in his expression as he did it, probably because he was already used to it and partly because the game made sure that the monster wouldn’t just spurt blood everytime its attacked, so they turned the game into a user friendly one.

After all, they don’t want to nurture future murderers inside the game now, do they?

「Ding dong!」

Michael heard a jingling sound, signifying that he had finally leveled up. The last Green Goblin gave him the last batch of experience to go from Level 4 to finally reached level 5.

Michael then assigned his remaining stat attributes to Agility and Strength and his Skill Points to [Bleed], leveling it to Level 5.

After that he opened his Status Window and check his Character Status.

[ Player Status ]

Affiliation: Haven City

Name: Shadow

Level: 5

Title: None

Class: Assassin

HP: 560/560 MP: 150/150

Strength: 13 Intellect: 10

Agility: 37 Vitality: 10

Luck: 10 Perception: 10

Free Attribute Points: 0

Skills Points: 0


Haven City: 110

Magic Resistance: 0%

Attack Damage: 3-5 (++44)

Magic Damage: 5

Health Regeneration: 6 (per minute)

Mana Regeneration: 2 (per minute)

Detection: 5

Defense: 9

Attack Speed: 9

Movement Speed: 9


Ambush (Passive Skill)

Level 1 Stealth (Active Skill)

Level 5 Bleed (Active Skill)

Michael had noticed that every point in Agility increases, Armor or defense by 0.16, Attack speed by 0.25, Movement speed by 0.25 and lastly, Attack damage by 0.50.

While Strength increases, Maximum health by 20, Health regeneration by 0.1, Magic resistance by 0.10 and Attack damage by 0.50.

But as for the effects of the rest of the attributes, he still doesn’t know how they work as even someone who’s not a gaming geek knows those attributes isn’t suitable for an Assassin Class except probably Perception, as it must be related to detection just from deriving from its name, and most of all, he didn’t want to waste attribute points just for a little experiment.

Not like a little help with an equipment that provides those attribute wouldn’t help.

"I need more skills" Michael thought as he held his chin, and then he decided that he would go back to the city and but some skills, some bread and probably a low level potion just in case.

He then picked up the things that the goblin drop, it was 37 Coppers and a Rusted Knife with 5-8 Attack damage.

Then he finally threw his beginner shoes and equipped the [Ash Wolf Boots], increasing his Agility and Strength by 1 and a bit of increase in his movement speed.

After that, Michael slowly walked back towards Haven City, as he passed through a swamp lands full of Level 6-8 Monsters, then a forest full of Level 5 monsters, and arrived in a vast plain where most of the newbie players are farming monsters and doing their own quest.

The plain is called Central Plains with monsters such Foxes, Horned Deer, Rabbits and a monster that looks like a mole. The monsters range in between Levels 1 - 4.

"Hey, someone came out of the Haven Forest alone" a guy sitting while eating bread, nudge his companion and gestured towards Michael who is walking away from the forest.

His companion immediately turned his head and looked towards the person his friend is gesturing at, "Hmm? That guy seems to be familiar"

"Oh? How so? Is he a Ranker or something?" the player called Blazing Flames hastily asked his friend as he grew excited.

Sun Star didn’t answer and thought for a moment before he finally remembered a person, "Ahh! It’s the guy who sold the Wizard Skill Book to boss Falling Moon! She told us to keep an eye on him, and I think now is time"

[Boss, I saw that guy called Shadow and he came out of Haven Forest all alone, and noticed that his boots is already different from the Beginner Shoes] Sun Star immediately a private message to Falling Moon.

Which the latter immediately responded back, [Follow him, and see what he’s up to]

[Alrighty Boss] Sun Star immediately closed the window and looked towards Blazing Flames and said, "He may be not a Ranker, but he sure is an expert. Come on, boss told us to follow him"

He immediately got up, followed by Blazing Flames as they sneakily followed Michael from a distance and acted that they are killing monsters while keeping an eye on him.

Michael who was just casually walking towards the city suddenly sense something unusual behind as his ears twitch slightly, he grinned and muttered, "Someone is following me, people from Black Skull, from other guilds or just players who are too curious for their own good?"

"Pity, I can’t kill them here" Michael smiled helplessly as the Central Plains is a safe zone and only the lands beyond this is PK free.

"Follow all you want, not like I care, but if I found out that you’re members from Black Skull, then I will make sure to kill you when I have the chance" Michael muttered as a cold glint flashed through his eyes.

"Anyone related to Jin is a dead man walking"

Michael silently walked back to the city and arrived passed the gates after two minutes.

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