Fatal Shot

Chapter 350 - Electromagnetic Machine Gun Operation Chip

Chapter 350: Electromagnetic Machine Gun Operation Chip

Western Silvermoon City.

As a city on the border, besides typical defense infrastructure, at all the empty spaces there were also silver metallic walls built that were normally hidden underground and could be raised to a height of close to 10 meters in emergency situations. On top of these metallic walls, there were also laser-firing devices at one-meter intervals, which were driven together by the city’s defense system and single Energy Crystals.

During times of war, these laser-firing devices would immediately be engaged to form a deadly laser net with a range of a few meters above the Energy wall, preventing all land organisms from entering the city.

Silvermoon City had met many attempts at infiltration by the rebellion — this line of defense had been successfully blocking the most threatening monster army of the rebellion’s land troops. But clearly, any defense facility would only be able to defend against enemies from the outside.

When Silvermoon City’s number one guild had infiltrated the Roaring Dragon Mercenary Group’s rebellion camps at almost every corner of Silvermoon City, this land defense which was supposedly Silvermoon City’s steadiest had already been broken from the inside. The Guards, with their leadership already breaking down from having the entire power supply of the defense system cut and the Roaring Dragon Mercenary Group’s attack, did not have enough manpower at all to engage the laser-firing devices.

Hence, all that was left on top of the wall was dead silence and darkness!

No… at that moment, there were also chewing noises!

At a corner on top of the metallic wall where it was wider than the rest of the structure, soft noises sounded from the defense platform on which a six-barreled electromagnetic machine gun was standing. A “person” wearing the Guards combat uniform was squatting beside the bloodied machine gun with his head lowered, feasting on something.

At a closer look, on this dimly-lit defense platform, there was an extremely pale-faced, wide-eyed NPC Guard soldier similarly wearing the Guards uniform, left with only the upper section of his chest!


Just when the male zombie was fully concentrating on its feasting, a soft noise sounded above his head all of a sudden. A small arrow-like silver object had clung onto the tripod of the six-barreled machine gun beside it, after which six little claws sprung out from the arrowhead, firmly clasping the tripod.


The male zombie raised its head with the side of its mouth dripping with reddish-black blood, its completely expressionless pair of eyes left with only the greyish-white sockets.

Its deteriorated eyes did not see anything from where the noise had sounded, and so after a howl, it continued its meal.


Suddenly, as if guided by something from outside the metallic wall, a black silhouette landed straight on this metallic platform.

“Seems like the situation is more serious than I expected!”

His legs landed steadily; still wearing his Thunder Armor, Feng Luo saw the situation and his forehead creased.


The male Guard zombie was alerted by the fresh organism and when it realized that it was food, it quickly stood up and with its mouth wide open and lunged at Feng Luo with a howl.

“If even this place has already been taken up by the zombies, then I’m afraid the players in Silvermoon City now are already doomed! The situation is out of control!” Feng Luo’s eyes showed a little panic.

With a reverse attack with Ghost Weep held in his right hand, the reddish-black knife tip had pierced straight into the head of the Guard zombie which had come in front of him.


This zombie was a Level 42 Normal-Grade infected person — its skull could not withstand the damage from being pierced through by the icy-cold knife blade of Ghost Weep.

[“You have killed a Zombie (Level 42 · Normal), Experience earned: 42. Biohazard crisis plot points earned: 1!”]

“If only I hadn’t wasted so much time being jammed on the road…”

With a twist of his wrist, Feng Luo pulled Ghost Weep out, after which reversed the hold in his right hand and reached out a finger to tap on the Agent Wristwatch on his left hand.


With the use of the almost transparent traction line able to withstand 20T of pull, the silver Intelligent Small Traction Anchor coiled around the tripod of the six-barreled electromagnetic machine gun, was quickly unlocked, and kept back into the Agent Wristwatch in a second.

A traction anchor and a traction line.

These two Agent tools had been used before and supplied to all participants and players of the Agent Investigation Mission; now having felt the practicality of these things, Feng Luo had spent points to exchange for a set after his profession transfer.

“It’s just that the system is still really a bit of a scammer. At that time, there was no limit at all on the usage frequency; this set now can only be used 20 times in exchange for 200 points. And it’s not only this but things like Strong Blinding Needles and Basic Disguise Potions that all require certain points to be able to use them”

Feng Luo looked at the usage frequency of the traction equipment set which had once again reduced by one, shaking his head. Thereafter, he did not stay for long as he turned and walked off towards the edge of the platform, preparing to jump off.

But at that moment, on this dimly-lit platform where there was no lighting facility, the Guard soldier’s corpse which had already been bitten till only half of it was left suddenly opened its eyes, revealing bloodshot eyeballs!


It twisted its head, howling as it moved its two arms in a crawling motion on the platform, wanting to grab Feng Luo’s legs just as he was about to leap off!



A bullet hit its head, and a yellow weak point damage coefficient emerged.

The powerful enhanced force of this bullet created a trail of blood out of the zombie as it crashed into the wall at the side of the platform. It was not that Feng Luo could not use guns while having double professions and wearing light armor.

Despite the fact that it was now Light Armored Warrior equipment he was clad in, he only needed one second of time if he wanted to switch to his Sniper profession.

Moreover, the attributes of the Thunder equipment set were similarly mainly of Agility; although there would no longer be the profession’s specialized enhancement after switching and so HP and defense would be a little affected, the effect on attack power was not extremely high. Besides, with Tyrant’s 700 attack power, even if there was no enhancement from other equipment, it would also be able to hit produce damage!

However, after being hit by Tyrant’s large-caliber bullet in the head, not only did this corpse not die, but its critical point was also not hit even with the bullet embedded into its skull — it was actually still howling and crawling towards Feng Luo.

“Not dead yet?”

Feng Luo froze slightly, after which realized that this half section of an infected being had actually become a Level 45 Elite-type zombie!

However, having been chewed into this state, even if it was a Commander version, it probably did not have much combat power at all — it would just be a target.

“Ping, ping, ping…”

Feng Luo’s Tyrant consecutively fired three shots once more, the last shot absolutely blowing up its head. Just then, there was another situation which he had unexpected, making him pause in his footsteps when he was initially already about to leave.

A white-shining Chip-like prize had actually dropped from the Elite Guard soldier zombie!

“Zombies can also produce Chips?”

Feng Luo was a little curious — after all, at Roguetown, the infected zombies seemed to have only produced supplies, Crystals, and Enhancement Potions.

[“YYC-023 six-barreled electromagnetic machine gun, Immediate Operation Chip!”

Grade: None!

Upon use: able to operate corresponding six-barreled electronic machine gun model for one minute!]

“The corresponding…”

Feng Luo took one look at the six-barreled electronic machine gun at the side, after which he stored the Chip into his backpack and did not stay any longer. With a leap straight into the air from the platform, he jumped to the ground from a height of close to 10 meters.

To him, now was not the time to probe into just what “techniques” the system had arranged for players against zombies in the plot mission this time, but the time to first look for Old John and his men!

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