Fatal Shot

Chapter 325 - Chaotic Silvermoon City

Chapter 325: Chaotic Silvermoon City

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“Biohazard Crisis? Epic storyline? What are those?”

The people from Nightless City were battling a group of Level-40 Mutant Rats about 20 centimeters long inside the underground ruins. When they heard the system message regarding the start of the Biohazard Crisis mission, Rose Thorns, Mister Meng, Chairman Jiao, and several other people looked puzzled.

After all, these global notices rarely ever appeared in all the players’ logs. Clearly, this meant that the storyline called “Biohazard Crisis” was very different! There were also those who paid more attention to the second notice.

“A faction change? Who would be so free to switch to the rebel army or other non-governmental militant factions? It would even reset the Merit Points…”

“Brother Feng?”

Mu Zi, holding his submachine gun, immediately turned around to look at Feng Luo in shock. He was firing quickly at a fast-moving Elite Mutant Rat crawling from the wall to the ceiling.

Among those in the party, only Mu Zi and Feng Luo had taken part in the Roguetown mission. Naturally, he knew what “Biohazard Crisis” meant!

He could still remember the scene in Roguetown back then—a scene in which zombies had continued to close in on them through streets filled with muddied water and blood as the rain poured. Even after getting shot, even with their guts pouring out of their stomachs, the zombies had continued to chase after them with their innards trailing on the ground. Additionally, there had been the lightning-quick Elite Forager, as well as the ridiculously strong Tyrant T-000! Even Mu Zi, who was accustomed to the highly realistic combat scenes in War, had turned off the gory visual mode after that mission.

“Let’s finish exploring the ruins first!” Feng Luo said as he frowned.

Regarding the storyline of “Biohazard Crisis,” Feng Luo took note of it and naturally wanted to know where it would begin. However, the problem was that the underground ruins blocked signals quite effectively. Not only his communicator, but even his special agent wristwatch couldn’t be used to contact anyone outside. Plus, since he was in the middle of the exploration mission, he couldn’t switch to the forum to obtain information!

“Let’s pick up the pace and try to complete the mission before ten o’clock!” said Feng Luo. As he spoke, the Eye of the Thunder’s red light flashed, and another Elite Mutant Rat crawling out of a hole in the ceiling to try to jump into the crowd burst into pieces!


Inside Silvermoon City, on the edge of a square that had gone dark because it had lost its energy source…

“He—help!” shouted a male NPC covered in blood. He had his hand pressed to his bleeding neck as he rushed to the side of the players.

His panicked eyes glittered with hope. But just as he thought he would be saved, his body suddenly was thrown forward heavily to the ground!


A Forager (Crawler) had leaped from the ground and landed on the NPC, slamming him into the ground. Blood overflowed from what appeared to be an exposed brain on its head. Its large mouth, lined with sharp teeth, chomped down on the NPC’s back!


The male NPC screamed as parts of his back, as well as his blood-stained shirt, were bitten off by the Forager. His exposed innards were still pulsating.

“F*ck me!” said the Scout player holding a submachine gun. The scene unfolding before him made his face go pale. He no longer cared about the consequences of firing his gun in the city. He pulled the trigger.


A flurry of bullets hit the Forager in the back—a back that appeared to have no skin, only exposed red muscles. The impact of the bullets created multiple bloody, cavernous holes across its back.




A series of yellow and white damage numbers appeared overtop of the Forager’s head.

There were many of them, but immediately after that, the Forager produced a gulping sound and devoured the flesh it had torn off…


A healing number of around 500 appeared over its head. And there were also visible signs of the wounds healing!

Forager. Level 45 Elite. HP: 12,000. Visual perception mutation, powerful hearing, and olfactory perception. Possesses incredible leaping prowess and the ability to crawl on walls and ceilings. The Forager can also recover HP quickly by devouring fresh meat.

As an Elite monster infected by the T-virus, the Forager’s 12k HP wasn’t considered high. However, its ability to recover HP by devouring fresh meat—as well as its ability to move quickly on vertical walls and ceilings and its amazing leaping prowess—made it a frightening Biohazard weapon! Not to mention its incredible attack strength!

A panicked scream resounded.


Only a few players like the Scout reacted quickly and attacked using their weapons without a second thought. Many were still dumbfounded by this series of events and incidents happening throughout the city. The power had been cut to the entire city. Everywhere, hovercrafts were dropping like flies. NPC guards being killed. And the system’s message to everyone…

Apart from all this, some were still worried about the no-battle rule within the city, so they didn’t really know what to do.

The Forager was just too fast. In the blink of an eye, it was already in front of the players. It quickly pushed two of them to the ground. The Forager opened its bloody mouth. Its long, elastic red tongue shot at the heads of the players it had pinned down.

Screams and shouts filled the air! The heads of the two players were punctured by the tongue of the Forager at close range. Two white lights flashed.

It was important to note that within the city, most players wore casual clothing out of habit. Faced with a sudden development like this, they didn’t even have time to change into their defensive gear. Without defensive equipment, even a Heavy Armor Warrior would barely be able to fend off the attacks of a Forager!

“F*ck. Biohazard Crisis. What is this storyline? These monsters are so disgusting!”

A group of three female players not far from Watermelon Skin’s group turned pale after witnessing the two players getting instantly killed. The sight of the Forager biting the back of the male NPC almost made them throw up!

“This scene is even scaring me,” said Watermelon Skin. “Nope. I’m turning off the gory visual mode!”

Watermelon Skin felt a chill as he looked at the blood on the ground, as well as the male NPC who had stopped moving after being bitten a few times by the monster.

“Prepare for battle! I guess we won’t be completing our mission tonight!” As the captain, My World had already taken his weapon out as he looked around with a premonition of unease. The sounds of weapons firing and screams filled the air.

“Yes!” said someone in the team with a nod, albeit feeling panicked.

What no one noticed was that the lifeless eyes of the male NPC corpse, which had lost its mobility due to blood loss, were gradually filling with veins. Its fingers twitched slightly!

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