Fatal Shot

Chapter 332 - Colony Psionic Shield!

Chapter 332: Colony Psionic Shield!

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“Not right, it’s not completely black!”

At that moment, Feng Luo looked closely and realized that as the Black Beetle Commander was standing up, its six limbs and its abdomen actually had tinges of gold!

It was just because it was too dark at where it was, and previously following everyone’s tossing of their lighting tools over, they could not see clearly. The brightness of the two Fire skills now had allowed Feng Luo to notice it!

However, even though 24K’s little eyeballs were staring at the Black Beetle Commander, the Black Beetle Commander seemed like it had not noticed its “own kind” on Feng Luo’s shoulder, while it just continuously opened its mouthpiece, persistently letting out its mental attack!


Feng Luo swiftly opened fire; this shot he had fired was not an “Energy explosive bullet” but a shot from “Tyrant” hung on his tactical vest!


The bullet flew across the sea of fire and through the firewall which had blocked part of their line of sight, accurately hitting the Black Beetle Commander and causing a damage coefficient of close to 3000!

At the same time, the powerful force of the bullet sent the Black Beetle Commander instantly smashing into the silver metallic wall behind it!

“Hm? An average defense!”

Feng Luo twitched a little.

He had used just a very normal D-Grade handgun bullet with 20% damage enhancement, but it was actually able to deplete almost 3000 HP of the Black Beetle Commander by causing a weak-point damage – this monster Commander’s defense was actually lower than that of Elite-Grades!

“So it’s the Mental Attack!”

“Sonic Attack, Mental Attack, Poison Gas Attack…there’s no attack method of the monsters in this ruin that’s typical!”

After being strongly pushed back by Feng Luo with Tyrant, the Black Beetle Commander’s mental attack was finally cut off, and everyone’s vision had been restored!


But right after, the Black Beetle Commander below the metallic wall once again produced a distorted noise from its mouth. After which, its eyes suddenly flashed a streak of gold color and its mouth once again widened facing them!

“Not again!”

Everyone was dumbfounded, while Mu Zi instantly raised his submachine gun and fired a string of bullets at it!

“Pai, pai, pai…”

But unexpectedly, it did not seem like a mental attack this time.

When the submachine gun bullet landed on it, a layer of faint grey forcefield appeared on the outside of the Black Beetle Commander!

“An Energy Forcefield!”

Seeing this, everyone rather heaved a sigh of relief. A Black Beetle Commander having an Energy Forcefield was not strange.

“Not right, why do all of them have forcefields!”

Right after, Chairman Jiao let out an exclamation of shock.

In the rolling sea of fire in front of everyone, on those Level 35 Elite beetles which already had an entire half of their HP gone actually similarly had semi-transparent faint grey forcefields appearing around them!

And after they had forcefields on them, the Elite Darkness Beetles as if instantly ignored the containment of the Earth Energy skill range as they one by one lunged towards the players once again!

“It’s actually a colony forcefield!”

“This won’t do, everyone retreat, open the formation a little!”

Everyone was dumbfounded again, then hurriedly retreated as they fought.

They had no choice but to retreat, as although these Elite beetles’ HP had fallen by quite a bit due to the two Fire range skills, in addition to the previous attack leaving many left with only half their HP, the addition of the forcefields was equivalent to adding a lot of HP plus having special effects.

“Ping, ping!”

Feng Luo followed the team and retreated as well, changing back to the Eye of the Thunder in his hands and shooting the beetles which had already leapt above the front line of the team!

“Tch, tch!”

However, when 24K who was initially “confronting” the Black Beetle Commander saw the opponent’s layer of grey forcefield, its little claws suddenly waved, at the same time sending a message to Feng Luo via “Mental Link”!

“You’re saying, these are Psionic Shields?”

Feng Luo was shocked once more.

The Psionic Shield!

This was the skill possessed by 24K at that time after its evolution and when it had reached Level 30 upon absorbing the power of the Psionic Water Crystal – this beetle Commander was actually able to use it?

What else was it able to do?

“Mental Link? Hatch eggs? Summon wormholes…”

During the interval between two shots, Feng Luo looked carefully once more near the Black Beetle Commander!

Unexpectedly, on the wall beside that faint golden beetle, indeed a black hole had appeared and a dark red claw-shaped limb stretched out from it!

“Sh*t, it really can do the wormhole thing!”

“And it’s summoning Elite Blade Beetles which are furthermore of Elite-Grade!”

Feng Luo’s expression had really changed then!

It must be known, even though 24K was a BOSS, because it had become a pet, its skills and everything else were considered of a weakened version. Due to its overall Psionic Energy and the small number of Normal beetles hatched from eggs, the number of beetles it summoned each time was not considered a lot.

But the Black Beetle Commander was a full-fledged Commander-Grade wild monster, who the hell would know how many beetles it would be able to summon!

“This won’t do, we have to stop it!”

In the black hole, there was already one dark red Bladed Beetle jumping out from inside. Right after, two grey Suicide Bombeetles had also charged out, with their “buzzing” flapping wings!


Feng Luo panicked slightly; at that moment, he could no longer let 24K keep its ability hidden, and he made it engage “Wormhole”, preparing to “send troops”!

He knew the Black Beetle Commander’s weakness – although able to direct a beetle army, its personal ability was very weak, therefore they would be able to eliminate the threat if they were just able to kill this monster Commander!

Actually, in his subconsciousness, Feng Luo had all along been a little deliberate in hiding 24K’s ability.

Just like before this ruins mission, although he had let 24K come out, he did not let it reveal its capabilities – even if Chairman Jiao and the others had mistaken 24K to be an Elite-Grade pet, he did not explain!

Perhaps, Feng Luo himself had not anticipated this situation? He also did not ponder much about the reason.

But at that moment, he was already prepared to no longer keep it a secret.

Feng Luo instantly told 24K through the Mental Link not to be concerned about the output and finish off the Darkness Beetle Commander, or at least drag the time until they had finished off the Elite beetles, and at the same time, he took out the last half a piece of Psionic Water Crystal to give it to 24K!

“Tch, tch!”

24K called out and a wave of excitement came through the Mental Link!

Then, the team of players had already been forced by the horde of Elite Black Beetles to retreat until the last stretch of the passageway, with a turn around a corner, they had been separated from the Commander beetle and for a moment already could not see the situation on the other side!

These Elite beetles with Psionic Shields and which had successfully come close had created a huge threat to the players!

They originally had not bad a defense and their mouthpieces which were able to bite through shields were all the more able to cause threat to any profession.

Once they charged among the group of players, the Nightless City team, left with only one Heavy Armored Warrior who was Rose Thorns, should really be in trouble.

After all, this was a situation whereby the over 40 Level 35 Elite monsters could not be eliminated by the range skill. The colony-type Elite monsters charging into the team was also of an extreme danger.

Just then, on the ground on the other side of the corner, a black wormhole had already formed, and similarly, a dark red “claw” reached out!

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