Fatal Shot

Chapter 349 - Oddities of Hound

Chapter 349: Oddities of Hound


Faced with the incoming alloy shield, Feng Luo retracted Ghost Weep suddenly and quickly put his arms in front of him, making a sort of blocking stance with his Thunder equipment as bracers.


The alloy shield slammed Feng Luo’s arm. The powerful impact of Shield Bash pushed Feng Luo back a few steps, almost tossing him into the air.

“Everyone, hurry up! The military knife he’s wielding is definitely Legendary… What is he—?”

Seeing Feng Luo’s unforgiving gaze and ice-cold face, the Heavy Armor Warrior felt a chill down his spine and stopped in mid-sentence — he only managed to shout out half of what he wanted to say!

It was actually Feng Luo, who had an absolute advantage, who suddenly made an error. As he was moving too fast, it seemed as if he failed to stop and as a result, failed to dodge the Heavy Armor Warrior’s frontal assault.

Although Feng Luo managed to put up his hands to guard to reduce the damage before getting hit, a number of over a thousand still appeared above his head while his body was slammed backward!

It was actually not rare to see a situation where players failed to stop in their footsteps. After warriors activated the skill Charge, their maximum speed would increase several folds. In situations like these, if the brain failed to react in time, it was incredibly difficult to control one’s movements; some newbie warriors would even be caught in awkward situations such as crashing into trees after casting Charge.

As for Feng Luo’s Raging Charge, his movement speed was a lot faster than the speed of Warriors using Charge. Some of the warrior players tried putting themselves in Feng Luo’s shoes and found that at that speed, they would probably feel dizzy and it would be impossible for them to fight without making any mistakes. That was why, when they were watching the battle, they felt both shocked and jealous. After all, they could see a huge advantage in fighting at that high speed. The Heavy Armor Warrior did not even manage to touch Feng Luo.

However, not everyone’s brain could keep up with such speed, at the very least, most of the warriors did not believe they could do it.

“Damn! He finally made a mistake!”

“He focused on adding agility and had been using Raging Charge all this time. I knew he wouldn’t be able to keep it up without slamming into a wall!”

As such, upon seeing Feng Luo finally make a mistake and get hit by the shield, a few of the warriors actually breathed a sigh of relief, and from the tone of their voice, they were enjoying the fact that Feng Luo had slipped up, probably because as they saw someone so much stronger than them, they were seeking some sort of balance.

“No, that’s not a mistake!”

“When he made that defensive stance, he already kept his military knife. If he’s able to do that, how could he have failed to control his body?” Only Hound1007 rejected the notion that Feng Luo had made a mistake without any hesitation.

One had to admit that Hound1007 was quite amazing as he guessed right again.

Certainly, Feng Luo did not make a mistake; it was an intentional action.

A normal Light Armor Warrior would certainly fail to keep up with the high speed after Charge was used. However, Feng Luo’s brain had already “mutated,” and it was a lot more active than your average Joe. Not to mention Raging Charge — even if his speed were to double, he would only need some time to adapt before he mastered it! That was why his action of getting hit by the Heavy Armor Warrior’s shield after failing to react was intentional!


At that moment, as Feng Luo was pushed back by the strong impact from the shield bash, his cold and glaring gaze had a sense of mockery in it.

After that, in the next moment, his body spun quickly. His speed after Raging Charge was incredible, and before the players who had any ideas could react, Feng Luo had already entered the dense forest.

“He… ran away?”

The people watching the fight were stunned! Some of them reacted after a while. Then, their expressions turned ugly. Those who were prepared to attack or cast their skills suddenly looked ridiculous.

They were waiting for the right moment, and now, ignoring the fact that the moment had not yet come, their target was gone!

The Heavy Armor Warrior with one-third of his HP also stopped himself mid-sentence because of this. Initially, he had already decided to announce the fact that Feng Luo held a Legendary grade item so that even if he had to die, he would take Feng Luo with him. But unexpectedly, Feng Luo, who had been suppressing him all the while and had even displayed a vicious smile, actually ran away in the next moment!

The forest was very dense. Although the sun still illuminated the forest, it was quite dark inside. After Feng Luo entered the forest, no one would be able to catch him, even if they wanted to, due to his incredible speed.

So, at that moment, only the tattered and battered Heavy Armor Warrior with less than one-third of his HP left was left standing on the battlefield with his scarred shield and damaged armor.

“Well, at least I’m alive and didn’t lose a level. Otherwise, with my Illegal points, I might drop an item or two!”

Although he didn’t know if the Light Armor Warrior left because he had detected danger or not, the Heavy Armor Warrior still felt relieved. At the very least, he managed to maintain his experience. Since his little group constantly used the red-haired player’s scouting talent to kill others, they had high Criminal Points. So, if he died, he might really drop a couple of items!

“Hold on… Dropped equipment, damn it…”

At that moment, the Heavy Armor Warrior suddenly realized a problem and his face sunk.

After Feng Luo left, he himself had become a target. Everyone’s attention was now focused on him!

No, to be exact, they were focused on the areas surrounding his teammates’ corpses, the areas where the dropped items were gathered.

Since the Heavy Armor Warrior and his two friends had high Illegal Points and Criminal Points, it might have been fine if they had been killed by someone else, but now that they were killed by Feng Luo, they should have really considered themselves unlucky!

One should not forget that Feng Luo was equipped with the Town of Exile Badge of Honor, which had the unique attribute of increasing the drop rate of people with high Illegal and Criminal Points!

As such, after the Scout and the Fire Manipulator died, a lot of items dropped on the ground. These included potions, energy crystals, special potions… and there were also a few pieces of equipment. And for a PK fight in the wild like this, the dropped items belonged to no one, so anyone could essentially go and pick them up.

Although Excellent Grade items were no longer attractive to Feng Luo now, for the other players who only had Fine Grade or below weapons, Excellent Grade equipment was incredibly tempting!

Previously, because Feng Luo and the Heavy Armor Warrior were still PKing, the surrounding players were all wary of each other and did not move.

However, right now, the owner of all the equipment had died, and the other person who owned all the dropped spoils had left. The battlefield only had one low HP Heavy Armor Warrior who was an associate of the ex-owners of these items.

More importantly, the Heavy Armor Warrior also had relatively high Illegal and Criminal Points, and if they killed him, it wouldn’t even increase their Criminal Points. Plus, the players who initially had some ideas but were caught off guard by Feng Luo’s departure were feeling quite annoyed and irritated as their prepared skills and attacks could not be released.

So, what would happen in a situation like this?



“Pa, pa…”

In a split second, at least seven to eight players moved. A bunch of skills and attacks flew towards the Heavy Armor Warrior!

“Damn it!” The Heavy Armor Warrior’s face sunk. He picked up his shield and turned around. Then, he aimed his shield at the attacks coming towards him. In the battle with Feng Luo, he had used up all his skills, so was it possible for him to block all these attacks with less than one-third of his HP and his tattered shield?



“-223, -234, -244!”

Though his shield blocked the attacks, as the skills and attacks hit, the Heavy Armor Warrior’s HP dropped drastically, and in an instant, he was left with less than 1,500 HP!



However, what puzzled him was that after he turned around to block these skills with his shield, a sound like popping a champagne bottle came from the empty forest behind him. After that, he felt a strong impact on the spot on his back that was previously stabbed by the Light Armor Warrior’s military knife. Suddenly, everything turned black!

The Heavy Armor Warrior dropped on the ground with a puzzled expression as the white light of death flashed.

After that, just like his companions, he dropped a bunch of items and gears, and as his Criminal Points were even higher, he dropped even more valuables. However, since the alloy shield was placed in a position where the angle was blocked, and due to all the vibrant colors from various skills, no one was sure who got the final hit to kill the Heavy Armor Warrior. Of course, no one really cared.

Three players with decent gears had dropped so much loot, and this, in turn, ignited a second round of battle!

“Not bad! This guy has incredible potential!”

Although his line of sight was also blocked by the alloy shield and he did not manage to see the details of the Heavy Armor Warrior’s death, Hound1007, who had decided to quickly leave the battlefield and was already a distance away, looked very satisfied.

After that, he turned on his personal terminal and entered some information.

“ID: ? Name: ? Level: 50. Profession: Light Armor Warrior…”

“Rare Skills Possessed: Battle Will, Enhanced Martial Arts… Weapon: A dark red military knife suspected of being at the Legendary Grade…”

“Assessed Power: A+? Suggest being added to the Three-tier Observation List. Apply authorization for in-game tracking!”

However, from the content recorded by the Hound member, it seemed like it wasn’t merely simple intelligence on expert players. It looked as if they had other objectives…

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