Fatal Shot

Chapter 331 - B-Grade Energy Explosive Bullet!

Chapter 331: B-Grade Energy Explosive Bullet!


A gun had sounded!

For a moment, Feng Luo indeed did not react, but he was in a diligent and prudent attitude once he started, making him still the first to react!

With his finger pressed down on the trigger, from the barrel of the Eye of the Thunder, a bullet carrying a faint blue glow burst out!

But this was not like the Energy armor-piercing bullet from before!

Because the speed of this bullet was far slower than the Energy armor-piercing bullet, and its bullethead was also significantly bigger than that of the Energy armor-piercing bullet – within it was a unique structure.

Of course, the slowness was in comparison – the flying speed of this type of bullet was undeniably above 400M/S, thus, in not even 0.05 seconds, this bullet had already collided with the charging horde of Elite Black Beetles!


In the middle of the passageway, a blue-white Energy field appeared in an instant.

The Elite Black Beetle hit was engulfed by the Energy field in an instant. Due to being completely unable to dodge, even the 20, 30 beetles behind it had quickly been knocked into the range of the Energy field!




A bunch of yellow damage coefficients flashed across, almost all of them of 2500 and above, and among them was even one damage of more than 3000.

If totaled, the damage output of this bullet had probably already exceeded 50,000!

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“This damage…”

Everyone had surprise in their eyes!

Such a mass-attack range damage, calculating according to the defense power and Energy resistance of these beetles from before, probably would not have been able to be achieved even if was a Fire Manipulator’s mass-attack skill. And it had actually come from a Sniper?

“Not a bad damage, but it’s totally burning money!”


Feng Luo raised the Eye of the Thunder; with Rapid Shooting engaged, a new bullet had already been shot out in just around 0.7 seconds!





A blue-white Energy field appeared once more in the air, as well as a bunch of yellow weak point damage coefficients with 50% talent enhancement!

[Energy Explosive Bullet (B-Grade)]

Attack power increase by 30%, an Energy field will be created by the explosion upon hitting the target, causing range damage!

B-Grade bullets!

Right, the two bullets just now were two precious B-Grade bullets!

Previously on the Huan Yu auction, he had won a few things, among which were a few types of special bullets. Other than the C-Grade explosive armor-piercing bullet, this type B-Grade Energy explosive bullet was one of them!

This type of “Energy explosive bullet” had caught his interest as it could cause range damage upon exploding!

Always as a pathetic single-damage profession, the slowness of leveling up and the powerlessness of output when killing monsters were undoubtedly the closest personal experiences of every Sniper player.

Therefore, after seeing this bullet, Feng Luo was delighted for a moment and bid for it.

As for the price…it was 2100 credits for one on average – this was the reason why he had said that it was burning money!

But luckily, the damage of this bullet was a boost.

When it was able to cause such damage to a monster with such strong Energy resistance as the Black Beetle, the damage to typical monsters would probably be even higher!

It was just that the price was indeed a little too expensive!

A bullet which cost 200 bucks; if not for the team’s loss of a Machine Gunner and thus their lacking in explosive power, plus with the exploration mission already nearing its end, he definitely would not have used his precious B-Grade bullet on this!

But it had to be said, these two bullets had at least pushed the horde of Elite Black Beetles back a bit, as a result allowing the other people in the team to follow-up with output and control!

“Da, da, da…”

“-280, -300, -345…”

The Rare submachine gun in Mu Zi’s hands had already spilled out a string of bullets!

“Sea of Fire!”


The two Fire Manipulators once again threw out consecutive range skills enough to seal up the entire passageway!

“Energy Molecular Petrification!”

Chairman Jiao, with a wave of his staff, once again threw out a Rare skill!

The structure of a lump of Earth Energy in the air within the region suddenly changed, and the next moment, most of the Elite Black Beetles attempting to charge over had slowed down in their movement, like they were trapped in a quagmire!

Thereafter, from their bodies appeared a shell-like thing, then one by one, they could not control their flying and fell into the sea of fire!

“-790, -877, -302, -299…”

The Black Beetles that had fallen into the sea of fire immediately had dense damage coefficients appearing above their heads. Although the single damages were not high, adding up the two Fire range skills, they were rapidly dropping in HP!

Not to mention, there were still Feng Luo and Mu Zi, the two Gunners, attacking without a care about their bullet expenditure!

“Ping, ping, ping…”

However, when everyone was mainly focusing their attention on these Elite beetles, that Level 50 Black Beetle Commander lying on the ground near the silver-colored wall suddenly moved, slowly opening its mouthpiece, letting out a soundless scream in everyone’s direction!


A shapeless force rushed through the entire passageway, till right in front of the group of people!


“What’s going on?”

“Have we played too much of the game that our eyes have become blurry? Why can’t I even see people clearly!”

Everyone felt their brains sink all of a sudden, and their visions had as if darkened in an instant, the surroundings became blurry and they were unable to even see clearly where the beetles were!

In a moment, other than the two Manipulators whose senses were less affected, Chairman Jiao, Rose Thorns, Mu Zi, these Warriors and Gunners, were in a mess in their actions!

Only Feng Luo did not have strange feelings at all, but two messages flashed across his vision consecutively, allowing him to understand what was going on.

[“You have been affected by the Darkness Beetle Commander’s Biological Mental Attack, as you possess an extremely high resistance relevant to this attack, the extent of the effect of this special attack on you is reduced!”]

[“Your Force Guidance progress has risen, current progress: 20%…22%…25%…”]

“Mental Attack? High resistance?”

Feng Luo paused – these words sounded familiar!

Also, for the extremely high mental resistance, when did he have mental attack resistance?

No, it was as if previously during the city-building mission at the beetle temple, there had been once where the system had indicated that he was affected by a mental attack. That was a hallucination created by 24K as a BOSS beetle by using Biological Mental Attack to scare away all the players, where he had earned the specific mental resistance because of his evolution talent!

The question was, how was this Darkness Beetle Commander actually using this move too?

Although the effect seemed a little weaker and it had not created any hallucination-related effect, it had clearly proven that the Black Beetle and 24K definitely had an undeniable connection!


Feng Luo instantly turned his head, then realizing that 24K, holding onto half an Energy Crystal on his shoulder, already did not have the look of bliss from before.

Rather, it looked like it was in shock, it’s yellow bean-like eyes no longer sliding around but fixed suddenly on the Black Beetle Commander far away on the ground beyond the silver wall!

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