Fate Online: Shadow

Chapter 10: You Just Need To Do This and Everything Would Be Easy As Pie!

The players immediately dispersed, just like how fast they gathered here.

"Give me your account number then" Falling stood in front of Michael and said.

Michael privately sent her his bank account number connected to his helmet, and when he received the notification that $10,000 had been successfully sent to his bank account. Only did Michael traded the Wizard Skill Book to her.

Finally completing their transaction.

Michael said his goodbyes, and slowly walked away from them.

"You do know that you’ve already offended those players from Black Skull, right? They might not bother you yet, but when they have sufficient levels and equipment, they would surely come hunting you down"

The voice of Falling Moon rang behind, as Michael just smiled to himself and waved at them with his back facing them.

"Be careful then!" Falling Moon shouted.

"Wow, he’s really arrogant, isn’t he?" a girl, around 18 or 19 years old and called Moon Bunny scoffed at Michael’s attitude.

Unlike Fallen Moon who is clearly a beauty around mid or late twenties, her sister Moon Bunny on the other hand, is another blonde beauty but some of her actions shows that she has a bit of a bitchy attitude unlike her older sister, who is more amicable and easygoing.

Falling Moon just smiled at her little sister and handed her the Skill Book [Ray of Frost]

"Use it well, you’re one of our top wizards so don’t disappointed us now" Falling Moon said, as she ruffled Moon Bunny’s hair.

"Thank sis and don’t worry about me! If I say I’m number two in the entire guild then no one would claim that they are number one!" Moon Bunny said while proudly puffing out her voluptuous chest!

"Kekeke, just what you’d expect from a Ranker in the Player Rankings! Easygoing and full of confidence!" Storm Breaker’s party walked over to them.

"Tsk, shut it old man" Moon Bunny clicked her tongue, and turned her head to the side.

The Player Rankings, this is where the best gamers around the world are ranked together! Of course there is a limit, the ranking only records the first one hundred fifty players, and they are the best of the best gamers around the world!

Moon Bunny ranks as the 21st, while Storm Breaker is in the 17th Rank, and Judgement Fall is only at the 39th Rank and lastly, Falling Moon is the 7th Ranker, one of the most popular gamers in the world!

Her popularity even surpasses those international celebrities.

And she’s only one of the two women to enter the Top 10 Rankings, while the other woman is a very mysterious player called Solitary Tempest, an unusual name for a woman but a very fitting name for the World’s Number One Player!

And being a mysterious player, no one knows a lot about her, only that she had dominated the Player Rankings for a straight five years, a very talented player, and last but not least, she has one hot rocking body~!

After all, their game character is based on their bodies in real life, and the only thing they can alter at every VR game is their appearance for only 10%.

But soon!

The Gaming World would be soon taken in a storm by a player, with an in-game I.D, [Shadow]~!

But that would be a story in the future.


"What do you think about him?" Fallen Moon asked Storm Breaker, hinting the question at the player called Shadow, that sold them Skill Book.

"Shadow? Hmm..he’s good, and it seems he wasn’t even bothered about us being members from two of the nine major guilds, so I can say that he’s either confident about his skills or he’s just lazy to care about it, and is only playing the game for money" Storm Breaker gave his short but rough analysis about Michael from observing him earlier.

"Yeah, I noticed, it seems he really wasn’t bothered about the threat of Black Skulls posed to him" Fallen Moon also came to the same conclusion as he is.

"What’s so good about him that you two can’t still get over him?" Moon Bunny scoffed at them, as she can’t really understand what’s so special about that guy that these two are still talking about him, even the other members in their party are also thinking about the same thing.

"You don’t understand" Storm Breaker shook his head and then continued, "Do you see my Level?" he said as pointed at his level above his head.

Moon Bunny nodded, "So?"

Storm Breaker smiled, and asked her, "Then did you see his Level?"

"Of course, he’s the s- wait, no way! Are you telling me he’s -" Moon Bunny nodding with her eyes closed, when it suddenly snapped open as she finally realized what they’re getting on.

"Right! He has the same level as the three of us, and could only mean one thing, he was the one who took the last hit on the boss that Jin and his party was hunting earlier" Seeing that she’s finally getting on the same thought process as Falling Moon and him, Storm Breaker started giving more analysis about Michael.

"And he had also taken all the best loot under their noses, and escaped unscatched from them, and I also heard a more detailed story of the even from a good "friend" ours in their guild"

Storm Breaker was referring to their spies planted in Black Skull.

"And that he killed three of Jin’s party members before taking the last hit on the boss, and he did all that in under thirty seconds!"

Storm Breaker said, and started observing the reaction of the others after hearing all that, and except for Falling Moon and Moon Bunny, the others all had shocked look on their faces, as they started discussing in low voices about the player called Shadow, they might not be one of the best but they are still experts in their own right and they know that an unknown player having that kind of capabilities could already ranked within the Player Rankings.

After all, not just any player could do that and even those in the Top 10 can’t confidently say they could do what Shadow did, and because Jin and his part are not just some average joe’s out there, as they are one of the best parties inside their guild!

"Tsk, he’s still a jerk" Moon Bunny snorted, and being Ranker, of course she already heard about it, it’s just that she can’t accept that the guy is showing some attitude towards them even after knowing who they are.

If Micheal heard about Storm Breaker’s analysis about him, then he would probably that the guy is actually a tv reporter in real life!

But Moon Bunny on the other hand, he probably scoffed at her and sent her the look ’The f*ck are you talking about? Are you guys worthy of my attention? Can I make money watching you guys? If not then, f*ck the hell off my face!’

"Achoo! Hmm..someone is probably talking bad about me behind my back" Michael rubbed his nose, as he sidestep, dodging an attack from a goblin.


Then he planted his dagger on the goblin’s head, killing it.

Michael immediately picked up the loot and looked at his exp bar.

"Thirty more goblins to go and I’ll be Level 5"

If there were other players here, then they would be shocked that a player is actually hunting Level 10 Monster like it was nothing.

If someone were to ask him how he is doing it, then Michael would answer them this.

"It’s easy, you just need to time their attacks and their trajectories, then after all that, it would become easy as pie!"

"Good thing this is just a game though! I at least died three times doing all that!"

They would probably curse him if he did that, after all, no one could hunt a Level 10 monster so early in the game!

They would instead label him as an abnormality!

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